How to Silence Your Apple Watch in 2022 | 4 Ways To Mute Alerts

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An Apple Watch can be silenced in several ways. Do Not Disturb mutes calls and alerts, Theatrical Mode prevents the screen from switching when raising your wrists, and Muting your Apple Watch shuts off noises. Users can also quietly receive notifications on the gadget using the Cover to Mute function. Knowing how to mute my Apple Watch was a top priority when I first started using the device. Keep reading about how to silence your Apple Watch.

After researching the Apple Watch’s functions and features, I personally found the four most reliable ways by which we can mute the Apple Watch. The four different ways or options given below are straightforward and will guide you step by step. Once you go through the steps, you will learn about other features and functions that Apple Watch possesses.

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Therefore, walk me through the article to know in detail about how to silence your Apple Watch and learn some other unique features of the device.

How To Silence Your Apple Watch | 4 Simple Ways

how to silence your Apple Watch

I have devised four ways to learn how to silence your Apple Watch while using the device. The steps are given below in the most straightforward manner, and one can follow them without technical difficulties or knowledge. 

1. Mute Your Apple Watch

The audio on your Apple Watch would be silenced if you mute it. This is the procedure (how to silence your Apple Watch).

1. To display the Control Centre, slide up on the Watch face.

2. To enable Silent Mode, click the bell symbol. The symbol will brighten up and have a cut through the ring once this function is activated.

how to silence your Apple Watch

3. When the Apple Watch is charging, clocks and schedules continue to ring, and you can still get acoustic alerts (switches on your wrist).

4. In the System preferences on the Apple Watch or the Watch application on the iPhone, select Audio & Haptics and toggle off Haptic Notifications.

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2. Do Not Disturb

This function stops calls and notifications from ringing or flashing on your Watch’s display (how to silence your Apple Watch).

1. Slide up to display the Control Center on the Lockscreen.

2. Click the image of a crescent moon.

how to silence your Apple Watch

3. Choose a duration option to specify how long this characteristic would be active. When you select “On,” Do Not Disturb would remain active unless you actively switch it off, whereas selections like “On for 1 hour” and “On till this night” cause Do Not Disturb to shut off after a predetermined amount of time.

how to silence your Apple Watch

4. The crescent symbol should display in the watch face’s center after Do Not Disturb has been turned on.

5. When Do Not Disturb is on, notifications continue to sound.

6. Activating or disabling The function on iPhone is also turned on or off by Do Not Disturb, and vice versa.

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3. Theatrical Mode

Another method of turning off your Apple Watch is Theatre Mode. The Wake Display on Wrist Raise function is momentarily turned off when Theatre Mode is active, along with Silent Mode.

1. To display the Control Center, tap and hold on the Watch face.

2. Press the symbol resembling two masks.

how to silence your Apple Watch

3. The mask symbol will appear at the top of the Watch screen when Theatre Mode is active.

4. In Theatre Mode, you’ll continue to get haptic alerts.

5. When Theatre Mode is on, touch the display, click the power button, or use the Digital Crown to bring up the Watch monitor.

4. Incoming Alert

With a program called Cover to Mute, you may quiet an incoming alert or notification if you neglected to mute or otherwise quiet messages earlier.

1. Open the Watch iPhone application, click the My Watch menu, and choose Sounds & Haptics to confirm Cover to Mute is enabled. Set Cover to Mute to on..

2. Cover the screen with your hand until you sense touch to silence an impending alarm or notice (about three seconds).

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Wrapping Up

One could use a variety of techniques to mute your Apple Watch. This could be a little perplexing. Alarm bells and clocks won’t be affected either, so they might sound whenever you least expect them to. The correct action is to turn off your Apple Watch once you find yourself in a scenario where you don’t want to listen to any audio.

Do you have any further questions regarding how to use your Apple Watch? Tell me in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Crown haptic alerts on Apple Watch?

The Digital Crown on Apple Watch Series 4 and higher offers haptic feedback, giving users a much more sensory experience as users navigate through the information. As soon as users spin the Digital Crown a predetermined amount, the technology automatically generates linearly haptic detents, also known as tapping.

How to make your Apple Watch vibrate from your iPhone?

Click the Watch application launcher on the main screen of your iPhone to launch it.
On the navigation bar that runs along the bottom of the screen, select My Watch.

What is the haptic strength of the Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch has a haptic warning system, which causes different tapping or vibrations on your wrists. This system and its notification tones will draw your attention once you’re wearing the device to alert you.

Why is the face of my Apple Watch so dark?

The intensity of your watch face can be adjusted using the artificial light detector in Apple watches. The highest intensity is adjusted depending on the amount of artificial light in the space, even though the power is set to the top.


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