How To Download & Play Storyteller Without Netflix Account [2024]

play storyteller without netflix

Storyteller debuted in the gaming world at the end of September of 2023 with a big bang because of its simplicity and association with Netflix. But there are questions about the game, the biggest being whether you can play Storyteller without Netflix and what platforms you can play it on.

The Storyteller game has chapters and levels like the Promotion Rags to Royalty and Machiavelli Baron Rules Alone puzzles that challenge your thinking and reasoning. You progress in Storyteller by dragging settings and characters from the bottom of the screen to the slides to create a story. The game is available on Netflix, and users have thoroughly enjoyed it.

Many gaming enthusiasts are curious to know if they can play Storyteller without Netflix accounts. Read on to find out if you can play Storyteller without a Netflix subscription.

Can You Play Storyteller Without Netflix Account?

Sadly, you can’t play Storyteller without a Netflix Account. Currently, the game is exclusively available for Netflix users only. If you want to play Storyteller online, you need to download the app on your smartphone or PC; the other way is to get the game on Nintendo Switch. But you can’t play Storyteller without Netflix Subscriptions.

The good news is that if you have a Netflix subscription, you can play Storyteller Online for free on your mobile via the game app!

Wrapping Up

You can’t really play Storyteller without Netflix account for free, but if you have a Netflix subscription and the Netflix app on your phone, you can play the game free of cost! The other way to play Storyteller is by purchasing the game from Steam or Nintendo Switch. Comment to share what platform and device you’re playing Storyteller on and how much you love it!

Happy Gaming!

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