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If you are using an iPhone recently or from a very long time, and want to get rid of some unnecessary files in the phone, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will come to know about some of the amazing features that the iPhone possesses. It may sometimes be frustrating when your phone automatically starts building up some duplicate files that take unnecessary storage in your phone. Keep reading about how to remove duplicate photos from iPhone.

I have come up with some of the simple but effective steps that will help you to delete the unnecessary files that take storage space in your phone. It is not the storage problem, however, these duplicates or unnecessary files are responsible for the slow functioning of the phone as well. Therefore, it is important to know how to make your phone quick and reliable by reading this write-up.

Let’s get ready to walk through the article and to know the procedure about how to remove duplicate photos from iPhone without any difficulty.

How to Remove Duplicate Photos From iPhone | Simple Steps

It’s useful to know how to remove duplicate photos from iPhone devices. Everybody has taken too many images that are nearly identical to one another or synced photos more than once. The storage space that duplicate photographs quickly occupy on our devices and in the cloud is crucial. How can you get rid of them, then? What’s more, how rapidly do you accomplish it? 

Duplicate picture deletion is possible in two ways: the time-consuming, laborious way, and the simple, straightforward way. Now, there is something to think about before you respond, “We want to finish the procedure swiftly!”

Using third-party software to scan your images is the quick method. It is the best course of action if you are not very concerned about this.

But if you value your privacy (see our opinions on Apple’s new security measure), you might not want outside apps looking through your iPhone pictures. If so, you will have to manually remove the pictures from your camera roll. You will be guided through both procedures (how to remove duplicate photos from iPhone).

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How to Remove Duplicate Photos From iPhone By Using The Gemini Photos App

We’ve enjoyed exploring a variety of outside programs that assist in deleting duplicate iPhone pictures. Gemini Photos is the finest for deleting photos from your image library. The instructions below explain how to install the app straight from the app store (how to remove duplicate photos from iPhone).

1. Install the App and Allow Access: The program will request your consent to view your photographs after installation. To speed up the procedure, we advise that you choose “allow access to all photos“.

how to remove duplicate photos from iPhone

2. Launch the App to begin scanning: The simplicity with which Gemini Photos can scan your phone for duplication is one of its best features. Just launch the app to start scanning. Access the “duplicates” folder after the scan is finished.

how to remove duplicate photos from iPhone

3. Select the group of photos: Every collection of duplicates is immediately added to a different folder by the software. To see the collection of duplicate pictures, click the folder.

how to remove duplicate photos from iPhone

4. Click the photos you want to delete: Once within the file, select the pictures you want to get rid of at the bottom of the screen. The delete button will then appear after pressing the “X” in the top-left area.

how to remove duplicate photos from iPhone

5. Hit the delete option: Click “delete” to complete the process after choosing the pictures you want to remove.

how to remove duplicate photos from iPhone

How to Remove Duplicate Photos From iPhone Manually By Using Apple Photos

You must manually remove the photographs through the photos app if you’d rather not utilize a third-party programme to erase them from your iPhone. Despite being simple, the procedure can take a while depending on how many photographs you have in your photo library. To remove duplicates and free storage space on your iPhone, follow the steps listed below.

1. Launch the Photo App: To browse your photos, find the photos application on your smartphone and hit it.

how to remove duplicate photos from iPhone

2. Choose All Photos: Your photos will be separated into “years,” “months,” “days,” and “all pictures” at the bottom of the photos application. To view every picture you’ve ever shot, choose “all photographs.”

how to remove duplicate photos from iPhone

3. Select Duplicates by Selecting Them: Find the duplicate photographs by scrolling through your collection. To delete a group of photographs, choose them by tapping “select” in the top-right corner.

how to remove duplicate photos from iPhone

4. To Remove a Photo, Click Each One: Click every photo to pick it after deciding which ones you wish to delete from your iPhone. When you choose a photo, a small check mark will show up in the bottom right corner of the image.

how to remove duplicate photos from iPhone

5. Select the Trash Can symbol: On the screen, click the trash can symbol in the lower right corner. To delete the pictures from your iPhone, simply tap “delete photos” when requested.

how to remove duplicate photos from iPhone

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Why Do Your iPhone Photos Have Duplicates?

You are primarily to blame for the duplicate images on your smartphone. We’re all guilty of “spraying and praying,” as it’s known in the photography industry. We snap numerous shots of a location we like instead of one and hope that one turns out. This is particularly true for folks who frequently enjoy taking selfies.

One great piece of advice is to take your time while capturing photos on your iPhone. Be calm, watch for the ideal opportunity, then hit the shot when everything appears to be in order.

Wrapping Up

On an iPhone, deleting images could be arduous. However, the procedure (how to remove duplicate photos from iPhone) helps to manage your images more effectively in the hereafter. Additionally, it enables you to clear up hard drive space on your apple, enabling you to shoot far more pictures (see our best cloud storage alternatives for iPhone).

Therefore, when you’ve been pushing off the procedure, react right away. Duplicate images should be deleted in order to maintain your iPhone clean and organised.

How did you find this instruction manual? Does it make it simple for you to eliminate duplicate pictures? Perhaps you would want to share a third-party app that you use (how to remove duplicate photos from iPhone). Reply below with your thoughts and let us know. Gratitude for reading.



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