How To Plan The Perfect Wedding Proposal?

How To Plan A Wedding Proposal

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Planning a wedding is incredibly overwhelming. That’s precisely why most couples hire a wedding planner to handle all transactions that will likely be too stressful to handle on their own. But before the wedding, a proposal must take place, and in most cases, you won’t find a planner for such an event. If this is your case, you’ll have to plan the proposal yourself. And you have to keep the entire planning process a secret from your partner if you want it to be a complete surprise. 

Unfortunately, unlike the actual wedding ceremony, there’s no standard procedure for a wedding proposal. You must approach it your way, especially if you want it to be memorable. 

However, there are a few things you can do that would certainly help make the wedding proposal a lot more memorable, regardless of what approach you’re planning to take. This article will tackle five tips that can help you plan the perfect wedding proposal for your partner. 

  1. Take your time selecting an engagement ring 

Securing an engagement ring is perhaps the most important step in planning the perfect proposal. But while you may think that getting a ring is easy, there are a lot of steps involved. 

For one, since certain ring materials can’t be resized, choosing one that fits perfectly is a must. And for that, you have to measure your significant other’s ring finger.

Of course, you have to do this stealthily, as they might suspect you otherwise. For this particular task, you can use a tactic that involves a piece of string or cloth. When your partner is sleeping, wrap it around the thickest part of their ring finger then cut or mark the string. 

Most importantly, you should decide on the ring style or cut—and there’s a lot of them. You can pick from pear, oval, round, or princess cut engagement rings. It depends on your partner’s preference or yours. Also, since you’re planning the perfect wedding proposal in secrecy, if you’re going to use a credit card or online bank account to buy the ring, make sure it’s one that the two of you don’t share.

  1. Secure the ring and keep it safe 

If you happen to lose the ring before the proposal, your plans will be all for naught. Moreover, engagement rings, especially unique ones like the pear-shaped engagement rings, when made of precious stones, can cost quite a hefty sum of money. For these reasons, you must keep the ring safe before the proposal. You can choose one of two options: rent a safe deposit box or leave it at the jeweler. Either option is better and safer than leaving the ring box anywhere else.

  1. Pick a location that brings a lot of memories 
How To Plan The Perfect Wedding Proposal?

The location at which you propose to your partner can magnify the effect of the event. On that note, make sure you pick a location that brings out a lot of memories. You can hold the proposal at a restaurant where you had your first date or the place where you first met each other. Either way, much like with the engagement ring, you shouldn’t rush when selecting the location. 

But of course, sentiment isn’t the only factor in selecting a location. You must also assess whether that place is suitable for a proposal. For example, if you had your first date in a library, it may not be the best place for a proposal, especially if your partner isn’t fond of crowded areas. 

  1. Choose a song to play during the proposal 

A song is yet another element that’ll be very helpful during the proposal. Usually, your theme song as a couple would be the best option, but you can also mix things up a bit. Regardless, playing a song would certainly elevate the romantic atmosphere of the event and can pretty much guarantee a yes and a memorable experience for both you and your partner. 

  1. Hire a professional photographer 

Every now and then, you and your partner will try to recall how the wedding proposal went. And chances are both you and your partner will forget about certain details about the event.

Did he get on his knees when proposing? What was my initial reaction when I was proposed to?

These are just a few examples of questions that are likely to pop into your partner’s mind when they look back to the day you proposed. That’s where a professional photographer comes in quite handy.

Not only can you share the photographs they took during that day with family and friends, but a professional photographer can also capture memories of that day that’ll last for a lifetime.


While some may argue that there’s no such thing as a perfect proposal, that’s not necessarily true. It may not be to others, but your proposal can be the perfect one for your partner. With that said, you must always take your significant other’s feeling and preferences into consideration when planning the proposal. Do that, and you’re on your way to creating one of the most memorable experiences of your life.


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