How to See Hidden Information on Facebook | 7 Steps to Know

How to See Hidden Information on Facebook | 7 Steps to Know The Get The Info

With the use of social media on the global platform, there is an urgent need for privacy and security concerns. All the users are entitled to security and privacy concerns throughout their platform. Some social media platforms have had important privacy and security issues. Hence, most platforms have become strict with their privacy and security policy. Hence, do you know how to see hidden information on Facebook?

Facebook is no exception to the rule. A separate page on Facebook is dedicated to buying and selling commodities. As this is an online platform, most users do a background check on the sellers. This gives them a sense of satisfaction in knowing from whom they buy the products and how reliable they are. 

Hence, users are looking for ways to search the detailed information on Facebook. And now, as you are on the page looking for the answer, I have got you covered. Below we have curated the process, which would help you to derive the details you have been looking for. So, go on reading the article before someone else gets there before you. 

How to See Hidden Information on Facebook?

There are two methods to see hidden information on Facebook. Let’s explore both methods, and you can choose the best option. 

1. Facebook Marketplace Access

Facebook Marketplace Access

You should turn on Facebook Marketplace access when you require any information from a seller, like his details. Hence, when you use the Facebook Marketplace app, you must log in from Chrome. Then you can access the hidden information of the seller.  When you use the web browser, download the Facebook Marketplace app and check whether the hidden information is available or not.

2. Ask The Seller For The Details

ask for the details from the seller

The second method is directly asking for the details of the seller. Here you have to open Facebook on your Laptop or Desktop. On the menu bar, you have to click on the Marketplace option. Then type the name of the product you wish to see. Click on the product and tap on “ask for details.” After this, you must be patient enough to get the information from the seller. This may take some time, but this is the easiest method. 

What is Hidden Information on Facebook?

The hidden information on Facebook is about the marketplace page. There is a security standard feature that is different for each seller. The seller visits the Facebook page to start their business or expand it. The security standard hides the seller’s email, mobile, address, and more details. 

How to See Hidden Information on Facebook Marketplace?

When you wish to check the Hidden information on Facebook Marketplace, walk through the step-by-step guidance below. 

1. Launch Facebook

It is advisable to log in from your desktop and Laptop as they would be helpful while using the Marketplace app. 

2. Go to Facebook Marketplace

You have to log in to Facebook Marketplace and go to the page. 

3. Get The Advertisement Link

Go to the product page and get the advertisement link (it is also known as the seller’s link). Then click on the share tab. 

4. Open a New Tab

You have to open a separate web browser on your desktop or laptop. 

5. Click on The Desktop Site

The most crucial step is now. You must go to a different web browser and click on the three dots in the right-hand corner. When you scroll down, you will find the desktop site; just tap and enable it. 

6. Paste The Link

You must paste the link copied from the Facebook Marketplace on a new search bar. 

7. Customize While Copying

While you copy the link, you have to customize it. In the place of “www,” you must remove it and write “m.” Then you would be redirected to a page where you will find all the information of the Facebook Marketplace seller you are looking for. 

How to See Hidden Information on Facebook?

Wrapping Up

The guides mentioned above would help you how to find hidden information on Facebook Marketplace. You can use them, and I am sure you will get the details you are looking for. Even I used one of the steps and got the information I was looking for. So, please let us know what you think about the article in the comments below. We would love to hear from you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to See Hidden Information on Facebook?

When you wish to see hidden information on Facebook Marketplace, you have to directly click on the button to ask the seller about their details. This is an easy and direct method to apply. 

What is the hidden information on Facebook?

The hidden information on Facebook is the hidden security details of the sellers showcasing the products on the Facebook Marketplace. 

Can I see the hidden information on Facebook from my phone?

No, using a desktop or laptop is preferable, as you need more than one browser. 

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