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Max is HBO’s newest and perhaps most up-to-date network, and it’s accessible on your Roku player. If you already have an HBO NOW subscription, then you can start viewing HBO Max for free. Actually, input your HBO email address and password. If you have HBO as part of your cable subscription, you can log in to HBO Max using your cable or satellite company’s details. To know how to stream HBO Max on Roku in 2022, there are several steps that are listed in this article and they are very easy to follow.

HBO Max is rapidly overtaking Netflix and Hulu as one of the top streaming options available. It’s easy to understand why people are thrilled, like the whole HBO collection available and a collection of movies and television shows from companies everywhere around the globe. This is despite HBO Max being not accessible on Roku whenever it originally launched. Fortunately, things have progressed ever since. Roku has introduced 25 free new channels. HBO Max is now as simple to install on your Roku device as any other application, and there are even two methods to do so.

To know more about how to stream HBO Max on Roku in 2022, you need to walk through this article until the end to learn all the easy steps to get it on your device.

How to Stream HBO Max on Roku in 2022?

how to stream HBO Max on Roku

To know how to stream HBO Max on Roku with streaming channels, I have after good hard work, identified some of the steps included in this method. Moreover, the method is simplest to obtain HBO Max, as well as every other application, on your Roku.

1. Go to the left sidebar on your Roku device’s main website and keep scrolling to Viewing Channels.

2. HBO Max may appear immediately in the Popular channels list; so, go to the icon and choose it. Scroll down to Search Channels if it isn’t already selected.

3. Look for HBO Max in the results pages and pick the station displayed.

4. Select Add Channel from the menu.

5. Return to your main website, and you’ll notice HBO Max has been introduced to your list of applications. 

6. To get going, install it and log into your account.

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How to Stream HBO Max on Roku using the Website?

how to stream HBO Max on Roku

As far as how to stream HBO Max on Roku is concerned, HBO Max on Roku is possibly one of the nicest things that can happen to smart TV users. More than 6.75 million HBO Max users (reference) regularly watch the station on personal Televisions or tablet phones without having to pay for cable. 

When you know how to stream HBO Max on Roku, you will access everything on the HBO channel for streaming on HBO Max. Choose from HBO Max Originals, WarnerMedia’s catalog, and licensed TV shows and films.

To learn how to stream HBO Max on Roku is concerned, you may install any app to your Roku device simply by visiting the Roku website, something not many people are aware of.

1. If you haven’t previously done so, go to the Roku website and sign in to your account.

2. When logged in, choose Channel shop by hovering your cursor over your profile button at the top area.

3. Select Add channel to add HBO Max to the list of prominent channels, or search for it and click Details, then +Add channel.

HBO Max will appear on the home screen the next time you switch on your Roku. Log in to your HBO Max account by opening it and signing in.

Is HBO Max Compatible With my Roku Device?

how to stream HBO Max on Roku

In connection with how to stream HBO Max on Roku, if your Roku streaming device or Roku TV is operating Roku OS 9.3 or above, HBO Max is compatible. Choose Settings > System > About from the Main screen to find this information.

If needed, you can proceed to check for a software upgrade on your Roku player every 24 to 36 hours.

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If your outdated Roku device doesn’t handle Roku OS 9.3 and you want to watch HBO Max, go to the Roku shopping sites and get the finest Roku streaming app for your requirements.

How to Login if you already have access to the HBO Max account?

how to stream HBO Max on Roku

As far as how to stream HBO Max on Roku is concerned, if you have HBO Max or HBO NOW subscription, you could use your current HBO login and password to log in to the HBO Max stream on your Roku player. When asked, start by choosing Access all of HBO Max and you will be enabled to login even if you have existing access to the main account.

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If your cable subscription bundle includes HBO Max, you may log in to the HBO Max network on your Roku player using the login details provided by your cable or satellite operator.

Where did my HBO NOW channel go?

how to stream HBO Max on Roku

As far as how to stream HBO Max on Roku is concerned, and unless you’re a former subscriber to HBO NOW, your channel was immediately upgraded to HBO Max, with a new appearance and title. Directly access the HBO Max channel on your Roku player and choose Access all of HBO Max to keep watching all of your favorite HBO episodes right away. You will not be charged with any extra charges if you are an HBO NOW subscriber.

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Is HBO Max accessible if I have a Roku Channel subscription to HBO?

how to stream HBO Max on Roku

Looking for how to stream HBO Max on Roku, when you have an HBO registration on The Roku Device as of February 25, 2022, you were automatically upgraded to an HBO Max package at no additional cost.

Now after this date, your registration will say HBO Max rather than HBO on The Roku Device when you go to to adjust the Roku Pay memberships.

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To use your current HBO membership to stream your favorite HBO programming, follow the steps above to add the HBO Max channels to your Roku player. 

You will be requested to establish an account with HBO Max after you activate the channels and begin playing any game. This makes it possible to control HBO Max choices and options from your laptop or phone and log into the services on other devices, with no added costs.

Is HBO Max offered on The Roku Channel if I have the HBO + Cinemax Value Bundle?

how to stream HBO Max on Roku

Unless you had an HBO + Cinemax Value Package membership on The Roku Device, your membership would end on your next payment due date.

Based on the methods above, adding HBO Max on your Roku player will allow you to continue streaming your favorite HBO series when your HBO subscription expires.

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When you access the network and keep watching any material, you’ll be prompted to create an account with HBO Max and sign up for a new subscription.

You may subscribe to Cinemax on The Roku Channel individually to keep watching Cinemax programming. This would resolve the question how to stream HBO Max on Roku.

How to Manage your HBO Max Membership?

how to stream HBO Max on Roku

When you buy HBO Max has an impact on how you handle your subscriptions.

Unless you have a Roku Pay subscription to HBO Max, or if your HBO on The Roku Network subscription was upgraded to HBO Max, you may manage it, along with your other Roku Pay subscriptions, at

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Read the complete page about managing your Roku Pay subscriptions for more information and to know how to stream HBO Max on Roku.

If you have an HBO Max membership via another streaming device or service (such as Amazon or Samsung TV), you must manage it through that company.

Contact your cable or satellite provider or another provider (such as Spectrum, AT&T, or Hulu) to manage your HBO Max membership.

Wrapping Up

If the system software on your Roku is 10.0 or higher, you can install HBO Max as an update. There are some ways for newcomers to join up for a subscription. Members to HBO Now or HBO Go could easily update existing selections using the Roku menu. 

With HBO Max as an update, you’ll have access to tens of thousands of new programs, specials, pictures, and more for the family members! 

With so many choices to choose from, you’re sure to discover the perfect fit.

Moreover, about how to stream HBO Max on Roku is concerned, in the United States, some Caribbean and Latin American countries, as well as US territory such as Puerto Rico, the Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa, the HBO Max app is available on Roku.

I hope I have answered your query about how to stream HBO Max on Roku in this article.


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