How To Make A Dog Poop Quickly: An Infallible Guide For Beginners 2021

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Have you trained your dog to poop in a designated area? In case your answer is Yes. You have already earned brownie points for your efforts. Now, moving on to the most crucial step of maintaining a dog’s good health. You will be surprised to know that our furry friends can suffer from chronic constipation similar to humans. To avoid any medical issues, you need to be aware of all the tricks to make a dog poop quickly. 

Bowel movement in dogs is somewhat different than in humans. Your dog can be suffering from dog diarrhea or constipation. There can be many factors influencing your dog’s bowel movement. The color of your dog’s poop can indicate many underlying problems that your canine is suffering from. You have to keep a watchful eye on your dog’s poop to detect health issues. Now, this might sound bizarre for some people, although it’s true.

Looking for ways to make a dog poop quickly? We will help you out. It’s not as hard as it sounds like. There are plenty of tricks to make a dog poop quickly. One of the most effective tips to make a dog poop quickly is to ensure your dog’s diet contains an adequate amount of fiber. Fibre enriched diet will ensure a regular bowel movement of a dog. This is a tried and tested method to make a dog poop quickly. Take your time to figure out the right formula for your furball of abundant joy. 

Are you wasting your entire time in finding out ways that work to make a dog poop quickly? The frustration is real. We feel you!!! So, we decided to curate a list of effective methods to make a dog poop quickly. Read on.

A Dog’s Poop Pattern – Everything You Need To Know

poop pattern of dogs
Source: Central Texas Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital.

Bowel movements in dogs depend upon the number of feedings. To make your dog poop instantly, firstly, you need to understand the mechanism of bowel movements in dogs. Secondly, you need to observe the properties of your dog’s stool. 

Now, many factors influence the stool of a dog. It would help if you had a watchful eye over your dog’s stool. Many people label it as a gross activity. However, it is an essential part of maintaining your dog’s good health. 

What is the point of observing your dog’s stool? Surprisingly, be it humans or your furry companions, your poop can tell a lot about you. About your dietary habits as well as health issues related to digestion.

To understand your dog in a better manner, you should know the meanings behind different kinds of dog stools. It will be adequate to make a dog poop without any trouble.

Many people find checking the stool of their dogs unpleasant. However, it plays a crucial role in determining the good health of your dog.

Let’s learn about different types of a dog stool

Watery Excreta (Diarrhea In Dogs) 

First on our list of different poops and their hidden health issues is watery or liquid poop. There can be several reasons behind your dog’s watery poop if you notice that your dog is not passing hard feces for a long time. We recommend you consult a vet as soon as possible. 

Common Signs And Symptoms Of Diarrhea In Dogs Include

  • Presence of blood or mucus in feces.
  • Feverish.
  • Depression.
  • Pain in the abdomen region.
  • Weakness.
  • Condition of anorexia.
  • Vomiting. 
  • Excess amount of water in the stool.

Let’s dive into various reasons that cause diarrhea in dogs

Adaptation To Dietary Changes

There are high chances that you have started feeding your dog something entirely new for his system. 

Dogs usually don’t take a lot of time to digest food. However, dogs require a sufficient amount of time to adapt to the newly added dog food in their time. 

One of the best tips to treat diarrhea in dogs is to manage their food habits and to make your dog poop regularly give your dog time. 

Don’t assume that whatever you are feeding your dog is not good for them. Sometimes, dogs take a little longer to make peace with the new dog food.

However, you can reduce the portion of new dog food you are feeding your dog if things don’t turn out great. It’s always better to consult a vet.

Environmental Condition

Another common cause of diarrhea in dogs is a sudden change in environmental or living conditions. Dogs get stressed very easily. So, make sure you don’t frequently change their surroundings.

An Infection Or Other Underlying Health Issues

One of the most common medical reasons behind diarrhea in dogs is an infection. Dogs can’t communicate their feelings with their human companions. However, dogs show warning signs for infections and diseases that are easy to detect.

Soft And Loose Excreta

Suppose your dog’s feces loses its shape when you try to pick it up. There are two primary questions for you to ask yourself as a pet owner.

Is your dog eating the right food? Are you feeding him treats that are not suitable for him? Now, these questions can be a bit tricky. 

Firstly, you have to observe your feeding pattern. You have to ensure you don’t feed anything new to your dog. 

Your dog passing out soft and loose stool is not a matter of great concern. There’s nothing serious to worry about.

However, you must be watchful about what you are feeding dogs to make a dog poop without any hassle. 

Hard Stone Like Excreta (Constipation In Dogs)

If you are noticing hard rock-like stool, then this is not a good sign. The hard stool is a warning sign of life-threatening constipation. 

There are various symptoms attached to constipation in dogs. 

Common Signs And Symptoms Of Constipation In Dogs Include

  • Defecation causing extreme pain.
  • No defecation for several days.
  • Presence of blood and mucus in the stool.
  • Straining without any stool production.
  • Discomfort and pain.
  • Weakness.
  • Feverish.

Canine constipation is one of the most common digestive health issues in dogs. Fortunately, you can easily treat canine constipation at home by trying our various home remedies as well as lifestyle changes.

Don’t get disheartened, as canine constipation can easily be cured by taking proper medications and precautions. 

Constipation can also be a warning sign of other life-threatening diseases. So, make sure you get your dog checked by a vet before trying out any remedies on your own.

11 Easy And Effectual Methods To Make A Dog Poop Without Any Complications

Looking for ways to make a dog poop in a prompt manner? Don’t worry. We have listed all the tried and tested methods to make a dog poop in a better way. 

1. Motivation, Fitness, And Exercise 

Source: Dogster.

Many dog experts have suggested that a good amount of exercise is required to make a dog poop. 

Creating an exercise routine can be a daunting task for canines similar to that for humans. 

We like to spoil our dogs with lots of scrumptious food items. Dogs want to get pampered. However, there’s a limit to everything. 

If your dog is eating lots of his favorite foods, he needs to start becoming a fitness enthusiast!!! Self-improvement is essential in canines like humans. 

As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your dog has a fixed time for exercising. 

Not only does an exercise routine make a dog poop quickly, but it will also make your dog get an idea about his future training sessions.

You should avoid putting too much pressure on your dog. Go slow!!!

Don’t make the mistake of rushing the process. 

The most significant source of motivation for dogs will be their favorite treats. Show them how you will reward them after they have finished exercising.

Saying positive affirmations to dogs has also contributed to encouraging them to exercise regularly. 

As a pet parent, you should give a dog treats after exercising to make a dog poop faster. there’s no doubt that exercise will improve your dog’s overall health, just make sure to get t high-quality leash when you go out with your buddy, you can find these easily online on sites like Neewa.

As a pet parent, you should give a dog treats after exercising to make a dog poop faster. 

2. Biodegradable Wipes Method For A Better Poop

Source: DoggySaurus.

Is it hard to make a dog poop faster? Unless you follow practical methods, it can be hard. 

Sometimes, we all rush into things in a hurried manner. However, dogs shouldn’t be disturbed while they are pooping. 

Dogs don’t like to be forced while doing their business. So, using wipes is a quick and easy way to make a dog poop without upsetting him.

Many people get confused when it comes to choosing wipes to make a dog poop. Some people think it’s safe to use baby wipes for dogs. 

Experts in the field have suggested baby wipes are not a good option for your dogs or puppies. Using baby wipes can lead to irritation, itching, and dryness on your dog’s skin.

There are many natural and green wipes available in dog stores. 

Wipes have been proven to be effective in improving the bowel movements of your canine.

All you have to do is gently wipe your dog’s private region in a circular motion. Caring for your pets is your responsibility. So, make sure you fulfill all the requirements of your lovable fur friend. 

3. Jetting Water Method

Hold on!!! Before reading further, let me warn you that this method can get a little complex and nasty. However, it can help a dog poop without any trouble.

All you have to do in this method is to squirt some cool water on your dog’s bum. Now, make sure you are not doing this task hastily. If you speed up the process, your dog might start feeling uneasy. 

You can do this on your own if you have a great bond with your furry companion. However, it is advised to take the help of a friend or family member. 

One of the family members can make sure the dog doesn’t move a lot, while you can carry on splashing water on your dog’s bum. 

Many people have admitted to trying this practical method to make a dog poop quickly. 

You shouldn’t try this method in case your dog is suffering from constipation. To check if your dog is constipated or not, you can observe the texture of a dog’s stool. 

Pet owners have revealed that the squirting water method has helped them in training their dogs for scheduled toileting.

Most of the experts believe that it’s safe to try this method on puppies and adult dogs.

4. Ice Cube Method To Make Your Canine Poop 

Source: DogTime.

To make a dog poop, you should try the ice cube method without any second thoughts. 

One of the most effective methods to make a dog poop is the ice cube method. All you require to make a dog poop using this method is patience. 

Undeniably, an ice cube is a time-consuming method. However, it is helpful to make a dog poop within no time. 

Wondering how the viral ice cube method works? We will help you out.

The initial step of this method is to gather many scrumptious treats to reward your dog after the mission is successful. 

The mission to make a dog poop quickly is easier than it looks like. You have to take an ice cube and make sure your dog is sitting properly to poop.

In this method, pet owners have to place an ice cube on a dog’s anus gently. Hold the ice cube in this position for some time.

After some time, you will notice your dog will start to feel uneasy. Your dog will try his level best to push out the fecal matter.

You should take the help of a family member to hold the tail of your dog carefully. To make a dog poop without any risks, the ice cube method works well. 

Some people get worried about partially inserting an ice cube. There are no serious aftermath complications involved in the ice cube method.

At times, we get tired of relying upon medications to get rid of health issues. However, it’s necessary to take good care of your canine. Regular visits to the vet for annual health checkups should be on your priority list. 

5. Cotton Swab Method


Another tried and tested method on our list of methods to make a dog poop quickly is the cotton swab method. 

As the name suggests, first and foremost, you have to take a cotton swab. 

The next step of this method involves applying a small amount of Vaseline to the cotton swab.

Gently, insert the cotton swab in the anus of your dog. You don’t have to insert it deep down into the anus. 

The insertion should be directed little towards the opening of the anus. 

It’s a method that will relieve your dog from painful defecation without causing any harm. 

Choosing a specific time when a dog is trained to poop will surely make a dog poop within a few minutes. 

You can use cotton wipes to clean the residue of this method. You can also wear gloves while performing this method. 

6. Changing Your Dog’s Diet

Source: Tampa Puppy Palace.

Changing a dog’s diet can gradually reduce the time taken to poop. This is a non-messy method to make a dog poop quickly. 

Fixing your dog’s diet can also reduce the risk of digestive health problems. Dietary changes cause constipation. As a result, your dog’s feces become hard.

It becomes difficult for your dog to poop when he is suffering from health issues. So, dogs tend to take longer to defecate. 

Adding pumpkin and fiber-enriched food to a dog’s diet is recommended by vets to make a dog poop quickly. 

7. Inserting Your Fingers Method

Watching your happy furry companion in distress is the most painful sight for any pet parent. 

Pet parents can go to any extent to make their dogs happy wag their tails. You can’t afford to lose your dog. 

When dogs are in extreme pain, vets recommend trying this method to make a dog poop at home quickly. 

People who have adopted paralyzed dogs find this method very useful to make a dog poop quickly.

In case you are unable to make your dog poop after doing all the above methods mentioned. You should try out this method. 

The first involves wearing long-sleeved gloves. 

The next step of this method involves applying a small amount of lotion to your fingers. Gently, insert your finger into the rectum of your dog.

Dogs feel uncomfortable by the insertion of any substance into their rectum. However, this method is the right method to make a dog poop in a rapid manner. 

You may consult a vet if things get worse. In many cases, people have to dig out the impacted feces from their canines, and then the bowel movement becomes normal. 

You have to make sure you don’t use excessive force or rush while trying out this method. Dogs tend to show aggressive behavior when they are in extreme pain. 

Don’t forget to be patient with your dog. 

8. Belly Rubs 

Source: Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

One of the most liked and easy methods to make a dog poop without putting much effort is to rub their abdomen area.

You can gently rub your dog’s abdomen area to accelerate the process of pooping.

Rubbing vigorously for at least half an hour can encourage improvement in the bowel movement of dogs. 

Rubbing a dog’s belly in a circular motion will ensure a healthy bowel movement in dogs. 

You can slowly start giving a massage to your dog by rubbing behind his back leg. 

You will notice your dog’s tail rising. Then, you should lay your dog on his back and start rubbing your dog’s left side for a few minutes. 

Make sure you correctly move the dog’s legs to make a dog poop faster by stimulating the bowel movement. 

9. Using Any Lotion And Gloves

Source: Ultimate Pet Nutrition.

The start of this procedure will be messy. However, you won’t be disappointed after trying his method. 

To stimulate bowel movement with lotion and gloves. You need to make sure you wear the gloves correctly.

You can make a dog poop quickly in two ways by using this method. You can either bring your dog outdoors or place a sheet of paper below them. 

Now, start applying lotion around the butt hole of your dog. Gently, move your hand in a circular motion. 

Don’t panic if your dog doesn’t pass out feces. Usually, this method requires 2-3 mins to work. 

You have to continuously keep applying and rubbing lotion into the anus of your dog.

Alas! You will witness your furry friend get relieved from the pain. 

10. Spray Solutions

Source: CNET.

Many times, dogs are unable to defecate on their own. Dogs rely on their owners to help them defecate. 

However, we all are so preoccupied with our work that we don’t get enough time to look after our adorable pets. 

Instead of spending your time scrolling down social media, you can devote your time to look after your most loyal best friend.

To evacuate feces from your dog’s body, you can use a spray solution and gloves. 

Firstly, you have to lay out a paper towel or sheet of paper for easy cleanup after the defecation.

Secondly, you need to hold your dog gently and place him over the paper towel. 

To make a spray solution to reduce the time to make a dog poop, you will need chlorhexidine solution and cold water. 

Chlorhexidine solution is a disinfectant used to treat dogs. Some of the fast-acting solutions have a pleasant smell. 

It is advised to use cold water for better-desired results. A disinfectant solution will also help reduce the risk of infections due to parasites in your dogs. 

Is using chlorhexidine solution safe for your dogs? Sit back and relax!!!

There are no side effects of using a disinfectant solution. 

You can scrub your dog’s anus with the solution for fixing his bowel movement. You can use wipes to rub the area around the anus gently.

Spraying the solution will surely help in getting rid of the discomfort caused by digestive issues.

11. Squeezing Method To Make A Dog Poop Without Any Medications

You will have to gently squeeze the area around the anus in a circular motion without making your dog feel uncomfortable. 

The soft tissue around the anus should be gently squeezed with the help of your fingertips. Don’t apply too much force. 

You can repeat the whole procedure repeatedly to evacuate feces from your dog’s body. 

When you squeeze the soft tissue around the anus region, you will notice how easily the stool will come out of the anus. 

Please be careful when practicing this method. In case you have pressed the tissue too hard. Don’t worry. Gently rub the area and wipe it with the help of a cotton wipe.

Don’t force your dog if your dog is not in a mood to participate. 

Wrapping Up 

An unhealthy bowel movement can be stressful and frustrating for both the dog and the pet parent. 

Fortunately, a dog’s behavior can help us identify the various symptoms attached to the issues dogs face. 

Our adorable and loyal furballs never fail to shower unconditional love on us. We, as pet parents, can’t neglect to provide them proper healthcare. 

A smiling face with a wagging tail can instantly turn all your bad days into happy days. However, it’s heart-wrenching to witness them sit silently and suffer from extreme pain.

To minimize the stress of stimulating the bowel movement of your dog. You should try out all the easy-to-follow yet effective methods mentioned in the list.

If you find our list of methods to make a dog poop quickly convenient, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

If your dog is suffering from serious health issues, you should consult an expert vet. 

Feature image credits: Wag!


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