How To Stream Games on YouTube in Easy Steps? 2022 Updated

How to Stream Games on YouTube

Are you obsessed with watching live YouTube Games? Who isn’t? Games have become a massive part of YouTube. Since its launch, YouTube is breaking records, and it is estimated that in 2020 YouTube’s net worth reached $170 Billion. Who could’ve guessed it, Right!! If you also want to be one of those popular gamers then learn how to stream games on YouTube now.

All of us spend hours on YouTube timelessly. Sometimes we don’t even know what to watch, yet we go to YouTube, which always brings something of our interest. Be it funny videos, be it songs, be it gaming with more than 2.3 Billion users worldwide. YouTube has an abundant audience and a big part of its community, which are content creators. 

First and foremost, you will be setting up your studio on YouTube, filling up some textboxes like name and description, and getting a key for the encoder setup process. In the encoder program, you will brush up on the settings, after which the encoder will need to have the game source to start streaming on YouTube.

In this article, you’ll know about all the things required to Stream Games on YouTube using OBS? How to stop streaming games on YouTube? You will get all the answers to these questions in the upcoming seconds.

How to Get Started for YouTube Gaming?

It is quite easy to start your own YouTube streaming channel; you just need to have a few things listed below-

  1. A YouTube Account- You will need a verified youtube account, to begin with, your streaming. It is very easy to verify your account. 
  2. Computer- You will need a PC or a laptop with Windows, Mac, or Linux. Remember that whatever system you choose should be powerful enough to encode the video in real-time while you are streaming and playing a game. 
  3. A Good Internet Connection– It will be required for seamless upload of high-definition game streaming.
  4. An Encoder Program- This program records and encodes your gameplay. It then uploads the encoded data to YouTube. There are a large number of encoders available. In this article, we’ll show you using the OBS encoder for streaming. 

How To Stream Games On YouTube using Easy Steps?

How to Stream Games on YouTube
Source: How-to-Geek
  1. Open your browser and type
  2. On the left side of the screen, “Creator Studio” will appear. In the “Live Streaming” section, select “Stream Now”.
  3. In the middle of the screen, there is the “Basic Info” section. Fill it by entering a suitable title and description of your stream.
  4. Right below the “Basic Info” section, there is the “Encoder Setup” Section. Click on the “Reveal” button.
  5. Copy the “Stream name/key” that appears. This key will be required in setting up encoder programs like OBS.
  6. Click on “All Changes Saved”.

The next step is setting up an Encoder program.

How to Stream Games on YouTube Using OBS?

How to Stream Games on YouTube Using OBS?
Source: Catv-Plus

OBS is one of the most accessible encoder programs used for streaming purposes. Since it is open-source software, people can easily access its source code and modify it according to their needs. Because of this reason, many versions of OBS are available in the market.

If you are new to stream games on YouTube, then OBS’s basic version will do good for you. To begin the process, make sure you have downloaded and installed the program. Besides having installed OBS, confirm that you have the name/key copied earlier. Let’s begin the setup-

  1. Open the OBS encoder and in the “Settings” menu, click on “Stream.”
  2. In the “Stream Type” specifier, select “Streaming Services”.
  3. In “Service”, select “YouTube/YouTube Gaming”.
  4. In “Server”, select “Primary YouTube ingest server”.   
  5. Next, in the “Stream Key” field, paste the key that you copied earlier.
  6. Click on the “OK” button.

OBS is ready to stream, but it still needs to know what exactly it has to stream. In the OBS window, a game would appear. If it is the right game, then everything is set. But if not, you would have to create a source for the game you want. 

Creating a Stream Source in OBS

  1. In the “Sources” section, click on the “+” button.
  2. Click on “Game Capture”.
  3. Click on “Create New” and enter a suitable title for the source.
  4. Select the “Make Source Visible” checkbox, & click “OK”.

We have created the game source; the next part of the process includes telling OBS what game to capture- 

  1. Properties for Game Capture” dialog box will appear. Select “Mode” to “Capture specific window”.
  2. Select “Window” to the process name of the game you want to play. 
  3. Click on “OK”.
  4. Double-check that the OBS window shows your name.
  5. Click “Start Streaming”.

How to Stop Streaming Games on YouTube? 

While doing your stream on YouTube, there are a few things you can change. It includes title, description, and whether your stream is public, private, or unlisted on your “Creator Studio” Page. Besides that, you cannot do or change anything from your YouTube page. For stopping the game stream, you would have to do it with the encoder program. 

To stop streaming games in OBS, you only have to click “Stop Streaming.” After this, the green square in the lower right corner of the screen will disappear, confirming that OBS is not streaming anymore. 

Wrapping Up

Streaming Games is so much fun, especially when you are doing it with your gang. In a few easy steps, you can easily have your Gaming Studio on YouTube and your fans.

Make sure you stream on YouTube frequently to create an organic fanbase. This was all about how to stream games on YouTube in easy steps. Mention your queries in the comment section down below, and we will surely get back to you. Ciao! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need 1000 subscribers for live streaming on YouTube?

If you live streaming on your phone, you need to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers. But you can still do live streaming games from your computer and webcam.

How many hours can you live stream on YouTube?

8 hours is the limit. You cannot stream continuously for more than 8 hours on YouTube.

Does YouTube pay if viewers skip ads?

A skipped ad is not counted as a view by YouTube. Any advertiser would not like to pay for skipped ads. So the YouTuber will not get paid for missed ads.

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