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I have observed users having invisible names that are blank spaces and have always thought of doing it. So why not try it together and find out How to Make an Invisible Discord Name and change our username by typing an empty space?

Discord never fails to amaze us with different creative things involved in its functioning. Discord has all the amazing features, whether it’s about auto messaging or hiding channels. Now through this article, let’s find out about another element of discord where you can  Make an Invisible Discord Name.

So, want to make your name invisible but are struggling? No worries, the answer is here for How to Make an Invisible Discord Name.  You just have to follow the actions mentioned in the article to make an invisible discord name.

How to Make an Invisible Discord Name?

How to Make an Invisible Discord Name & Profile

Discord provides customization options for your account’s online presentation, including the ability to show a blank username. This choice is ideal for retaining a cool, enigmatic persona while being inconspicuous but still standing out. Despite the security measures Discord puts in place, this choice also shields your identity.

It’s not as difficult as it may sound to create an invisible username. To Make an Invisible Discord Name, include the special tilde character () in your account’s Username or Nickname text field. Discord provides you with a blank username since it is unable to show that character and if you still struggle with How to Make an Invisible Discord Name, just follow the steps mentioned below.

Step to Make an Invisible Discord Name

How to Make an Invisible Discord Name & Profile
  1. Copy the Unicode letter “1CBC.”Now drag the box with your mouse and then hit “Ctrl+C” (Windows) or “Command + C” to accomplish this (Mac). There are two cases where a username of a single character is prohibited by Discord.
  2. Go to Discord now and open “User Settings” by clicking the gear icon next to your username.
  3. Go to “My Account” and click “Edit” next to your username. To paste a character, press the keys Ctrl + V on a computer or Command + V on a Mac.
  4. After providing your current password, click “Done.” Your Discord name is currently hidden. Keep in mind that you cannot modify your Discord name for a few hours after doing this.
  5. By entering the “/nick + Tab key” and then pasting the character, you can modify the name on just one server.
  6. Some browsers can read the character, including Firefox on Windows. You can still acquire an invisible name if you use Discord on a browser, and it can read the character as mentioned above. The symbol below should be copied and pasted into the username text field.
  7. Place your pointer at the beginning of the grey area and drag it over to complete this.
  8. Now immediately press “Ctrl + C” or “Command + C.” Copy and paste as usual.

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How To Make Discord Profile Photo Invisible On Discord? 

How to Make an Invisible Discord Name & Profile

To Make Discord Profile Photo Invisible On Discord, you must first download a transparent PNG image to your computer or mobile device in order to create an invisible Discord avatar. This picture has a background that is translucent. After that, use your desktop to make it your invisible Avatar you can even follow the steps mentioned below to make your profile photo invisible on Discord.

Steps To Make Discord Profile Photo Invisible On Discord 

How to Make an Invisible Discord Name & Profile
  1. Utilize a transparent PNG file to create an invisible profile picture for Discord.
  2. Use a transparent image as an attachment to spare you the hassle of altering it.
  3. Download the image to your device by right-clicking it on the border below.
  4. Now click on the three dots next to your profile image in your Discord user preferences.
  5. Select the ‘invisible-profile-pic’ PNG file you downloaded by clicking on ‘Change Avatar’. Choose “Apply.” Click “Save Changes.”
  6. The secret is that the PNG file matches the Discord backdrop, even if it lacks text.

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Watch How to Make an Invisible Discord Name & Profile

Wrapping Up

I hope you got your answer on How to Make an Invisible Discord Name. So this was all about it. We will get back to you with more latest details about Discord till then enjoy playing games with your friends and do check Path Of EX for more amazing articles.

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