How To Make A Clock In Minecraft 2023 | Everything You Need To Know

How To Make A Clock In Minecraft 2023 | Everything You Need To Know

Clocks act as an essential element in our gameplay. It can be used to decorate your home in Minecraft, and you can even use these clocks to keep track of the day/night cycle in your environment. So let’s learn how to make a clock in Minecraft, and further use it during your session.

A Minecraft clock will visually indicate what time it is by changing from a blue sunlight background to a black, moonlit background. This clock can be held in your hand to show the time, and you can also put it in the picture frame to decorate your house. 

So now that you know a lot about the clock in Minecraft, follow the instructions in this guide below and learn how to use the clock in Minecraft. You will also learn about everything about Minecraft clock as you scroll down.

Materials Required To Make A Clock In Minecraft 

As a player, we do need some items in our bucket to make a clock in Minecraft. And for that, we’ve got your hand. Scroll down to learn the materials needed to make a clock in Minecraft.

How To Use The Clock In Minecraft | Make A Clock & Use It

Materials required to make a clock

  • 4 Gold Ingots
  • 1 Redstone Dust
  • Crafting Table

How To Make A Clock In Minecraft?

To make a clock in Minecraft, you must have a few materials by your side and smelt them. Once you complete the smelting process, you need to put them on the craft table and make a clock.

How To Use The Clock In Minecraft | Make A Clock & Use It

Steps to Make a Clock in Minecraft.

  1. Place gold in a “+” form in your crafting menu and swap Redstone dust for the middle slot to create a clock. 
  2. Now to harvest enough gold ore to obtain the necessary materials, you will need at the very least an iron pickaxe.
  3. To begin constructing an iron pickaxe, place two sticks beneath the top middle column of your crafting table and the three iron ingots in the top row.
  4. After you have a pickaxe and it is ready to use, you must locate gold ore. The beginning of gold ore production is at “Y” level 31.
  5. As you are down here, start looking for Redstone ore.
  6. Redstone ore does not need to be smelted; rather, when smashed with an iron pickaxe or another powerful weapon, it will crumble into dust.
  7. When you have four pieces of gold ore, you can smelt them by putting them in a furnace.
  8. Your clock will be ready in Minecraft.

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How To Read The Clock In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, reading a clock is easy and simple. You just have to remember where the earth is in the day/night cycle will always be visibly shown. So got to know about using a clock now let’s move on and learn how to read it.

  1. You can hold it in your hand and check the time on the clock.
  2. You can even hold it in your inventory. 

How To Read The Clock In Minecraft In The Dark?

How To Use The Clock In Minecraft | Make A Clock & Use It

If the clock’s left half is dark, reading from left to right, night has descended upon your globe. Your world has entered the midnight hour if the entire clock is black. This is when the moon is in the middle of the sky, and the night is halfway through.

Similarly, the sun rises during the day when the left side of the clock is blue. 

It is noon or midday when most of your clock displays a blue background. Now that the sun is in the middle of the sky for the majority of the day, the night will soon return. 

Note: Be aware of this, you can prepare in advance for any overworld travels to minimize the amount of time you spend at night. You can keep an eye on your clock to determine how much nighttime you have left if your objective is to hunt mobs. The clock offers many features that are tailored to your needs at that particular moment.

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How To Place A Clock On A Wall In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, mounting a clock on the wall is quite straightforward. All you’ll need is some items to place a clock on a wall in Minecraft. 

How To Use The Clock In Minecraft | Make A Clock & Use It

Materials required to place a clock on a wall in Minecraft:

  • Frame. 
  • 8 sticks 
  • 1 leather piece 

Head on below to learn the step guide on how to place a clock on a wall in Minecraft. 

Steps to Place a Clock on a Wall in Minecraft 

  1. Kill enough cows in a grassy area so that you have one piece of leather. Look around for natural cow spawns. 

Note: It is not a guarantee, cows frequently drop their leather. It should be easy for you to find some leather. 

  1. Once you have leather, all you need are the eight sticks. One log will be sufficient as you only need four wooden boards. To get the sticks you need, split a block of wood into planks and those into sticks.
  2. After everything is prepared, put the sticks around the leather and put the leather in the crafting table’s center slot.
  3. Further, you will get the frame you need to hang your clock
  4. Right-click on the wall you want your clock to be on while selecting the item frame from your Hotbar. 
  5. Try to find a spot where you can’t clearly see the cycle of day and night, or just find a spot close to your house’s exit to check the time. 
  6. When your item frame is in position, choose your clock and then right-click on the item frame to insert the clock. 
  7. It continues to run consistently and provides your house with the look of a wall clock.

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Wrapping Up

So here you have everything about how to read the clock in Minecraft. In this article, I have mentioned everything about the making of clocks as well as how to use them in the game. I hope this article was helpful. Let us know in the comment below if you have any queries regarding this topic. You are open to sharing your views and suggestions with us. Also, do check out Path of EX for more topics such as this one and more updates on other gaming platforms.

Happy Gaming!

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