How to Pair Firestick Remote in 2022 | Get Your Firestick Remote Working Easily

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There are various options by which you can turn your normal device into a smart TV and can enjoy and take the feel of a theater at home in your bedroom. Yes, you heard me right. You can easily turn your gadget into a smart TV to stream the content that suits your needs and preferences accordingly. However, you can not do that alone if you don’t know how to pair Firestick remote with the device.

Once you purchase the Firestick, we should understand that it should immediately get connected with the remote. However, it might not link or pair immediately due to a weak connection. To fix that issue, there are various options to understand. I have come up with a solution that shall help you pair the Firestick device with the remote without any issue in various ways.

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Scroll down further to know in detail how to pair Firestick Remote and enjoy the broadcasting of shows and documentaries that suit your taste.

How to Pair Firestick Remote | Know the Various Options Here

how to pair Firestick remote

As mentioned, the pairing of the Remote with the Firestick device should take place automatically. However, it does not sometimes happen if there is a weak connection.

Here in the write-up, you will know how to use an unresponsive remote with the Firestick, how you can pair a replacement remote with Firestick, and sometimes, how you can use your mobile phone or smartphone as a remote.

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How to Pair a Firestick TV with a Replacement Remote

Following are the steps that will help you to know how to pair a Firestick TV with a replacement remote (how to pair Firestick remote) and follow them carefully from start to end.

  1. Hit the Home Button on the Firestick TV remote.

2. Go to the Preferences option. Tap and hold the right navigation key on your remote until the right-hand menu symbol is displayed. Then, on your controller, hit the descending arrow key to access the Settings screen.

how to pair Firestick remote

Remember: Your screen may look different if you use an old Fire OS version. If that is the case, hold the upward key on your remote control until Home is displayed to access the Preferences menu.

how to pair Firestick remote

Next, click the right navigation key to choose preferences. Then all of the procedures after that will be substantially identical.

3. Choose the Controllers and Bluetooth gadgets.

how to pair Firestick remote

4. Choose the Amazon Firestick TV remote.

how to pair Firestick remote

Remember: Read own and choose Other Bluetooths gadgets, and Add Bluetooth Equipment if you connect a third-party control. When it displays on the screen, put your remote control in pairing mode and choose it.

5. Choose Add New remote. The Firestick TV will immediately search for reachable remotes and show them all in the ranking. Moreover, if you wish to get better results, I recommend doing the pairing within 10 feet of the device’s distance.

how to pair Firestick remote

6. Click and hold on the Home Button on the new remote for at least ten seconds. It will keep searching for pairing, and once the Firestick TV identifies the remote, it will appear on the screen.

how to pair Firestick remote

7. Hit on Select Button on your old remote to verify. It means that the remote is connected or paired with the Firestick. 

how to pair Firestick remote

8. Finally, the new remote shall display on the device’s screen to use it easily with the Firestick TV.

how to pair Firestick remote

Luckily, one can pair a maximum of seven remotes with the Firestick TV to enjoy streaming the content of your choice. If you fail to do so, you are requested to unpair a few of them one or two. One can locate the option of unpairing in the Controllers and the Bluetooth Devices preferences. Click on the Menu bar along with three lines, and hit the Select option to verify and confirm.

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How to Pair Firestick TV with Unresponsive Remote

As far as how to pair Firestick remote with an unresponsive controller is concerned, you need to follow the procedure accordingly. Hold down the Home icon for about 10 seconds or until the indicator at the head of your remote begins flashing quickly to connect an unresponsive remote Amazon TV Stick remote control. Once your controller is linked, you’ll receive an on-screen notification, or the led on the remote will blink blue three times.

When attempting to link or pair a remote that was earlier paired with the Firestick or a remote already paired with another gadget, this technique may click. Moreover, if you could not pair an unresponsive remote with the Firestick TV, you would require to reset the remote and pair it once more.

How to Pair Firestick TV by Resetting the Remote

In connection with the how to pair Firestick remote and how to do the resetting procedure is here for that. There is a simple procedure to pair the Firestick TV by resetting the remote.

To reset the remote, you would need to disconnect the Firestick TV from the power supply for about one minute. After this, you need to click on the left-hand side of the remote to access the menu bar.

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Hit the back button for around 12 seconds, and take out the batteries. Connect the Firestick TV again and pause for one minute. At last, position the batteries again accordingly into the device and hit the Home button.

  1. Disconnect the Firestick TV for one minute.

2. Click and hold on the left hand on the Menu option and then on the Back Buttons on the remote for around 12 seconds.

how to pair Firestick remote

3. Pause for almost five seconds and then take out the batteries from the device.

4. Plugin the Firestick TV once more with the power outlet and then pause for one minute.

5. Position the batteries back into the device.

6. Click and hold the Home icon for around ten seconds. Remember, My recommendation is to stand ten feet away from the Firestick TV when resetting it. 

4. How to Use Your Phone as a Firestick TV Remote

When looking to know how to pair Firestick remote by using a phone, here is the procedure. If you cannot use the above-given options to pair the Firestick Remote, you can try using your phone as a Firestick TV remote.

To do that, you first need to install the Amazon Fire TV app. Once you are done with the installation, open the application and the Fire TV gadget, or you can hit the Set-up New Gadget. Login with the credentials that you use when signing in to the app via the phone.

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Here, the steps are incorporated into the easier way to guide you on how to pair Firestick remote by using a phone:

  1. Download and install the Fire TV app on your device that is in use for streaming purposes. One can locate the app from the Google Play Store or App Store for both Android and iPhone gadgets.
how to pair Firestick remote

2. Launch the App and select the Fire TV gadget.

3. Provide the Credentials that you use while logging in to the app.

how to pair Firestick remote

4. You will be successfully logged in and can start using your smartphone or iPhone as a remote.

how to pair Firestick remote

In addition to this, if all the above-given steps failed and didn’t work as per the promise made, you must visit the official website and check the guide on how to reset your Amazon Firestick TV.

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Wrapping Up

As we know, Firestick TV offers an unlimited stock of enjoyment to the people who use its services from time to time. There is a huge stock of content it gives to its customer to stream. One can enjoy the taste and nature of the content while streaming through the TV at home without going outside, like to the theatre and all.

However, the taste and the enjoyment could turn into frustration if the device like remote control doesn’t work or pair with the TV. To solve and make you understand how to pair Firestick remote, I have compiled a detailed list of instructions given above in the write-up.

I recommend going through the steps given above in the article carefully and thoroughly so that you can come to know about the options of learning how to pair Firestick remote with the TV.


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