How To Make A Nuke In Minecraft 2023 | Build A Missile Nuke

How To Make A Nuke In Minecraft

Are you striving to learn how to make a Nuke in Minecraft? Well, it happens, especially when we have so many of them on your table. I have brought you some efficient ways of making a Nuke in Minecraft in this article below. Head on.

An Alloy Wire or Redstone signal can be used to ignite a Nuke. The fuse time, which is approximately 13 seconds, is roughly five times longer than TNT. Although it is possible to avoid harm or death by fleeing the nuclear blast, it is preferable to have a lengthy line of Redstone or red alloy wire because of the enormous blast radius of a nuclear blast. 

You can easily install a Lever or a Redstone Torch to trigger the Nuke’s core at the end of the Redstone trail from it. Well, it might sound easy but includes a few in-between steps. So, without further ado, let’s get started with how to make a Nuke in Minecraft.

Materials Needed To Make A Nuke In Minecraft (Without Mods)

How To Make A Nuke In Minecraft

You can also make a Nuke in Minecraft without using any Mods. All you need is a couple of things to start off. 

Materials needed to make a nuke in Minecraft are –

  • TNT
  • A lot of minecarts
  • A few rails

How To Make A Nuke In Minecraft Without Mods?

How To Make A Nuke In Minecraft

To make a nuke in Minecraft without using mods, you need to follow the underwritten instructions precisely.

Steps to build a Nuke in Minecraft –

  1. Make a circle shape 
  2. Place a minecart with TNT down.
  3. Place as many Minecarts as you want in that exact same space. 
  4. Wait for someone to walk into this, and it will explode.

Great! Now you have a Nuke in Minecraft.

How To Make A Nuke In Minecraft?

Today we will discuss how to make a Nuke in Minecraft. You have to start off with the first TNT-based missile. The one-way fly machine is a significant part of this process. It has a normal piston and a sticky piston to make it one-way.

How To Make A Nuke In Minecraft

Continue to read and follow the steps precisely to successfully make a Nuke in Minecraft.

Steps to Make a Nuke in Minecraft –

  1. Relocated the observers facing a different direction. It will get you more space to push the Piston.
  2. Push the observer across into the TNT in one way.
  3. Try to fit as much TNT as possible(maybe 10 or more)
  4. Put two slimes to stick it all together.
  5. While triggering the TNT, ensure a little gap between the TNT and the fly machine. 
  6. Once triggered, you will get a massive explosion.
  7. You can extend the machine by putting up 6 extra TNT.
  8. The whole setup will look like a TNT train, so whenever it gets pushed, the observer triggers push that across, and it just goes on the endless loop until you get the end one. 
  9. When it gets triggered, it will trigger TNT to explode and into a chain reaction.

Congrats! There you have your Nuke in Minecraft!

How To Make A Missile Nuke In Minecraft?

The Missile Nuke is an easy Redstone build that will lead to White destruction of anything you send it towards. Building up a Missile nuke in Minecraft is lengthy but not impossible. Below given are the steps to make a missile nuke in Minecraft. Read further!

How to Make a Missile Nuke in Minecraft

Materials Needed To Make A Missile Nuke In Minecraft

You will need a few things to make a missile nuke in Minecraft. Materials needed are –

  • One obsidian 
  • five Pistons 
  • Two levers 
  • 64 of any block you choose 
  • Six observers
  • Five sticky pistons 
  • Three slime blocks or three honey blocks 
  • One TNT one rail
  • As many TNT Minecarts as you want.

Steps to Make a Missile Nuke in Minecraft –

To start, you must make a launcher using obsidian, Pistons, levers, and blocks. Then, select the direction and a decent distance to launch the missile lab. 

Below, I have given the whole Missile Nuke-making process in three separate stages. Head on!

1. Make The Launcher

The first thing you need to do to make a Missile Nuke in Minecraft is to make the launcher first on a priority basis. Follow the steps below to make a launcher in Minecraft:

How To Make A Nuke In Minecraft
  1. Build a couple of blocks off the ground to avoid scraping the rocket all the way to the Target. 
  2. Place a nice obsidian block on top.
  3. Now you can mine down the pillar.
  4. Place a block behind the obsidian. 
  5. Place four regular Pistons around that block. 
  6. Come right around to the back of the block.
  7. Mine the block
  8. Place a lever to activate all four Pistons activated.

2. Make The Rocket

The next thing you need to do after making the launcher is to create the rocket. Follow the steps below to make a rocket in Minecraft:

How To Make A Nuke In Minecraft
  1. Come to the face of every piston.
  2. Place an observer and ensure all the red dots are facing this way.
  3. Place two slime or honey blocks exactly as shown.
  4. Grab four sticky pistons and place them all around. 
  5. Place the remaining two observers. Place the first one in a way so that the Red Dot is facing toward the honey block.
  6. Then come underneath and above your head place another observer, so the Red Dot is facing down.
  7. Grab a few spare blocks and build out about three or four.
  8. You will see a little gap
  9. Place a block in that gap and your sticky piston on the back.
  10. The sticky piston should be facing inwards this time.
  11. On the front of the sticky piston, place either a slime block or a honey block.

3. Rig The Explosion

After making a rocket, be ready to rig the explosion further. Here’s how you can rig the explosion in Minecraft:

How To Make A Nuke In Minecraft
  1. Place a rail as shown.
  2. Grab your TNT Minecarts and place as many TNT Minecarts as you can. Remember the more TNT Minecarts the better the explosion.
  3. Once you’ve placed all the TNT Minecart, mine the rail underneath it
  4. It will make all the Minecarts sit down in place
  5. Then on all the rest of the free spaces, place a block.
  6. Place a TNT block. 
  7. Then, place a regular piston on the back. 
  8. Place your lever on the side of that and Trigger it. 
  9. As you can see, it will push the TNT into the same block as all the Minecarts. Mine the piston and the block to place your final block
  10. Then, mine the final block, and the rocket is complete
  11. Launch the rocket head up towards your lever
  12. Flick the lever, and you will get a big explosion.

This is it! You have successfully launched the missile in Minecraft. For more style points, you can put a lightning rod on the front of your missile.

Wrapping Up

So, that was all about how to make a Nuke in Minecraft. After following these instructions, I guess you can easily make a Nuke in Minecraft. Also, many articles are available on Path of EX about Minecraft gaming. You can check them out one by one. And stay tuned to Path of EX for more such updates! Happy gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Nuke TNT In Minecraft?

The Nuke is similar to TNT but has a much higher explosion radius, comparable to a Nuclear Reactor meltdown. Nukes are so powerful that they can penetrate through Gem Armor, Red Matter Armor, and Dark Matter Armor.

2. How Do You Make A Fire Bomb In Minecraft Education Edition?

A block crafted with TNT in the center of the crafting grid then 8 fire charges on the outside. When placed down and ignited, it would spread fire in a small radius around the bomb.

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