How to Pair Apple Watch With New iPhone | Set up an Apple Watch Without Failing in 2023

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With the launch of the iPhone’s new lineup, Apple has also unveiled the all-new Apple Watch 8 at the Far Out event in Cupertino, California. They have introduced exciting features in the brand new Apple Watch Series 8. So, before you head to the stores let me tell you how to set up an Apple Watch and how to pair Apple watch with new iPhone. Because you can witness wonders with the combination of the two.

To buttress my statement, I’d like to briefly tell you what the mighty Apple Watch 8 can do teaming with the iPhone. Firstly, Apple Watch 8 alone can perform tasks like sleep tracking, ECG monitoring, notifying irregular heartbeat, blood oxygen level sensing, and body temperature sensing. What’s new is the Car Crash Detection system. It is a system that can detect any kind of severe crash that the user goes through. It can make emergency calls with or without a cellular network if need be. Well, wow!

This article will tell you how to pair Apple Watch with new iPhone. We will also learn how to pair a new Apple Watch with a new iPhone. Knowing this is important because an Apple Watch is at its best when it is connected to your iPhone. It is a buddy. It is a Doctor and it is a savior today. Have I crossed the limits of saying too much? Who cares, when what I am going to tell you is what you were looking for?

How to Set Up Apple Watch | Pair A New Apple Watch With A New iPhone

How to Pair Apple Watch With New iPhone

Before moving on to answering how to pair Apple Watch with new iPhone, let me tell you how to set up an Apple Watch in the first place. The three criteria to be met before setting up an Apple Watch are:

  • Make sure you have an iPhone 5S or newer (for GPS-only models) or iPhone 6S or newer with the latest version of the Watch app installed.
  • Bluetooth turned on.
  • iPhone connected to a WiFi network.

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Follow these steps to set up an Apple Watch:

1. Long press the button on the side of the watch. Wait till the Apple logo appears. This turns on your Apple Watch.

2. Bring the Apple Watch near the iPhone.

3. On your iPhone, go to the Apple Watch application.

4. Tap on Start Pairing.

5. Wait till the swirling animation appears as this means that both the devices have detected each other. 

6. Tap on Set up for myself.

7. After this, a frame will appear on the iPhone screen. Take the phone over the watch and make sure the watch appears in the frame. On success, you will be taken o the next step automatically.

How to Pair Apple Watch With New iPhone

8. Choose one from Restore from Backup (if you had Apple Watch in the past) or Set Up as a New Apple Watch.

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How to Pair Apple Watch With New iPhone?

There are two conditions that we need to consider before discovering How to Pair Apple Watch With New iPhone:

  • You have your old iPhone that you are upgrading from.
  • You don’t have the old iPhone.

How to Pair Apple Watch With New iPhone When You Have Your Old iPhone with you?

How to Pair Apple Watch With New iPhone

Follow these instructions to pair your Apple watch to your new iPhone:

  1. Make sure your old iPhone is upgraded to its latest version of iOS. 
  2. If your Apple Watch needs to be, upgrade it to the latest version of watchOS.
  3. Now, go to Settings.
  4. Tap on your name.
  5. Select iCloud.
  6. Turn on the Health slider.
  7. Back up your old phone to a Mac, PC, or iCloud.
  8. On your new iPhone, while setting up, choose to restore the backup.
  9. When prompted, tap Continue to want to use your Apple Watch.
  10. Bring the new iPhone near your Apple Watch. Open Apple Watch app on the iPhone.
  11. If the phone asks you to confirm whether you want to use the Watch, confirm it.
  12. If the phone asks you to start pairing the Watch, unpair it from the old one and continue.

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How to Pair Apple Watch With New iPhone When You Don’t Have Your Old iPhone with you?

How to Pair Apple Watch With New iPhone

It is still possible to pair your Apple Watch to your old iPhone after erasing the iPhone or resetting it to factory settings. To pair the Apple Watch with a new iPhone, do these:

  1. On the Apple Watch, go to Settings.
  2. Then tap General.
  3. Select reset.
  4. Select Erase All Content and Settings.
  5. Set up your new iPhone (ignore if already done).
  6. Pair the Apple Watch with your new iPhone.
  7. You need to restore the watch from a backup when prompted. If you don’t have a backup, you will have to use it anew. If your data is backed up on iCloud, and you are signed into the same iCloud account on the new iPhone, it will be synced.

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How to Restore Apple Watch Data From Backup?

How to Pair Apple Watch With New iPhone

If you have set up an Apple Watch and paired it with your new iPhone, you want to be sure you have access to all the health and activity data intact. 

Restore Apple Watch Backup From iCloud

On your new iPhone, sign into the iCloud account you use on your Watch and your old iPhone. Make sure that the health slider is on. To do so, go to Settings > your name > iCloud. You have to connect your new iPhone to WiFi. This would start the syncing process and should take a few minutes depending on the size of the data.

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Restore Apple Watch Data From Old iPhone

If you cannot restore data from the old iPhone onto the new iPhone while setting up, you can make a backup on the old iPhone and then try restoring it.

How to Pair Apple Watch With New iPhone?

Wrapping Up

Setting up an Apple Watch is actually simple and now you know it too. But, you wanted to know how to pair Apple Watch with new iPhone. And, that is not that straightforward. Especially the part where you need to backup health and activity data.

In case you haven’t backed up the data either on your old iPhone or iCloud, you have no option but to use the Apple Watch as a new one. I hope I could help you with your query and have answered all your related questions. Until next time, Ciao!


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