How To Ride Animals In Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 | Ride Wolves & Boars

How To Ride Animals In Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 | Ride The Wolves & Boars

Fortnite is turning the tables with its widespread wildlife aspect throughout its gameplay. Players are found drooling upon such wildlife animals and are often found demanding the ways on how to ride animals in Fortnite. Well, the good news is that Fortnite has now heard every bit of that buzz, and a new version of Chapter 3, season 3 is all set to make a remarkable entry in this matter of concern. Fortnite developers have introduced a new feature for players and now they can ride wolves and boars in Fortnite without any hassle. Continue reading this page to know how you can ride animals like Wolves and Boars in Fortnite without any confusion. Go along further.

Players riding animals in Fortnite must consider that these animals can only be put to use for faster rotations on the map and they can also deal with the damage to enemies along the way through their path. Players can use their weapons, and bring out the most from them but only until the meter of these animals is charged up well. When the meter falls to zero, animals become unavailable for riding for the time course.

Below is the ultimate guide for you to ride wolves and boars in Fortnite. Go along further and learn how you can ride animals in Fortnite and encounter the most thrilling experiences ever in wildlife.

How To Ride Animals in Fortnite?

From streaming Fortnite in the browser to other streaming devices, the mega fanbase of Fortnite is looking for every fresh way possible to embellish their victory in the most enthusiastic way. Whether it is about Battle Pass, Pac-Man Fortnite Skin, or Dance emote; Fortnite is growing with new launches every now and then, and players are surely not leaving any new up-gradation to go to waste.

With all these new launches, Fortnite is again on the verge to provide the best of the Fortnite wildlife platform to its players. Move along to know how you can ride animals in Fortnite Chapter three, season three.

Ways To Ride Wolves In Fortnite

How To Ride Animals In Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 | Ride The Wolves & Boars

Featuring the most ferocious creatures in the world of Fortnite, Wolves are the extreme outrageous animals who can attack any enemy that dares to block their way and go to any extreme to kill them to death. Following are the two ways to learn how to ride wolves in Fortnite, Check them out!

1. Trap Them Using A Bait

The first way to ride a wolf in Fortnite is by throwing some bait, say meat, in front of them. Once you throw a slice of meat in front of the animal, it will be filled with confusion on its face. The moment a wolf will neutralize the situation and step forward to grab the bite, you can just move on to them and ride them using their action key.

2. Hop Onto Them

The second way requires a lot of courage for players to go along with the riding of the wolves in Fortnite. In this method, to ride a wolf, players ought to hop onto the back of the wolf and go along with the riding of them in Fortnite. If in the extreme case wolf spots the player first, it will try every possible way to knock you down. This means that one must be extra cautious with this method to avoid any complications.

Ways To Ride Boars In Fortnite

How To Ride Animals In Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 | Ride The Wolves & Boars

Boars are less outrageous than Wolves in the means of attacking people. They are comparatively much easier to ride in Fortnite. However, they are not much healthy in nature and can be eliminated easily during a battle. Following are the two ways to ride boars in Fortnite, Check them out!

1. Trap Them Using A Bait

Boars can be easily trapped by throwing a lump of meat at them. Once the rider tries to feed the boar using bait and the boar steps forward to fill its hunger, the player can instantly jump over its back and continue with the epic ride in Fortnite.

2. Hop Onto Them

Hopping onto a Boar is much easier than a wolf as wolves tend to attack the player with all of their capacity, however, boars go along well and continue to be a ride for the player in Fortnite.

In order to ride an animal in Fortnite, a player must be smart enough to trap the animal well without being attacked in return. Once a player completes the weekly challenge of jumping onto the wolf or boar in various different matches, the game rewards them with 15000 XP to level up their battle pass.

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How to Ride Animals in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Wrapping Up

Riding an animal in Fortnite is extremely fun to go along with throughout the game. Obvio! Who doesn’t wants to level up their experience and XP points once and for all?

I hope all your questions regarding how to ride an animal in Fortnite are answered well. Path of EX is open to every query and suggestion, do drop below if you have any.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you ride any animals in Fortnite?

Yes, either the flying animals or standard Boars and Wolves are likely to be rideable as the season progresses.

2. Can you ride a wolf in Fortnite?

Yes, jump on a wolf or boar to ride on it!

3. What animals in Fortnite can you tame?

Most notably, Chickens, Wolves, and Boars drop Meat and Animal Bones. Raptors are the best source of these items, dropping as many as four Animal Bones and two Meat.

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