How to Remove an Instagram Shadowban? Best Instant Solutions

How to Remove an Instagram Shadowban? These 8 come in handy for shadowban

Social media platforms have implemented many limitations to help their users have a good experience on the platform. Recently you might have come across changes on your profile that would have startled you as to how you can come under restrictions on the platform, which has helped you to grow.

Do not be afraid; due to the recent changes in the community guidelines on social media platforms, you will experience these changes. Among them, are you affected by shadowban and want to know how to remove an Instagram shadowban?

We knew you might face such hindrances on your favorite social media platforms, so we have curated this article to help you with the correct information. So, waste no more time and get into the article below and look for the most suitable way to help you get the best solution for Instagram shadowban on your account.

How to Remove an Instagram Shadowban?

Are you eager to remove Instagram shadowban from your account? Then you are on the right page; we have covered you by the below steps. They help you to remove Instagram shadowban from your account. So, hurry and use them and get your profile as it was earlier.

1. Do Not Post

When you know you are being shadowbanned on Instagram, you must stop postings for the next three to five days. This may reduce your chances of getting your Instagram account banned permanently. It is also an excellent method to reset your Instagram account.

2. Delete Hashtags

After getting shadowbanned on Instagram, you stop posting, as mentioned in step one. Then delete hashtags from all the recent posts on Instagram. You may get shadowbanned on Instagram due to the hashtag glitches, so the removal of hashtags may help you.

You may use words in your hashtag which is already banned or restricted by Instagram; hence, your account was shadowbanned. Using inappropriate hashtags may terminate or shadowban your account. So next time, while using hashtags, please be very careful.

3. Do not Break Rules

While using applications on your social media platforms, you must maintain and abide by their guidelines. Instagram is a social media app with terms and conditions for its community guidelines that help users interact on a platform.

It is not advisable to break any Instagram community guidelines intentionally or unintentionally. The rules may result in your post getting reported and your Instagram account blocked or banned.

4. Put Hashtags In Caption

Some Instagram users put hashtags in their comments, and their post gets shadowbanned after one to two hours. You get shadowbanned when you put hashtags in comments; hence, you may try putting hashtags in captions. This would help you not to get shadowbanned.

You find a few conditions for using hashtags in the caption of an Instagram post. You can use five to six full stops, put some hashtags to separate the caption, and write in bullet points to make the captions clear.

5. Use of Bots

Posting, commenting, or even liking them often in a short period can shadowban you on Instagram. Yes, you read me right. When you follow and unfollow accounts frequently, that is considered an unusual engagement or bot activity shadowbans your Instagram account. Hence, I would advise you not to post, like, comment, or follow too frequently as it helps to avoid Instagram shadowban!

6. Switch To Personal Account

Sometimes Instagram shadowban may affect your business account. When you want to solve the problem of removing Instagram Shadowban on Android, switch from your business accounts back to your profile. You can do this for a few days to see if this helps in removing shadowban in your account. This is the simplest way to try solving your problems without any tech skills.

7. Stop Using Instagram For A Few Days

Not using Instagram is the most effective way, which has helped many shadowbanned victims. So, stop using your Instagram account for a few days! But remember, abide by the Instagram community guidelines when you return to use your app.

8. Contact Instagram Support

Did any of the ways work for you? If it did not, you have the only option left with yourself. That is contacting Instagram support. I know it is hard to get a reply from their end, but at least you would be assured that you tried for once. Below we have provided two ways to contact them:

1. Report A Problem Through App

Reporting a problem through the Instagram app is highly recommended, and many users find this helpful. Some of them have also gotten immediate results after using these methods. So, follow the steps below to report a problem to the Instagram support team:

1. Launch Instagram.

2. Go to Settings

3. Select Help.

4. Go to Report the Problem.

5. Write your problem to the Instagram support team.

2. Report A Problem Directly To An Instagram Mail ID

Another effective way is to contact the Instagram support team through your Gmail account. You only have to send an email to ID- [email protected].

How to remove Instagram Shadowban?

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Wrapping Up

As we come to the closure of our article, I hope it helped you to understand how to remove an Instagram shadowban. We have provided all the necessary information about the shadowban on Instagram. If you are eager to know more, refer to our website, Path of EX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove Instagram shadowban from my account?

Yes, it is possible to remove shadowban from your account. You have to follow some methods to do the same.

Can I write to the support team to remove Instagram shadowban from my account?

You may write to Instagram support to remove shadowban from your account. After informing the support team, some users have removed their restrictions from their accounts.

Does using hashtags in captions help not to get shadowbanned on Instagram?

Yes, using hashtags in captions may help you not get shadowbanned on Instagram, but you have to follow specific rules there.

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