How to Prepare for PMI PMP Certification Exam in the Last Four Days

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Different students have different situations. Therefore, based on three different situations, we can have three plans to prepare for the PMP exam in the final stage.

For the first kind, if the score of PMP exam sample tests is above 160, you can read the lecture notes and some learning materials. Keep the score around the level. If you have time, you may do the sample test paper again. Get familiar with the exam questions. As for whether to review each chapter, you can decide based on your own situation.

As for the second type who did not finish the review tests and the correct rate is around 60%, you can do the chapter exercises of 4-13 chapters and review the guidance when reading the analyses. Make sure that the correct rate is above 90% when doing the PMP certification exam questions of 4 and 13 chapters. Besides, the questions assigned by the PMP certification training institution should also be done. Read the summaries of key words and knowledge. By reviewing the content, you can not only improve the correct rate but speed up doing questions. Seize the time to make a final PMP exam prep.

If the score you get so far is between 120 and 160, you need to spend more time in finding the reasons for making mistakes. Review the questions you have done wrong and discuss with your classmates. Engaging in discussion can also be helpful in improving scores. Try to keep the score above 160 so that you are more likely to pass the exam.

In the last week of preparation, another important thing is to keep a good physical condition for the exam lasts for 4 hours. The night before the exam date, have a good rest and a good sleep. It is not necessary to review much before the exam. You can just relax your mind 

If you want to have a systematic training and learning of PMP certification exam, it is recommended to find a good training institution so that you can have an effective preparation. I took the training courses for about one month. Listen to the courses carefully and follow the pace of the class. You can read relevant textbooks. In the second month, you can consolidate knowledge and read the book again with a systematic understanding of the knowledge of PMBOK. You will find that the speed of reading and understanding the book is lifted up greatly. In the last two weeks, you can do some PMP exam sample tests.

Personally, I recommend the training classes of SPOTO. SPOTO is a professional institution authorized by PMI, Project Management Institute. It has strong faculty groups and complete PMI PMP exam resources. Teachers of SPOTO will arrange both online and offline classes for students. You can choose the way that is convenient for you. Besides, you can learn from classmates and ask questions on the questions you do not understand so as to solve problems on time.


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