How To Save The Game Dying Light 2: Auto-Save & Manual Save!

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If you want to save your Gameplay from dying, you need to constantly save your data in Dying Light 2. But that gets difficult when you don’t have a manual save option in the game. Though there’s an inbuilt Auto-Save feature in Dying Light 2, still it cannot be triggered manually as per your requirement. But this doesn’t mean you have to lose all your Combat and Parkour XP you have collected along the way! That is why we have brought you the ways by which you can manually Save the game Dying Light 2 whenever you want.

Dying Light 2 is an action-adventure RPG that allows you to build your character in your own image. You can incorporate your Aiden with whichever skills you wish and whatever weapons you want. But all of this will go to waste if you don’t get a chance to save your data. If you somehow die without saving your data, all your collected Combat XP and Parkour XP will be lost, and all your hard-earned money will be vanished. Heartbreaking! Isn’t it? 

Well, don’t you worry. We here at Path of EX won’t let this happen. We are here to find the sneakiest little ways that can come in handy and help you have an optimum gaming experience. So, without any further adieu, let’s get on with how you can save your Dying Light 2 game progress.

Dying Light 2 Auto Save Feature

Dying Light 2 game offers an inbuilt Auto-Save feature that automatically saves your progress over the course of your Gameplay. Usually, after you complete a quest or a mission, your game progress, and data automatically backs up in the game default drive, which lets you continue again from that point in the game. Due to this auto-save feature, if your character Aiden dies, he will be respawned or returned at the Last Checkpoint. Also, all your Best Combat skills and Parkour skills along with all the weapons will be revived as per your last saved data. 

Dying Light 2: How To Save The Game

This is the closest you have to save your Game in Dying Light 2. Though there is no such manual option by which you can save your Dying Light game at the very instant, you can always opt for inbuilt Auto-save techniques given in Dying Light 2 mechanics.

Let’s hover over all the ways by which you can Manually trigger auto-saves of Dying Light 2 –

How To Save Your Game in Dying Light 2

Unfortunately, Dying Light 2 doesn’t have any Manual Save feature. Nor does it allow you to use any external saving options to back up your data. But you can use a few tips that can save your Dying Light Game data over the course of your gameplay. Let’s look at all the ways you can manually trigger the Saving options-

Dying Light 2: How To Save The Game

5 Ways To Manually Save Your Data in Dying Light 2

You can manually trigger Autosave in Dying Light 2 by –

1. Completing a mission or quest

Dying Light 2 core mechanics will autosave your game progress wherever you complete a quest or a mission. This gives you leverage and be content that all your mission be automatically saved in the drive. 

2. Using a bed

Dying Light 2: How To Save The Game

If you are done for the day and want to leave the game for now, you can always Sleep in Bed. This will mark an end to your gaming day, and all your Dying Light 2  progress will be saved. You can find these beds in Safe Zones across the map. Beds are marked with green icons that help you locate them easily.

3.  Fast traveling

Dying Light 2: How To Save The Game

Another way to autosave your Dying Light 2 content is by fast traveling. Though this feature is unlocked only after you have earned it at a later stage. But once you unlock it, you can easily use fast traveling as a mode of saving your data in Dying Light 2.

4. Activating and using a Safe house

Dying Light 2: How To Save The Game

As the name suggests, Safehouse provides you a medium to save your Dying Light 2 data easily by using your Safe Houses. But to avail this benefit, you need to have a Safe House around you. Only then you can use them to save your Dying Light progress.

5. Hideouts and Settlements

Hideouts and Settlements also provide a good alternative to saving your game in Dying Light 2. Take advantage of these hideouts and settlements to save our data and then continue when you return.

Dying Light 2: How To Save The Game

But all these options can be used when certain circumstances are fulfilled. You can not Save your Game as per your wish at any moment. While Safe Zones can keep your Dying Light 2 data saved, they are not easy to find and unlock. Therefore keep an eye out for all these save options that you can take advantage of over the course.

Loading A Previous Saved Dying Light Game

It is always better to save your Dying Light 2 progress continuously so that you can continue whenever you want from the moment you leave. Not saving your game in DL2 will result in the loss of all the weapons you have repaired and all the money and XP you have earned.

Dying Light 2: How To Save The Game

While starting or booting the Dying Light 2 game, it will automatically be redirected to a previously saved game. But if you want to select any particular Saved Mode, then follow these steps-

PC players can access their saved files via their Steam app by using this method:

  1. Launch the Steam Program
  2. Click on the Library tab
  3. Locate Dying Light 2 Stay Human
  4. Right-click and select Properties
  5. In the Properties menu, click on the Local Files tab.
  6. Now select Browse Local Files.
  7. The save files for Dying Light 2 can be launched from there.

Rest Mode And Quick Resume in PS5 and XBOX

If you quit your Dying Light 2 game without letting it save, all your progress will be lost. To prevent this, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S have a feature that will allow players to shut down their consoles in a hurry and continue where they left off.

Dying Light 2: How To Save The Game
  • There’s a Quick Resume feature in Xbox series X/S that lets you resume your game if somehow you accidentally left it in a hurry. With this feature, your last played game gets stored for a while, and you can play the last played game. The Xbox will allow players to store up to five games at a time, so they can continue where they left off without any issues.
  • In PS5, play can also resume their last played game, but PS5 allows only one save at a time. Therefore, only the last played game will be present on your saved drive. 

P.S- In case of a power cut or shutdown, there’s a chance of losing your quick resume Dying Light 2 data.

Wrapping Up

These are the ways you can save your data in Dying Light 2. Though there is no Manual save feature, the game still offers an in-built Auto-Save that automatically backs up your data over a period of time. 

But to prevent your data from getting lost, you can manually trigger Auto-saves by following certain tips and facts. These will help you continue the game back from the very moment you left it.

I hope you received all the information you needed. Keep visiting Path of Ex for such insights. And do share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Goodluck..!! Stay Alive!


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