How to Remove Yelp Review? 7 Sound Reasons You Can Claim to Report

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Have you encountered a situation where you have to learn how to remove Yelp review? Surely, the review is negative and can hinder the goodwill of your services. Any business relies on two basic things; one, what it sells- the quality, and two, customer satisfaction. You might need to remove or fix the issue if there is a negative review on Yelp.

Yelp is primarily a crowd-based platform that publishes reviews from the user’s or general masses’ perspective. Parlors, salons, dentists, schools, cafes, and all are covered here. On Yelp’s website, there are pages connected to individual locations. The users are free to publish or submit their reviews on the page of that particular business. 

Now, these reviews can be positive also and negative too. On one side, a positive review is good for business convergence, the negative review can harm your business’s repo. Many a time it happens that a review is fake, and someone posted a negative review. In this case, you must know how to remove Yelp review. Scroll down to see how and on what grounds a business can ask Yelp to delete bad reviews. 

How to Remove Yelp Review?

How to Remove Yelp Reviews?

If a customer is not satisfied with your business or services, it means some loopholes are required to be mended. In case the review is bad, and it can be considered effective for your business, you might need to delete Yelp review. Here are the steps for how to remove Yelp review

1. Visit Yelp’s website and claim your business.

2. In the reviews section of Yelp’s business account, search for the review you want to remove.

3. Select More, the three dots, and click on Report Review

4. Simultaneously, take screenshots of the bad reviews to prove your innocence. 

How to Remove Yelp Reviews?

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When Can You Remove Yelp Review?

You can not remove a review as and when required. There are some grounds on which a business can report to delete a yelp review. Yelp does not take sides on factual reviews, so before moving ahead to how to remove Yelp reviews, consider the following grounds on which you can report. Remember, the reasons to remove Yelp reviews must be viable. Yelp moderators delete or remove the bad reviews.

1. The review hints towards threat, hatred, bigotry, and lewdness can be reported. 

How to Remove Yelp Reviews?

2. In case of any extraordinary circumstances, reviews can be removed. 

3. If a business review is not from a customer’s perspective, it can be reported. The reason a person who is posting a negative review must have a justified reason.

4. If you feel that the reviews are plagiarized, they can be removed for the benefit and goodwill of your business. 

5. You can report removing a review if someone has criticized any of your employees or staff members and pinpoint them. 

6. If the review is not a personal experience, you can report for its deletion. 

7. If the intention of the negative review is merely the extraction of a penalty or a refund. 

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How to Work on Bad Reviews?

How to Remove Yelp Reviews?

It entirely depends on a business learning from its mistakes. Before asking the Yelp authority to delete a Yelp review, a business or a service provider must check if the complaint is genuine.  Here are the things to be considered before moving on to how to remove the yelp review.

1. Check, if the review is genuine and if the problem with the product or service is from your end.

How to Remove Yelp Reviews?

2. Check if there is only one such experience or more than one.

3. If the number of bad reviews is limited, you can post reviews apologizing.

4. You can ask the customer for a replacement or refund of the product in an amicable manner.

5. Politely ask that customer to clear the misconception.

How to Remove Yelp Reviews?

6. This can be a game changer, and your negative reviews can turn into positive ones. 

7. The platform will be vigilant of the fact of how generous and kind you are to your end-users.

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How to Remove Yelp Review? Watch the Video Now

Wrapping Up

So, now you know how to remove Yelp review if someone has posted negatively about you or your business. The ratings will also go down if time action is not taken. The process of removing reviews here is automated. They are removed after complete verification and shreds of evidence.

So, remember to take screenshots of bad reviews so that you are ready when questioned. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yelp a paid or a free service?

Yelp is a free service. Any one can post review on the platform.

Are the reviews on Yelp genuine?

Yes, all most reviews are genuine, but a small percentage of reviews can be fake as well.

Are there any policies to be followed at Yelp?

Yes, there is a set of policies to be followed while being a part of the community.


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