How to Make Money on Instagram by Writing? 5 Amazing Ways

Make Money on Instagram by Writing

Instagram is the most popular and by far the most addicting social media application of the time. It has brought thousands of opportunities for its users and there are a lot for Writers too. Yes, Instagram has space for every writer, so if you are one read this article on How to Make Money on Instagram by Writing? 

You don’t need to be a professional writer, just someone who is ready to learn and work to be a better one. If you are interested in making an Instagram profile with a good audience and engaging content, then you must brush up your writing skills because you can earn money from Instagram by writing in the following ways. 

5 Amazing Ways to Make Money on Instagram by Writing in 2021

  1. Write Captions
  2. Write Book Reviews
  3. Create Guides for Other People
  4. Sell Your Books 
  5. Share and Promote your Blog

Now you have seen the list of ways to earn money on Instagram it’s time to jump to the next part of the topic i.e. How? Keep Reading!

How to Make Money on Instagram by Writing in 2021?

All the different methods or ways described below are proven for making money on Instagram. If you are a writer or if you are interested in writing then make sure you try your hand at all the ways.

1. Write Captions To Earn Money on Instagram

Write captions; Make Money on Instagram by Writing
Source: ProWritingAid

If you are a writer then it might be pretty easy for you to write captions. Why not do it for other profiles? You should write captions for other people, for posts or stories. It will be good for their profile and you would be able to make money on Instagram by writing.

Chances are you will like it. Why? Cause as writers we all have our niches. It will be different than your usual writing, and you don’t even need to write long (As per the demand). So if this can work for you, make sure you do it. 

2. Write Book Reviews

Write book reviews: Make Money on Instagram by Writing
Source: Notion Press

Once you have a growing engagement, more people, who love books, are going to visit your profile. If your audience is a potential buyer for an author, then they might ask you for your review and you will get paid for it. I just love making money from the things I love.

For review, you would have to read the book, make an opinion about it (Be a little honest), write the review in a post from your account. Make sure you don’t forget to provide the link to buy the book. That can also pay you. Isn’t it a great way to make money on Instagram by writing? 

3. Create Guides for Other People

Create Guides: Make Money on Instagram by Writing
Source: The Indian Express

Instagram introduced this feature last year, and since then the feature has been proved very helpful to people. It has been helpful especially for people in business on Instagram. It consists of posts and their captions sorted according to you. A Guide. 

You can create multiple guides for other profiles. Make sure you create a great one for your profile first. If they like yours only then they will be interested in your work. Now the type of Guide depends upon the product that is being sold. If it is a gift guide, then you will be making posts for gifts then make a Guide out of it and make money on Instagram by writing.

There can also be Travel Guides, everybody should make these. If you want to market your writing then it is a must for you. Post pictures of a place you visited a while ago, write nice captions about the hotels and restaurants you visited. Add all the details that you think any traveler would like to know. Make it Crisp

The pictures of your vacation should be appealing and it is super important. As you will be giving links in your bio for the booking of the hotels and other places. Thus, Traveling can also help you make money on Instagram by writing.

4. Sell Your Books

Sell your books: Make Money on Instagram by Writing
Source: FabFitFun

Being a writer, you may have your books written. So why not use your account for selling them. As humans, all of us tend to connect with the person. If a publishing house is marketing your book then it might not be as connecting to the audiences as comparing to when you show them your book. 

You can promote your book in many ways, Writers on Instagram make reels of reading a few lines from their book, with light music in the background. Or use some lines from your book as your caption. If a reader tags you then make sure you share their story or post. Connect with your audience for selling your book. This is another way for you to make money on Instagram by writing. 

5. Share and Promote your Blog

Share your Blog: Make Money on Instagram by Writing
Source: Fiore Communications

What writer does not has a blog? No one! All modern writers like to keep a blog because writing a book is a long process and not so easy for every one of us.

If you have maintained your blog timely, then you can use your Instagram to promote that blog and make money on Instagram by writing. Again your audience is the one who is interested in books and blogs. Attract your audience towards your blog for overall growth. 

Wrapping Up

These were all the amazing ways to make money on Instagram by Writing. Your experience in writing after doing all these is going to be super awesome. If I were to say then Writing Captions and Book Reviews would be the first step in the process. Comment down below your experience in writing. Have a nice day!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the highest-paid Instagrammer?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest-paid Instagrammer. He gets $1.6M per post.

What’s the worst day to post on Instagram?

The worst time to post on IG is on Weekends. Otherwise, it is suggested to not post between 1 am to 5 am as least users are active at that time.

How many posts are allowed on Instagram?

100 posts per day are allowed on Instagram.

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