How to Search Lyrics on Spotify & Find Your Song?

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Are you one of those who don’t recall the lyrics and wonder how to search lyrics on Spotify?  I’m here to help you out. Spotify supports subtitling the lyrics in the original language the song is being sung. This feature enables you to read the lyrics by viewing them alongside singing.

You don’t need to mug up the lyrics. You don’t need to memorize the lyrics as well. You think of the song, and Spotify is right there, ready with the subtitles in your hands just a tap away, that too in the original language in which the song is sung. Spotify allows you to view the lyrics of the song you wish. Possessing a library of millions of songs, this added feature makes Spotify all the more exciting.

If you want to know how to search lyrics on Spotify, irrespective of the type of device you use. This article is meant for you as I have tried to clarify your doubts about this topic and make it easy for you to search the lyrics on Spotify. 

How to Search Lyrics on Spotify on Android Mobile?

How to Search Lyrics on Spotify & Find Your Song?

There is no dearth of content and a number of songs available in the library of Spotify. That is why Spotify carters millions of subscribers, including about two million paid subscribers. Imbibed with diverse features, the subscribers are hooked to it. One such feature is how to search lyrics on Spotify on Android Mobile.

  1. Open the Spotify app.
  1. Search for the song you wish to play. You can select the song from the library at the bottom in the right corner.
  1. Tap on the song and play it.
  1. Tap on the now-playing bar.
  1. Swipe upward from the bottom to the top of the screen.
  1. For a full-screen experience, tap on More.

The downward arrow on the top left of the corner implies that you can switch to the next song. Very rarely, the lyrics dont match. You can tap on the flag at the right corner on the top and choose one of the given options.

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How to Search Lyrics on Spotify on iPhone?

How to Search Lyrics on Spotify & Find Your Song?

Spotify is equally comfortable and easy to use for iPhone users as well. It has many inbuilt and flexible features that make it all the more attractive. One of the many features is viewing lyrics alongside the song. Both features run in tandem simultaneously. As an iPhone user, you can search for the lyrics by following the given steps.

  1. Launch the Spotify app on your mobile.
  1. Open the song you want and play it.
  1. Go to the bottom of the screen and tap Now Playing.
  1. Choose the preview bar. Scroll down to see the lyrics, provided the feature is available, and the lyrics are available. 
  1. Lyrics are displayed on the screen in two colors, black and white. White denotes the lyrics that are playing currently or has been played. Whereas black lyrics mean they are yet to be played.
  1. In order to view the lyrics full screen, tap more.

Besides, Spotify allows you to share the lyrics on social media apps like Facebook and Insta gram by tapping the share button and selecting the lyric you like.

Note: To view lyrics, you have to play them. If you are not a premium subscriber, you have to be online. Premium subscribers can download the song for offline streaming and view the lyrics.

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How to Search Lyrics on Spotify on iPad?

Spotify Logo; How to Search Lyrics on Spotify & Find Your Song?

Being an iPad user, this feature is helpful for you. You can view the lyrics of the song. To do so, you have to follow the steps below.

  1. Launch the Spotify app on your iPad.
  1. Choose a song you want to play from the folder or search segment.
  1. Play the song you selected.
  1. At the bottom of the screen, tap the preview bar.
  1. Swipe the screen upto the top, and you will view the lyrics.

Under the song cover you can see the lyric under the song cover in black and white. White lyrics are the ones that are currently playing, and black is yet to play. The moment you pause the song, the lyrics will also stop.

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How to Search Lyrics on Spotify on a Desktop?

How to Search Lyrics on Spotify & Find Your Song?

One of the cool lyrics features of Spotify is that it is not mobile-centric. It is not exclusive to Spotify mobile app. The feature is supported by Desktop as well. Here is how you can avail of it on your Desktop.

  1. Launch Spotify on the desktop app and choose the song you want to play.
  1. Click the microphone icon on the now-playing bar.
  1. View the lyrics on the screen.

How To Search Lyrics On Spotify?

Wrapping Up

One thing that is quite pertinent to mention is that viewing lyrics on Spotify is not mobile-exclusive. It is a rare feature that can be taken advantage of from all devices across the board. All you need to do is just type how to search lyrics on Spotify, and you are there with the finest of the available results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I view the lyrics without playing the track?

Ans: No, you can’t without playing it.

Q: What if the song is paused?

Ans: The moment song is paused, the lyrics automatically stop displaying.

Q: Can I view the lyrics offline?

Ans: Premium subscribers can view it offline only if they already downloaded the track. If you are not a premium subscriber, you can’t. You have to be online.


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