How to Reset Firestick Without a Remote | Fix The Issue within a Moment

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Amazon Firestick TV is a wonderful gadget to stream the content at home or the office. People get to watch HD quality content on Firestick with unlimited freedom and choice. However, if Firestick is troubling you due to unknown reasons and you want to reset it without a remote, then you have come to the right place. You will learn in this article how to reset Firestick without a remote and stream the content trouble-free.

These days, most of the users of Firestick devices are complaining about Firestick not working properly and looking to reset it without a remote. I am going to tell you the way through which you reset the Firestick. I recommend going through all the steps given below in the article carefully to learn properly about resetting Firestick without a remote.

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Let’s get through the write-up in detail to understand how to reset Firestick without a remote with all your options available.

How to Reset Firestick Without a Remote | Know Your Options 

how to reset Firestick without a remote

If you are using an Amazon Firestick TV but do not possess the remote control or you are looking to sell it but want to reset it first. You should not worry at all. There are a couple of options that you use to reset your Firestick device without a remote. Scroll down to find the options:

How to Reset Firestick Without Remote by Using Fire TV App

how to reset Firestick without a remote

As far as how to reset Firestick without a remote by using Fire TV app is concerned, you need to understand the procedure. If you have a compatible gadget, you could use the Amazon Fire TV application’s controller. The application is free to download and install on your Kindle Fire, iPhone, or Android phone. Go to “Preferences” > “My Fire TV“, Platform, or “Gadget & Technology“> “Reset to Factory Defaults” > “Reset” using the application’s controller.

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How to Reset Firestick Without Remote by Using USB Keyboard

how to reset Firestick without a remote

Several USB keyboards are compatible with the Fire TV. Standard USB keypads are also compatible. Directly attach a keyboard to the Fire TV’s USB connection. When you’ve attached a keyboard, go to the factory reset option as described before.

Press the “Escape” and “Right Shift” buttons on the keypad for 15 seconds if the Fire TV is stopped or jammed. A hard reset option must display. Next, click over to the “Reset” option and hit “Enter” to pick it. Alternatively, you may simply wait 2 minutes for the gadget to reset itself.

How to Reset Firestick Without Remote by Using USB Mouse

how to reset Firestick without a remote

When none of the previous alternatives work, users could use a USB mouse to link to their Fire TV. A mouse cursor, on the other hand, would not display on the screen. To obtain a feel of where the mouse cursor is on the display, you’ll have to move around a bit. 

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Users may be capable of picking the Options  if users browse through long sufficient, then go to the Factory reset configuration under “My Fire TV,” System, or “Device & Software”> “Reset to Factory Defaults” > “Reset.”

How to Reset Firestick Without Remote by Using Laptop

how to reset Firestick without a remote

To learn how to reset a Firestick without a remote by using a laptop, I recommend following the given below steps carefully:

Before you proceed for using the laptop to learn how to reset Firestick without a remote, you need to download the two applications as Adb link and Mobomarket.

Adb link is important in the sense that it increases the compatibility level between your laptop and any Android device. With the help of Adb link, you can link your laptop to any available Android device. 

While talking about Mobomarket, it is software that helps you to control your mobile phone through your PC or laptop when it is connected. It makes it easier to control the settings and other parameters once you install this Mobomarket app.

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1. Attach the USB wire of the Firestick device to the USB port of a laptop. Make sure that you would not use any third-party USB wires during the process.

2. Please hit on the Remote option appearing on the Adb link. You will be navigating to the Settings option on the Firestick device.

3. Go through the alternatives by choosing Right, Left, and Select icons on the laptop screen

4. Hit the Tools icon once you hit the Adb link

5. Select Full Screen.

6. Navigate to the Preferences and select MY Fire TV.

7. Hit on Restore to Factory Settings option

Following all the above-given steps should make you understand how to reset Firestick without a remote.

How to Reset Firestick Without Remote

Wrapping Up

Amazon Firestick gives a wonderful experience to its customers to stream content of great variety. There are certain occasions when your Firestick device freezes or does not work properly, then you want to reset it. While looking for resetting the Firestick, and don’t have the remote available, then you get confused about whether you can reset it or not. 

I have given the options above in the article to learn how to reset Firestick without the remote. I recommend following the steps to learn how to reset Firestick without a remote, and enjoying the streaming of your choice of content.

If you further have any other questions regarding how to reset Firestick without a remote, please write back to me in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I manually reset my Firestick?

To reset the Firestick device manually, you are required to follow the steps given below:
1. Hit the Home icon on the Fire TV stick remote.
2. Launch the Preferences.
3. Choose the My Fire TV option.
4. Read down and choose the Reset to Factory Defaults.
5. Press the Reset icon.

How can I connect my Firestick to WiFi?

There are options or steps given below that shall help you to understand how you can connect your Firestick device to the WiFi:
1. Link the Firestick Device to the TV and Power Cord.
2. Navigate to the Preference option right at the top of the screen.
3. Hit on the Network option.
4. Tap on the Home WiFI Network option.
5. Provide your Credentials to connect to the WiFi.
6. Press the icon that says Connect.

How can I connect my TV to WiFi without a Remote?

There are very few simple steps that you need to follow in order to connect your TV to WiFi without a remote. Please scroll further to find the steps:
1. Link a USB Keyboard and Mouse to the TV.
2. Navigate to the WiFi Preferences of the TV with the help of a mouse.
3. Hit on the options saying Connect in the Settings.


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