How to Remove Remembered Account on Instagram From Phone?

Applications like Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram tend to remember your account information when you log in to the platforms. This happens for the user’s convenience. If the applications remember your login details, you can easily log in with just a single tab. This practice is a huge help for people who forget their passwords easily. But what if you want to remove remembered account? If you are looking for a way to undo the done, then quit scratching your head and allow me to explain. 

Usually, when you log out from an application, the app is supposed to forget your login details. Further, if you want to use the application again, you will have to use the username and password to access the service. However, that is not the case with applications owned by Facebook and Google (Let’s say most of them!) 

I have witnessed many instances where someone logged in to their Instagram using a browser for merely 10 minutes. After using the application, they logged out, but the app continued to remember the account. This left his account exposed and accessible to me or anyone using my phone. 

If you find yourself in a similar situation, then follow the given steps to remove remembered account on Instagram. 

How to Remove Remembered Instagram Accounts?

Given below are some of the instances where a user might want to remove remembered account on Instagram. With these options, you can easily remove your Instagram account. Follow the guide and use the methods that are compatible.

How to Remove Remembered Account on Instagram on iPhone? 

Android phones have an advantage when it comes to deleting remembered accounts on Instagram. Instagram offers a “Remove” option on the home page on Android. However, things are a little different for iPhone users. 

Follow the given steps to remove remembered account on Instagram 

  • Open Instagram on your phone and login into your account. 
  • Go to Account Tab. Click on the three lines (Hamburger) menu. 
  • Click on the Settings> Security> Saved Saved Login Information.
Remove remembered accounts on Instagram
  • Turn off the Saved Login Information. 
  • You will be asked to confirm your decision. 
  • Once confirming your decision, select Remove from the pop-up menu. 
  • Scroll down through the settings menu and select Log out from the current account. 
Remove remembered account on Instagram
  • Instagram will again ask you to either Remember or Forget the current account information. 
  • Click on Not Now from the pop-up menu. 
  • Confirm your decision and then Log out from the current account. 

Removing Login Information of Multiple Instagram Accounts

Remove remembered account on Instagram

It is extremely common to have multiple Instagram accounts. People, usually, have one account for personal use and the other for professional use. In a case like this, if you want to remove the saved credentials of a saved account, you will need to follow a few steps. 

  1. Open the Instagram setting and log out from both accounts. 
  2. You will see both accounts that you can log in with one single tab. 
  3. Click on the Edit button at the bottom. 
  4. Tab on the X mark beside the account that you want to remove. 
  5. Confirm your decision by clicking on Remove from the pop-up menu. 

How to Remove Remembered Account on Instagram Using Facebook? 

It is known that Facebook (Now Meta!) owns Instagram. Many users can log in to Instagram using Facebook login details. If you are one of these users, then the above steps might not work for you. 

To remove your Instagram remembered account from your phone when you logged in with the Facebook app, you have to sign out of Facebook. Once you have signed out from Facebook, you will notice that your Instagram account is also successfully removed. 

Now, if you open your Instagram account, you will notice that your credentials have been removed. Also, if you wish, you can log back into your Facebook account. 

Wrapping Up 

These were some of the steps that will help you remove a remembered account on Instagram.

Go through the above steps and remove the account that you do not want to use. You may search for growth tools to boost your Instagram profile. Be careful while choosing any tools for Instagram. For example, if you visit social fuse, you will notice that social fuse has a low rating. So it’s better to look for an alternative tool. If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot them up in the comment section. Also, share this article with your friends. Stay connected for more such content! 

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