How to move out – the beginners guide

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Congratulations! You’re moving out! If this is your first time taking the leap, knowing what the process is and how to approach everything can be daunting. You want your moving out experience to be the best it can be, not filled with stress and last-minute mishaps. Here’s our beginners guide on how to move out well.

Time to declutter

Now is one of the best times to get rid of the stuff you no longer need. You may have accumulated quite a lot of things over the past few months or years, and before you begin packing everything up, it’s best to decide what you aren’t going to be taking with you.

Decide between what needs to go in the bin and what can be sold or go to charity. Where possible it’s always good to avoid throwing things away unnecessarily, plus it’ll help the environment and perhaps also someone in need. 

Have a packing strategy

Packing can often be the bane of some people’s lives. Having a packing strategy can make this stage a lot less stressful. One thing we would suggest is to pack room by room and to label the boxes as you go. The last thing you want to do when it comes to moving day is to try and lift a box not knowing how heavy it might be or not knowing that it contains fragile items!

Leave everything in order

There is nothing worse than moving to a new place and not being clean and tidy. You wouldn’t want to get to that, so be sure to clear your spot before you go. This means cleaning everywhere, including windows and bathrooms, sweeping all the floors with a broom, and cleaning the inside of the refrigerator and other items that you are leaving behind. Remember to use good cleaning supplies to make the job go smoothly.

Make sure your bills are squared off

Once you know your moving date, get in touch with all your energy providers and any other companies who send bills to the address and get them paid off or inform them that you’re moving. That way when you move into your new home, all the utilities will be in place ready to go! 

Rent a van to move

To save money, why not consider renting a van yourself rather than hiring a moving company? Often the cost of hiring someone else to do all the work for you can come as quite a shock, whereas if you can drive a van yourself or get a friend or family member to do it for you, you’re likely to save yourself quite a bit of money, and be able to move at a pace you’re comfortable with. 

Moving can be stressful, but with these tips, you can help to make it as worry free and as easy as possible! 


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