How To Recover Old TextNow Number? 3 Easy Methods Here!

How To Recover Old TextNow Number? 3 Easy Methods Here!

Who needs burner phones when they have the TextNow app? However, regardless of how cool and convenient the whole idea of the app is, there’s something unsettling about it. It’s the moment when the app makes you wonder how to recover old TextNow number. 

If you’re someone who has used the TextNow app before, I’m sure you’re very well aware of the struggles I’m talking about here. Because hey, you have faced them, too. Sometimes, you badly need an old number of yours and find out that you don’t have access to it. Well, as desperate as things seem to be right now, they don’t necessarily have to be this way. 

In fact, you can help yourself by learning how to recover old TextNow number. Quite conveniently enough, this article is going to teach you exactly that. By the time you reach the end of it, you will know what you can do to get a number you seem to have lost back. So, keep scrolling!

Here’s How To Recover Old TextNow Number

If you have been using the TextNow app for a little while now, you might have one main question— can you recover TextNow number actually? And I think you already know the answer: you can’t recover a TextNow number after you’ve lost its access/ it’s been removed/ assigned to someone else because you didn’t use your account for a long time. 

However, all hope is not lost yet. There might still be something you can do to recover your old Texnow number. These things are mentioned below:

  • Call TextNow support team to ask them for help in getting the account back. 
  • Send an email to the TextNow support team in this regard
  • Reassign yourself a new number

Now, please note that these methods don’t exactly guarantee that you’re going to get your old number back, but they are still worth a try. So, if you want to know how to recover old TextNow number using these methods, make sure that you’re scrolling through this article till the end. 

Method 1: Call TextNow Support Team

How To Recover Old TextNow Number? 2 Easy Methods Here!

The first thing you can do to recover an old Textnow number is call their support team and ask them for help with the same. They will be able to provide you with some more insight into the matter and get your number back. So, to know how to recover old TextNow number using this method, follow these steps:

  • Open your preferred web browser
  • Head over to the official TextNow website. 
  • Once there, go to the Support/ Contact Us section. 
  • There, you will find information on how you can call the TextNow support team. 

The call line usually works from Monday to Friday, and the waiting period happens to be 12 minutes only. So, you can get the number from the Support section and call the team to seek their help in this matter. 

However, before you call the support team, make sure that you have all the relevant information to provide them with to verify your account identity and account ownership. This information typically consists of your email address, username, any previous phone numbers, or anything else that may be directly associated with your account. 

All these things can assist you in presenting your case in a better way and help you get your old phone number back. Again, there’s no guarantee that it will definitely work– especially if the number has already been assigned to someone else, but there’s a chance that it just might. 

Method 2: Send An Email To The TextNow Support Team

How To Recover Old TextNow Number? 2 Easy Methods Here!

The next thing you can do to get your old phone number back is sort of similar to the above one. The only difference is that in this method, you will be contacting the support team via mail. So, to know how to recover old TextNow number this way, follow these steps:

  • Go to the official TextNow website.
  • Head over to the Contact Us/ Support section and look for an email address that you can use to contact them. 
  • When you finally find the mail address, write them a mail.
    • In the mail, you can talk about how you need to have the old phone number back. 
    • You can also provide them with relevant supporting things that can help you with your case. For example, you can provide them with your old phone number, email address, username, etc. 

After you’ve sent them an email, wait for their response. The waiting period, in this case, is usually said to be around 55 hours, so you might have to give them that time. They will contact you with a response to your request then.

Method 3: Reassign Yourself A New Number

Now, you already know that TextNow doesn’t give you a direct method to get an old number back. This means you can’t actually employ any form of workaround to recover a number that you have now lost. However, what you can also do is to get yourself a new number.

This means that you can release the old number and reassign yourself to another one through the app once every fifteen days. TextNow has numbers available in most area codes within the US and Canada, and that should help you.

Wrapping Up

Okay then, guys! This is how to recover old TextNow number! It’s true that TextNow doesn’t really allow its users to recover a phone number that has been reassigned to someone else. However, in this article, I walked you guys through two methods that you can use to try to get the number back. As I have already mentioned, these methods do not guarantee the results you’re looking for, but they are still worth a try! 

How can I access my old TextNow account?

If you can’t access your old TextNow account because you seem to have forgotten the username or password, then you can make use of the “Forgot?” link present on the log in page of the TextNow. From there, you can make use of your registered email address or phone number to receive a link to reset your password. 

Can I use my old number on TextNow?

Yes, TextNow does give the option to use your old number. But it actually depends on the kind of service you’re looking for. 

Does your number expire on TextNow?

Your number doesn’t expire in a mere two days on TextNow. However, if you’re quite adamant about keeping the number with you, then you need to stay active with your calls and texts. 

How do I recover my TextNow account without email?

If you can’t recover your TextNow account with your registered email address, then try making use of the “Forgot Email” option. This way, you will be able to make use of your registered phone number to retrieve your account. 

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