How to Remove Reels From Facebook | 5 Steps to Avoid Reels on Facebook

How to Remove Reels From Facebook |5 Steps to Avoid Reels on Facebook

Facebook is the most prominent media platforms in the world. They have continuously worked on bringing new features to the platform. The re-branded company meta introduced Facebook reels in the year 2021. But some people want to remove the reels from their Facebook app for various reasons. Hence, below we have curated an article on how to remove reels from Facebook.

Like TikTok, reels have been introduced on Facebook as well. Some people like the classic version of Facebook and want to get rid of the unwanted videos that appear on the Facebook app automatically. This article would be helpful for them.

You would find apps and methods that help you to encounter such uninviting videos on Facebook. So read along and refer to the points mentioned below.

How to Remove Reels From Facebook?

Removing reels from Facebook is impossible as there is no official method on Facebook to do so. So, technically it is not possible to remove the Facebook reel. But still, if you wish to do so, use the older version of the Facebook app. Below we have discussed some methods to remove reels from Facebook that may help you.

1. Use Facebook Through The Browser

Currently, you will find Instagram reels in your Facebook app. So, you can use the Facebook web version and forget about the reels. This happens because reels do not appear on Chrome or the Google version of Facebook.

2. Use Third-party Apps

You would find some third-party apps which offer customization and features on how to remove reels from Facebook app. But we would request you to use the app at your own risk. All the third-party apps allow disabling reels automatically. You should always go for popular apps like Slimsocial and Frost for Facebook.

3. Hide Reels on Facebook

You would be glad to know that Facebook allows you to manage your privacy settings the way you want. Hence, you may also disable the Friend’s suggestions on Facebook.

4. Turn Off Auto-play Videos

To remove reels from Facebook, you may want to disable the Auto-play video option from Facebook. This would not remove your reels automatically, but it would help you to prevent them from playing automatically on your Facebook app.

5. Use an Older Version of Facebook

Only Android users can use this method. So before using this method, you must use remember using APK files outside your official Play store may affect your device with harmful consequences.

How To Disable Auto-Playing Reels?

When you wish to get rid of the auto-playing reels, please refer to the method mentioned below.

1. Launch Facebook account.

2. Go to the menu option.

3. Click on the ‘Settings and Privacy option

4. Go to ‘Profile Settings.’

5. Click on ‘media and Contacts’.

6. Click on the ‘autoplay’ option.

7. Change the setting to ‘Never Autoplay Videos‘.

How to Remove Your Own Instagram Reels On Facebook?

When you create new reels and want to remove the former reels from the Facebook app, follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Launch the Instagram app on your mobile.

2. Go to the profile tab.

3. Click on the hamburger option

4. Click on Settings.

5. Click on the Privacy option

6. Select Reels.

7. Disable Reels on Facebook.

Wrapping Up

Before closing our article, we would like to share that we have included all the probable methods on how to remove reels from Facebook. Now you have to choose the best one for yourself. But we would still advise you to use them at your own risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove reels from Facebook?

You can easily remove reels from your Facebook account by following a few simple methods.

Can I use the older version of Facebook to remove reels?

Yes, you can remove reels on Facebook by using the older version. But you have to do it with keeping in mind you may face dire consequences as well.

Is it possible to disable auto-playing videos on Facebook?

Yes, it is possible to disable auto-playing videos on Facebook. This would help you to stop playing videos on Facebook automatically.

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