How To Make A Wood Sword In Minecraft | 2 Ways To Use It

How To Make A Wood Sword In Minecraft | Its Uses & Materials Requires 

The sword is your main line of defense in Minecraft if you’re just starting to play. As a beginner, your sole available weapon is a wooden sword, which does 4+ damage but is still a weak one. So let’s learn how to make a wood sword in Minecraft and safeguard ourselves.

A wooden sword can also facilitate your success in the game. To make a wooden sword, it is great to have wooden planks and a stick. You can chop some trees to get the wooden oak. Four planks can be made from a single hardwood oak, and sticks can be made from planks by arranging them on the crafting table.

Ranged weapons like tridents, crossbows, and bows are available in the multiple fighting modes in Minecraft. But a wood sword is superior to all of them because they enable more attacks to be made in less time. So scroll down and learn how to make a wooden sword in Minecraft by reading this article.

Materials Required To Make A Wood Sword In Minecraft

Being a Minecraft player, you must gather specific ingredients for a recipe to make a wood sword before continuing. These necessary items to make a wooden sword in Minecraft are listed below.

Materials required to make a wooden sword in Minecraft are:

  • Stick
  • Oak Wood Planks
  • Spruce Wood Planks
  • Jungle Wood Planks
  • Acacia Wood Planks
  • Dark Oak Wood Planks
  • Birch Wood Planks

Note: You are required to use any one of the following wood plans out of all the wood planks that are available in the game. It is recommended to use Acacia wood planks because they are strong and can be found easily in the game.

So these are the materials that are required to make a wood sword in Minecraft. Now let’s learn how to make a wood sword in Minecraft.

How To Make A Wood Sword In Minecraft?

You are all prepared to make a wood sword once you have gathered all of the materials mentioned above. Now you have to follow the step-by-step process to get your wood sword in the game.

Steps to Make a Wood Sword in Minecraft

  1. Open crafting table
  2. Place the in a 3×3 blocks 
  3. Now in the first row of the grid, place the two wood plans in the middle.
  4. In the second row put only 1 wood plank in the middle box, while in the third row, use only 1 stick in the middlebox.
  5. Your wooden sword will appear in the inventory once all the woods are placed accordingly.

Wooh! So you got to know how to make a wooden sword in Minecraft and what materials you require to make this. Now let’s learn about the uses of a wooden sword in Minecraft.

Uses Of Wooden Sword In Minecraft 

In Minecraft, once you make a wooden sword, you can use it in two different forms. These swords are easy to use and help the players while performing a difference while they use them.

The two different ways to use a wooden sword in Minecraft are

1. As a Weapon

The durability of the Wooden Sword drops by one unit with each blow, making it a weapon. Therefore, a wooden sword may deliver around 66 blows before breaking. The Wooden Sword may inflict 4 damage, or 2 on the health meter, on enemies and other players. However, you can repair or enchant wooden swords to make them more durable. 

2. As Fuel

A wood sword in Minecraft is also used as stove fuel in the game. However, a single wooden blade can fully cook a single block (s). As a result, it is preferable to employ different fuels in Minecraft because if you plan to use the sword as the fuel, you require them in huge quantities.

Wrapping Up

This is everything about how to make a wooden sword in Minecraft. In this article, I have mentioned how you can use a wood sword in Minecraft. Hope this article helps you in spicing up your gameplay even in the slightest way. You can also check out Path of EX for more Minecraft-related topics and to learn about other gaming platforms. Do let us know if there’s any query regarding this topic comment down below, and I will be happy to help.

Happy Gaming!

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