How to Play & Join Blooket Game | 40 + Free Blooket Codes!

How to Join a Blooket Game?

In 2023, education is more than just books and pencils. After the COVID situation, parents and schools have turned to seek help from online learning platforms like Blooket and Kahoot. In this article, I’ll explain how Blooket works and how you can join a Blooket game.

Blooket is an amazing learning platform for kids 13 and above to learn while playing games, earning points, and getting fun avatars. And with a free starter pack for up to 60 students in a game, who can say no to learning with fun?

So read on to know what Blooket joins are and how to join a Blooket game. In the end, you’ll find some pretty interesting, frequently asked questions about this platform!

What Are Blooket Joins?

Blooket is a fun, engaging, and educational platform for students 13 years old and up. It combines the fun of gaming with the power of learning and encourages competition among students.

“Blooks” here are little fun blocks or avatars that represent each player. Students can unlock different avatars by winning games!

What’s even fun is that you don’t just play pre-made games on Blooket; teachers get to create customized games from templates or from scratch from the Blooket Join Dashboard.

In the Blooket Join Dashboard, teachers can:

  1. Create games,
  2. Monitor students’ performance, and
  3. Provide feedback individually.

How to Join a Blooket Game?

To join a Blooket game, you need to have an account created on Blooket and a Blooket code to join a particular game. The best part? Players can even enter Bloket games without a code.

But if you want to join a Blooket game with a code, I’ve got you. Just make sure you have an account; if not, create one for free.

How to Join a Blooket Game Without a Blooket Code?

If you want to join a random Blooket game or a game without a code, here are the steps to join one:

  1. Go to your Blooket join dashboard.
  2. Select “Play Solo” in the options menu,
  3. Select the game mode,
  4. Choose your game style
  5. Play!

How to Join a Blooket Game With a Blooket Code?

Got a Blooket code from your friend or teacher? Here’s how to join a Blooket game if you have a code:

  1. Go to your Blooket join dashboard.
  2. Click on Join a Game in the left corner of your screen.
  3. Enter your Blooket Code and click on Join Game.
  4. Enter your name and pick an Avatar or Blook.
  5. Play!

What Are Some Active Blooket Codes?

Blooket Game

You can use active Blooket codes to participate in random and fun Blooket games. Here’s a list of some fun Blooket games codes:

  1. 5124264
  2. 2958254
  3. 325202
  4. 389738
  5. 8936019
  6. 860159
  7. 6394292
  8. 5933559
  9. 5588374
  10. 4414758
  11. 5014032
  12. 2127376
  13. 9921524
  14. 6894586
  15. 7672728
  16. 389738
  17. 843129
  18. 7010940
  19. 8121358
  20. 3751199
  21. 3102303
  22. 4233830
  23. 3393082
  24. 6067295
  25. 9285851
  26. 4458287
  27. 1264652
  28. 6410154
  29. 204000
  30. 4829763
  31. 2995522
  32. 9028310
  33. 843129
  34. 768456
  35. 985227
  36. 355555
  37. 283536
  38. 899054
  39. 466877
  40. 584165

Wrapping Up

So I hope you’re excited to join Blooket and create & play games on your Dashboard. Comment to let me know if you love hybrid learning techniques better than traditional education!

Happy Gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Blooket OK for Kids?

Blooket is a completely safe and educational platform but only for kids 13 and up.

Q2. Which Is Better, Kahoot or Blooket?

When it comes to features, Kahoot is better, but in terms of the diversity of games and customization, Blooket wins!

Q3. Do You Have To Be 13 To Play Blooket?

Yes, the terms and conditions of Blooket state that you need to be at least 13 to join Blooket

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