How To Record Shows On Sling TV DVR? 6 Easy Steps to Follow in 2023

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Are you residing in America and using Sling TV stream services? Due to your busy schedule, you may miss your favorite shows or movies. To avoid that, consider using the DVR option available in the Sling TV stream. However, there are times when you have tried a lot but cannot do the recordings of your favorite movies and shows, and you are scrolling on different online platforms to know: How To Record Shows On Sling TV DVR?  

Let me clarify that Sling TV provides an option to record your shows and movies. Using the Sling TV DVR option helps the users to protect from missing their favorite shows. In addition, the Sling TV DVR option also enables you to record your live TV shows. You can watch these recorded shows later when you feel comfortable or want to remove stress from your work.  

Well, after researching many media platforms, I have come up with easy steps to help you record your favorite shows on Sling TV DVR and where you can get those recordings.

How to Record Shows on Sling TV DVR?

How To Record Shows On Sling TV DVR? 6 Easy Steps!

All live TV streaming platforms give recording features as the primary and important function. So, Sling TV also allows users to record their favorite shows and movies on its streaming platform. The easy and quick steps to record your not-to-missed programs are as follows. 

  1. Launch the Sling TV platform, and log in with your details. 
  2. Scroll to the “homepage.”
  3. Click and highlight the title that you want to record. 
  4. Tap on the “Record” option which is red in color. 
  5. A pop-up message will appear that contain 4 options: 
How To Record Shows On Sling TV DVR? 6 Easy Steps!
  1. Record All Episodes – all episodes and reruns will be recorded.
  2. Record only this Episode- only a particular selected episode will be recorded.
  3. Record New Episodes – all the new episodes will be recorded. 
  4. Cancel: the procedure will get canceled, and the pop-up message window will be closed. 
  5. Select the desired option as per your need. 

Important note: you will not see the file while downloading on the home screen. Therefore, you can open “My TV” and the “Recordings” option to confirm whether the downloading is happening. 

How Can You Find Your Recordings on Sling TV?

How To Record Shows On Sling TV DVR? 6 Easy Steps!

Sling TV users have finished their recordings after knowing the steps for: “How To Record Shows On Sling TV DVR?” and the files are now saved. So, you will surely wish to see those files whenever you get the time. Now, the question comes: where can you find these recorded files?

To this question, I will help you find your recordings on the Sling TV stream. Check out the below steps and find your Sling TV recordings. 

  1. Open your “Sling TV” application. 
  2. Head to “My TV.”
  3. You will see your favorites, recordings, and channels there.
  4. Navigate to the option “Recordings.
  5. You will get all the programs the Sling TV platform has recorded for you there. 
  6. Select the desired title from that option and click “Watch It.”

How to Remove the Recordings on Sling TV DVR?

How To Record Shows On Sling TV DVR? 6 Easy Steps!

In Sling TV, one good feature is that it removes the old recorded files after 50 hours when the DVR storage fills up. But, if it does not delete the old files or you want to free up the space, you can proceed with the manual process. Follow the below steps to remove your old recorded files from your Sling TV stream. 

  1. Open the Sling TV app on your device. 
  2. At the top, click on the “My TV” option. 
  3. Choose “Manage” and select the recorded file you want to delete or remove. 

Note: for selected files, you can see the checkmark against them. 

  1. The “Delete” option will appear in red at the page’s corner. Select the option. 

How Can I Protect The Automatic Removal of Recordings on Sling TV?

How To Record Shows On Sling TV DVR? 6 Easy Steps!

As in the previous header, I have confirmed that old files are automatically deleted after 50 hours as the storage fills up. You can also protect your old files from automatic removal. As the storage starts filling up, Sling TV automatically starts removing the files from the oldest ones. 

Sling TV is also featured to protect your favorite movies and shows from automatic removal. The process to save your favorite programs are as follows. 

  1. Open the Sling TV application. 
  2. Navigate to “My TV” or  “My DVR.”
  3. Select the titles that you want to save. 
  4. Tap on the “Protect” button, which is present next to the “Stop” option. 
  5. If the “Protect” button converts to “Unprotect,” the procedure is completed.

Note: On Sling TV stream, in the future, if you want to remove the protected files from protection, you can follow the same steps and select the option “Unprotect.”

What are the Pros and Cons of Sling TV DVR? 

How To Record Shows On Sling TV DVR? 6 Easy Steps!

As I have guided you with the steps for How To Record Shows On Sling TV DVR, let me tell you one thing: every feature has limitations. So, Sling TV DVR also has some limitations. Therefore, Sling TV DVR has some pros and cons associated with it. Let me tell you both of them. 

Sling TV streaming gives free access to storage to all users except free ones.DVR users can access only 50 hours of storage. 
You can protect your favorite program files from the “Protect” option. To exceed the storage time by up to 200 hours, users must pay an extra $5 monthly.  
DVR & DVR Plus users can proceed for fast-forward ads in the recorded files.YouTube TV Live and Phil provide unlimited free storage. Therefore, limited storage is a significant drawback against giant competitors.  

Wrapping Up

After knowing the steps for: How To Record Shows On Sling TV DVR? I ensure that you can easily record your favorite programs on Sling TV by selecting the title and tapping on the Record option. In addition, you can delete the old files manually and also protect the old files from Sling TV’s automatic removal feature. 

Do you find my blog helpful for your Sling TV subscription? Is there anything else you would like to take my help with your Sling TV stream? You can tell me the details via comments. Also, kindly share my post with your loved ones so they can get the details for the Sling TV stream. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stop recording the file on Sling TV? 

Sling TV > My TV > My DVR > Stop Recording > Yes (select yes on the pop-up window).

What are the quick steps to record shows on Sling TV DVR? 

The quick step guide to recording your favorite shows or movies on Sling TV DVR is as follows:
Sling TV > Login > home page > select the title > Record > select the desired 1 option among 4 present on the pop-up message window, 

Does Sling TV provide unlimited storage? 

No, it is limited to 50 hours and automatically removed by the Sling TV from the oldest recordings when the storage fills up. You can exceed the limit of up to 200 hours by paying an extra $5 per month.

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