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TikTok is one of the most trending apps with a few drawbacks, which perplexes its users as to how to understand the nuances of the app. Many new features are added to the app daily, and users are unaware of them. Some are still at a loss; how to see your watch history on TikTok? Then you are on the right page.

Sometimes we watch videos on TikTok and somehow lose track of them. Now you can easily find your video history and see it again. However, this would not happen directly on your TikTok app. But it would be helpful for you to get to see your earlier watched videos.

You can follow the steps below and, at your convenience on mobile or PC, have a look at the watch history on TikTok.

How to See Your Watch History on TikTok?

How to see your watch history on TikTok?
How to see your watch history on TikTok?

It is common for users on TikTok to watch a video on TikTok and press the wrong button by mistake. Alas! The video is lost. Are you on the same list and wondering how to see your watch history in TikTok? Then stop worrying; there is a solution to it. We have designed an article entirely to help you with this problem. So let us get started.

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How to See Your Watch History in TikTok on iPhone?

You will be surprised to know TikTok does not have a “Watch History” button like other social media platforms. However, there is a way to access the watch history. It can be done from the data file of TikTok. This file contains the TikTok account’s information like bio, followers list, login and comment history, likes, settings, and many more. In addition, it has the Video Browsing History as well. Follow the steps to request your TikTok data file to view your watch history.

1. Launch TikTok.

2. Go to profile

3. Click on the three lines at the top-right corner.

4. Go to Privacy.

5. Select Personalization and data.

6. Go to Download your data.

7. Select Request data.

Note: After completing the above steps, you get a data request confirmation.

8. Click on Download data and see the status of your request.
Note: It takes at least 24 hours.

9. Select Download and redirect to your browser.

10. Log in to TikTok and choose Download.
Note: The file downloads in a zipped format on your default file manager. When you can’t open it on your iPhone, transfer it to your computer and open it there.

11. Open the zip file.

View watch history of TikTok on android
View watch history of TikTok on android

12. Open the file with the name Video Browsing History.
Note: The file will have a date, time, and a link to every video. Use copy, and paste to watch the video. The TikTok data file will be available for four days. After that, it will disappear.

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How to See Your Watch History in TikTok on Android

It is pretty similar to its iOS version. However, you must request the TikTok data to see the watch history. It may take up to 24 hours. So check the details below to see your watch history of videos on TikTok.

1. Launch TikTok.
2. Click on the three lines in the top-right corner.
3. Go to Settings and Privacy.
4. Click on Privacy.
5. Go to Personalization and data.
6. Click on Download your data.
7. Click on Request data.
Note: A message will appear about your request regarding the current status of the process.

Personalised data
Personalised data

8. Select Download data to save TikTok data.

9. Go to My Files and check the data.

10. Open the zip file containing Video Browsing History.

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How to View Your Watch History in TikTok on PC

You can even watch your TikTok Data on a PC. It is straightforward and convenient to do so. You only have to follow the steps below on your PC or Chromebook.

1. Select the browser and go to TikTok.

2. Click on the profile icon and go to Settings.

3. Select Privacy and go to Data.

4. Select TXT within the Select file format.

5. Click on Request data.

Download zip file
Download zip file

6. Click on Download data and view your request.

7. Download the zip file and go to View Browsing.

8. Here you will find videos you watched on TikTok.

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How to See Your Watch History on TikTok

Wrapping Up

The steps mentioned above detail how to see your watch history on TikTok. The methods are mentioned in both mobile supporting android and iOS and PC. I hope you can use them for your benefit and use the steps whenever required. Follow our website, Path of EX, to get more information on TikTok and other trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to see your watch history on TikTok?

You can see your watch history on TikTok by following a few simple steps on your mobile.

Can we see TikTok watch history on PC?

Yes. Downloading the files, you can see your TikTok watch history on your PC.

Does TikTok save the watch history within the app?

No. TikTok does not have any saved watch history in the app. So you have to watch it outside the app.


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