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Discord is one of the best ways to communicate with your friends online. As great as it is, getting to play music over your server further improves the fun aspect of Discord. So, to achieve the same, we’ve shared a guide on how to play music in Discord. Be it your real-life or gaming friends, Discord comes through as one of the best cross-platform communication applications. Learn more about how to add music in Discord with a bot and without a bot.

While just hanging out or playing some games, a feature to add and stream music to your Discord voice chats can make the whole experience much more entertaining and enjoyable. So, now that you’ve decided to stream songs, you need to figure out exactly how to do that.

In this article, we’ve made a guide for how to play music in Discord with Rythm bot. Read along to know more about how to use these methods to enjoy streaming songs in your Discord channels over computers and smartphones.

How to Play Music in Discord?

Discord Slow Mode

To play music in Discord, you can use Rhythm bot or Groovy bot. You can also add music in Discord without bot using Spotify.

For this guide, we’ve chosen Rythm as it is one of the best bots that provide a lag-free music experience and supports sources like YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. among others.

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How to Add Music Bot in Discord

We’ve provided separate guides on how to play music in Discord for PC/Mac systems and iOS/Android systems. Head over to your preferred system guide in the subsections below.

How to Add Rythm Bot Discord on PC & Mac

Let’s start with how to play music in Discord over PC and Mac systems. And for that, you’ve to install the Discord Rhythm bot and then set up the bot to play and stream your selected music. 

In order to play music in Discord on PC, or Mac systems, you need to first install the Rythm bot. Let’s see how it’s done.

How to play music in Discord with Rythm Bot

1. Open any web browser on your system (all browsers should work with Rythm).

2. You’ll see an Invite the bot option located in the mid-left section of the page. On clicking, you’ll get redirected to the Discord login screen.

3. Login with your Discord account user credentials.

4. Select the server where you want to add the Rythm bot.

Note: You can add the same bot to multiple servers but you will have to repeat the process each time for each additional server.

5. You’ll be prompted with an Authorize button over a small popup window. Click on it to authorize the action to add the bot to your selected server.

6. Check the “I’m not a robot” box to finalize the process to allow the bot to have access to your Discord server.

Now that you know how to install Rhythm bot Discord, it’s time to put it to use by following these simple steps:

1. Launch Discord either through the desktop app or the browser version according to your preference. 

2. Select the server you added the Rythm bot to, among a list of servers shown on the leftmost side of your Discord screen.

3. Once in the desired server, among the list of available channels, left-click on the voice channel you plan to play music in.

4. Now, type the ‘!play command followed by space and the name of the song or artist you want to listen to, and then hit Enter. The Rythm bot will search and play the typed-in command for a song or artist over YouTube or your set music library.

To know about more such commands, head over to Rythm and search through Support > Features to explore a list of Rythm’s features and !commands.

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How to Play Music in Discord With Rythm Bot iOS/Android

If you’re on a smartphone device, follow these easy steps to play songs over Discord:

1. Follow the Discord bot installation on the PC/Mac guide as above to install the Rythm bot on your smartphone and then continue as shown below. 

2. Open the Discord app on your Android/iOS device and log in with your user credentials if not already signed in. 

3. Now, from the top-left screen, tap the menu bar and choose among the list of servers, the server that you’ve added Rythm bot to.

4. Select the suitable voice channel on the chosen server to play your favorite music and songs.

5. For that, type in the ‘!play <song or artist>’ command and press send for Rythm to search and play the typed-in music.

In order to know more about the list of Rythm’s ‘! commands,’ head over to Rythm, and look for Features under the Read the docs section.

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How to Play Music in Discord Without Bot

You can play music in Discord without the use of any bot by linking your Spotify account to Discord. Spotify is a music streaming service with access to millions of songs from artists across the globe. 

Spotify is one of the popular and premium music streaming platforms to enjoy ad-free music and even offline listening. Now, in order to connect your Spotify account to your Discord account, follow these simple steps to enjoy streaming music on Discord: 

1. First thing to do is to open Discord on your device and click on User Settings, the gear-like icon. If you can’t find it, tap on your avatar to access settings. 

2. Look for the Connections option under the User Settings section and select it in order to integrate a connection to play music over Discord.

3. Find and add the Spotify icon in the Connect your Accounts section where you’ll be redirected to Spotify’s account login page. 

4. Continue to log in after entering the user credentials of your Spotify account.

5. Next, an agreement page will be pulled up regarding the terms of the connection between Spotify and Discord. Read through and follow up by clicking on the Agree button.

6. Upon agreement, a Connected your Spotify account to Discord notification should pop up.

7. Now, head back to Discord and check to see your Spotify connection.

If you wish to disconnect Spotify from your Discord account, simply click on the cross mark – ‘X‘ at the top-right corner against your Spotify connection.

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How to Add Music in Discord 

How to Play Music in Discord on Mobile

Wrapping Up

This brings us to the end of our article on how to play music in Discord. As discussed, you can either use a bot to help you play tracks on Discord or add your Spotify connection to Discord to enjoy listening and be the DJ of your server.

If you found the article helpful and informative, share it with your friends and let us know your thoughts about this feature in the comment section below. For more such informative articles, keep visiting Path of EX.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to add Rhythm bot to Discord?

1. Open the Rythm website via any web browser on your system.
2. Click the Invite the bot option located in the mid-left section of the page.
3. Continue by logging in with your Discord account user credentials.
4. Now, select the server where you want to add the Rythm bot.
5. Click on the Authorize button.
6. Check the “I’m not a robot” box to finalize the process.

How to play music on Discord without bot?

1. Open Discord and head over to User Settings.
2. Under the Connections option, add Spotify in Connect your Accounts section.
3. Continue by logging into your Spotify account and click on the Agree button that eventually follows.
4. After a Connected your Spotify account to Discord notification pops up, head back to Discord and check to see your Spotify connection.


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