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There are times when the users only need a little page from the PDF file for their tasks or reports. Having the complete file may be a minor hassle because users need some other PDF document parts. With PDFBear online tool users’ help, users can split PDF files the best way they want them to be because this tool will give an excellent outcome.

This is one of the top and best PDF tools that users can use nowadays. If they have a dilemma on which device they will use, this is the best time for them to choose PDF in splitting pages because it will give users a hassle-free experience. It is also user-friendly for beginners and it will allow anyone to edit, view, extract, merge, convert and split files.

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How To Split PDF Files

Splitting a PDF file is a straightforward thing to do because the PDFBear conversion tool has the best PDF splitter that users can use to separate the PDF pages into a single PDF with just a little and few clicks. If users want to know how to Split PDF Pages, the first thing users need to do is transfer a file to the server so that users can choose what file they will upload.

They can use their cloud storage or computer once they have already picked a PDF file to drop, drag or split it on the PDFBears website and it will immediately load. The next step is to go to the Options bar and choose the Split PDF. all of the pdf files will show up after they have clicked it, and it will authorize users to make all the changes they want in splitting a file.

Users must choose a specific page that they want to use in the splitting process because the original file will be transferred to a new file. After selecting all the pages they want to split, they must click the refine button for the extraction process. The old file will be transferred to a new file, and it will not take a lot of time to finish. They just need to wait for a few minutes.

When the splitting process is already complete, they can now have a new file or document containing all the things they need. They can now choose to download the file back to their computers or put it on their DropBox or Cloud storage. The PDF file is compatible with many different cloud storage types such as Dropbox, One Drive, and Google Drive.

Safe And Secure Splitting Process

The best thing about using this tool the PDFBear tool is that it has a top and high respect for their customers’ privacy and confidentiality. Once they have transferred the file on the splitting process system, PDFbear will only keep the file for an hour. They can go to the data and download all of it again, but it will automatically be deleted after an hour.

They can also access the system wherever or whenever they are in the World. This online tool can be obtained or accessed on many different operating systems, platforms, and devices. If they also have Linux Computer, Windows, or Mac os, they can use PDFBear on their internet browser.

Somehow, splitting a PDF file page can be challenging and a bit complicated, but this PDFBear tool will help users with all the things they need. This has a simplified system for their customers so that they can cut the page instantly. They don’t need to download programs, extensions, or software to use this tool. Users only need stable internet for this transaction.

Pro Membership

As a free user or member, this tool will give users some credits at no cost so that they can use them as a payment for the conversion or transaction they make on their site. With the help of that, they can already experience the top features and different kinds of functionalities of the PDFBear without lending any money.

Users can choose what package they want if they want to be a member. There is a one-month or one-year subscription, and when users want to join and become a member or a PRO subscriber, first, they will give them a free sample or trial so that if they don’t like the PRO Membership, they can still withdraw it.


PDFBear’s splitter tool is originally one of the best splitter tools available in the market for users at this current time. It is simple, easy, and accessible to use, and they don’t need to worry about their security and privacy because this tool got it all covered. In making a new file with this tool’s help, users will not think about using any other conversion tool.


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