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In Minecraft, the path to completing a nether portal is long and potentially difficult. It’s not as simple as pulling out obsidian blocks and lighting them on fire when playing survival mode. It can sometimes take hours to prepare. Which is why our guide on How to Make a Nether portal in Minecraft is here to help. 

But, do keep it in mind that if you finish the Nether portal, you automatically gain complete access to the hellish Nether, a place filled with hostile mobs, intimidating environments, and imposing nether fortresses. It’s an extremely valuable location to have complete access to because it’s the only place where you’ll manage to find a vast range of unique materials and a lot of crafting items.

With such countless astonishing things to find and reveal, similar to the uncommon old debris among the most minimal levels of the world, there will undoubtedly be a gigantic measure of risk. Either way, for your help, there are two viable ways to get to the Nether, which is exactly why we’re here. Our guide on How to Make a Nether Portal in Minecraft will help you find a way. 

How To Make A Nether Portal in Minecraft? (Without Diamonds)

how to make a nether portal in minecraft

Contrary to popular opinion, it is feasible to make and build a functioning nether portal in Minecraft without obtaining those enigmatic diamonds.  Although it is true that the main ingredient a.k.a. Obsidian is not supposed to be damaged in any way or even get mined by the player with anything else other than a diamond pickaxe. There are, of course, ways around that issue as well. But don’t forget that there are always certain limits to every method. 

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To get you started on How to Make a Nether Portal, you’ll require:

  • A lava source
  • A Water source
  • Extra building blocks
  • Iron buckets
  • Flint and steel
  • A Pickaxe

Now, we’ll move ahead with the main steps to build your nether portal in Minecraft. 

Once you’re done collecting all the materials required, it’s time to start the whole process of making a Nether Portal. But before you start, make sure that you are familiar enough with the normal build of the nether portal. Once you’re done with that, go ahead and follow each step mentioned below carefully. 

P.s– There is one secret to building a nether portal without diamonds: The obsidian is obviously formed only when the water hits a lava source block. So you just have to make a mold to be sure of the fact that the obsidian gets created in that exact shape required for a nether portal.

Steps on How to Make a Nether portal in Minecraft (Without Diamonds)

1. Find a proper place for the creation of your Nether Portal. 

But, I would suggest you to build a closed space or keep it as far as you can from everything else because Nether mobs tend to travel through the portals sometimes.

2.  Place your building blocks in a three-block by six-block rectangle on the ground to build your mold

3. Now, you’re supposed to fill your mold with lava. You must have a single line of lava four blocks long. 

4. Pour a whole bucket of water at the end when you go towards the end of the mold.

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5. With a single block opening straight up over the obsidian blocks, build a whole column on either end which would build the various sides of your Nether Portal. 

6. You’re supposed to repeat steps 3 and 4 because there is supposedly only a single way to make an obsidian.

7. Then, go and repeat the 5th and 6th step two more times. Every single of your nether portal should have five obsidian blocks starting from the top and ending at the bottom. 

how to make a nether portal in minecraft

8. Now let’s start with the top! Start building a small bridge which should be just one block down from the top of the shown obsidian pillars. 

9. Now you should give your bridge a railing. Make sure that your railing is completely even when it comes to the top of your obsidian pillars. 

10. Now you should repeat your 3rd and 4th steps again. As soon as the water clears out, you should have a fully functioning nether portal. 

11. You’re supposed to clear away every excess building material to reveal your nether portal. 

12. Then, you have to take your flint and steel and go and light one of the bottom corners of the Nether Portal. 

how to make a nether portal in minecraft

But, don’t forget the sole flaw of this method. You won’t be able to create another Nether Portal in the Nether. Keep note of the fact that without the diamonds, you are not supposed to stockpile obsidian, only when it is required. 

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How To Make a Nether Portal in Minecraft? (with Diamonds)

how to make a nether portal in minecraft

In case you have managed to find diamonds in Minecraft and even have the main ingredients to achieve the process of how to make a Minecraft Portal in Minecraft, you require a diamond pickaxe. Once you make your obsidian or manage to find it when you’re exploring, you have the option to just mine it with your diamond pickaxe and just take it with you. As long as your pickaxe is made out of diamonds, it will join your inventory. 

Once you manage to collect 10 to 14 blocks of the obsidian stockpile, you have the option to know how to make a Nether Portal in Minecraft at whichever place you want just by using the exact same schematics mentioned above. You can even manage to keep the extra obsidian if by any chance you’re required to create the portal if you have to escape the Nether! These Nether portals can be created in any Minecraft seed.

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Wrapping Up

Now that you finally understand the whole process of how to make a nether portal in Minecraft, you are free to move back and forth as much as you wish to. As soon as you’re done mastering the whole process, trust me when I say that absolutely nothing will be able to stop you in any way (except for the creepers, watch out for those!). I hope our guide on How to Make a Nether Portal in Minecraft managed to help you! In case you need any more help, feel free to check out our website. 


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