How to Pick Up the Right Toy for Your Dog?

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Have you recently become a dog parent? Do you often wonder what a suitable toy for your dog is? Well, to be honest, choosing the suitable toy for your dog can be challenging.

Being a parent is not an easy task, as your dog is like another child you have at home. So, if you, too, are confused about what toy to get for your dog, read on!

Below we have curated a list of things to consider while choosing the right toy for your dog. So, what are you waiting for? Start scrolling down, and we’ll help you select the perfect toy for your dog!

How to Choose the Perfect Toy for Your Dog?

Being a dog parent, you must know how much your little pup loves to play, don’t you? So, selecting the perfect toy becomes an integral part of keeping a dog playful and happy!

Let’s check out the best things a dog parent must keep in mind while buying their pet a toy:

1. Consider the Age of your Pup

You can buy dog supplies at PETstock and other platforms. But you can begin by considering the age of your pup. Even though a dog does not grow up as humans do, considering their age becomes an integral part.

The toys a two-month-year-old puppy would play with would not satisfy a dog who is two years old. So, it’s essential to assess their age before anything else before getting your dog a toy.

2. Check the Size of the Toy

Considering the size of the toy is extremely important. This is solely because you would not want your dog to play with a tiny toy and eventually swallow it. There can be high chances of such accidents occurring. Also, neither would you want the toy to be big for your puppy to play with.

So, considering the size of the toy becomes extremely important.

3. Evaluate the Texture of the Toy

Dogs like to chew on things. So, if they have a small jaw, a chewy is excellent for them to play with. However, if the toy’s texture is too soft, they might make tiny pieces of them which may get stuck in their throat. So, always evaluate the texture of the toy well before you give it to your doggy.

4. Consider the Nature of Your Dog

This is one of the primary things that a pet owner must not miss out on. Considering the nature of your dog is extremely important. Make sure you know your dog is active, gentle, aggressive, or lazy. Only when you are sure about that can you get the perfect toy for your doggy.

Here are some reasons that will help you know important it is to consider the nature of your dog:

· Squeaky, Soft Toys are Best for Gentle Dogs

Gentle dogs tend to like squeaky and soft toys. They tend to like the squeaky sound of the toys which makes them excited. However, if your dog is gentle, there will be fewer risks in terms of the small squeaky getting ingested by your dog.

· Active Toys are best for High energy dogs

If you find your dog to be highly active and hyper all the time, you can think of getting your dog some active toys. Some hard rubber toys can be best for dogs with this nature. You can also consider getting them a ball to fetch, but be sure about the size of the ball.

5. Do Not Buy Rawhide Toys

Most dogs chew the rawhide and often get choked with it. So, make sure you do not buy your dog rawhide toys. This is not something that we would suggest.

Final Thoughts

So, as we come to an end to our blog, we hope you know all the things you need to keep in mind while getting your dog a toy. Buying a toy considering the above can ensure your dog is safe and does not cause any kind of accident. So, follow the tips given above, and we’re sure the dog will be happy like never before.


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