How To Make Enchanting Table in Minecraft: 4 Easy-Steps | Minecraft Enchanting Table Recipe

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The survival gameplay in Minecraft isn’t the easiest, especially if you take the various mobs, biomes, and limited food into consideration. And every Minecraft maniac knows that if it wasn’t for the potions and enchantments in the game, it would be an absolute nightmare. This is exactly where our guide on How to make Enchanting table in Minecraft comes in. 

Learning how to enter the world of enchantments is quite a necessity while playing this sandbox game. It is quite obvious that the first step to begin your journey is to learn how to make enchanting table in Minecraft.  

Without wasting any more time, we would like to get into the whole process of how to make an enchanting table in Minecraft. We have added pretty much every single thing that you would require to know regarding How To Make Enchanting Table in Minecraft. 

Create And Use Enchanting Table in Minecraft 1.19 (2023)

How To Make Enchanting Table in Minecraft

We will be going through the entire crafting guide on how to make enchanting table in Minecraft. We have even added how you can acquire the necessary ingredients for your ease. One of the best parts is the fact that the whole guide works exactly the same on both Minecraft Java and bedrock editions. It has been tested on the latest Minecraft 1.19 update. Now let’s not waste any more time and go further with the whole process of How To Make Enchanting Table in Minecraft.

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Materials Required To Make Enchanting Table in Minecraft

if you want to learn how to make an enchanting table in Minecraft, you would require the given items for the whole recipe:

  • Book
  • 2 Diamonds
  • 4 Obsidian Blocks
  • Crafting Table

Your first step in making an Enchanted table is to craft a crafting table. It can be used to craft the majority of in-game items, even an enchanting table. As soon as you’re done creating the crafting table, you can even utilize it in creating various things like crafting a boat or a brewing stand

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How To Get A Book in Minecraft?

The first ingredient to make an enchanted table is a book. If you manage to get lucky, you can find books in the chest from the various villages, possibly shipwrecks, or even strength goals. But you should know that its crafting recipe is undoubtedly a much easier route to reaching the box. Let’s see how exactly that works. 

How To Make Enchanting Table in Minecraft

1. The first step is to get cows, mushrooms, donkeys, horses, muse, or even llamas because they have a high probability of dropping leather.

You could even combine rabbit hides to further form leather when placed on your crafting table.

2. Once you are done collecting the leather, you need to collect paper. Paper can actually spawn in chests found in shipwrecks, villages, or even strongholds.

You can also collect paper from sugarcane near water sources. After that, simply place three sugar canes right next to each other on any row of the crafting area. 

3. At last, combine three papers and leather. This entire recipe will result in finally forming a book.

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How To Get Obsidian Blocks?

The next important element to make an Enchanted Table in Minecraft is an obsidian block. You actually require four obsidian blocks to make an enchanting table in Minecraft. Now that we’ve noted that, let’s get started with the process of creating an obsidian block. 

How To Make Enchanting Table in Minecraft
  1. You have to first prepare a bucket.
  2. After that, acquire a diamond pickaxe
  3. Now, you have to find a source of lava and a source of water
  4. Use your bucket to collect lava and then take it to the water. 
  5. Whenever you drop the lava into the water, it will finally create an obsidian block, which can be mined with your diamond pickaxe.

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How To Make Enchanting Table in Minecraft?

In case the whole process looks a bit complex, don’t worry because as soon as you have all the necessary ingredients, learning how to make Enchanting table in Minecraft is not that difficult. Simply follow the given steps right below to make Enchanting Table in Minecraft.

How To Make Enchanting Table in Minecraft

1. Place the three obsidian blocks right in the three cells, which should be at the bottom of the whole crafting area.

2. Place another obsidian block right in the middle cell of the whole center row.

3. Now, place the diamonds on either side of the obsidian block right in the middle row. 

4. Finally, place the book exactly in the middle cell of the topper of the entire crafting table.

There you have it! You have successfully learned how to make Enchanting table in Minecraft. 

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How To Use Enchanting Table in Minecraft?

How To Make Enchanting Table in Minecraft

As soon as your enchanting table is ready, you are required to right-click on it to activate it. You have the option to place all your tools and weapons right into one slot and a lapis lazuli in the other slot. If you do this, it will unlock the list of all the available enchantments in Minecraft, which can be applied in exchange for all your experience points. 

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Wrapping Up

Now that you successfully know the entire recipe of how to make Enchanting table in Minecraft, you are prepared to upgrade all of your tools and weapons in this game. But do not forget the fact that you still require lapis lazuli to make them work. We hope our guide was of great help to you. 

Happy Gaming!


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