How to Lock Chats on WhatsApp | A Comprehensive Guide!

How to Lock Chats on WhatsApp | A Comprehensive Guide!

When it comes to social media platforms and chat apps, WhatsApp is known for its privacy features. It has been on and off updating its safety and security features. And one of the much-appreciated features is the option to lock chats, which adds an extra layer of security to your selecrted chats. Let us dive in to know how to lock chats on WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp keeps updating and adding new features like recording video messages and new year whatsApp messages, among many others, to meet the needs and interests of the users. The chat lock feature has been taken well by the users for the reason that it allows you to store the chats separately from the rest of the chats in a folder named Locked Chats Folder. 

In case you are looking for a comprehensive to help you know, how to lock chats on WhatsApp. This article is meant for you. Stay connected to know in detail. 

How to Lock Chats on WhatsApp?

How to Lock Chats on WhatsApp | A Comprehensive Guide!

You can lock chats on WhatsApp by turning on the chat lock for the chat you want to. In case you are one of those who has not set up the device authentication code in the form, password, face ID, or fingerprint. You will be forced to set a device authentication before locking a chat. 

Follow the given steps to turn on the chat lock for your WhatsApp chats. 

Step 1. Open WhatsApp on your mobile phone. 

Step 2. Swipe left or long press on the chat you want to lock.

Step 3. Tap more options or More Options

How to Lock Chats on WhatsApp | A Comprehensive Guide!

4. Click “Lock Chat.”

5. You will need to authenticate your ID to lock this chat. 

How to View Your Locked Chats on WhatsApp? 

How to Lock Chats on WhatsApp | A Comprehensive Guide!

Follow the given steps to view your locked chats on WhatsApp.  

Step 1. Scroll down on your chat list. Tap Locked Chats folders that appear at the top of the screen. 

Step 2. Confirm your Face ID or touch the fingerprint sensor to unlock.

Step 3. Tap the chat to view or send the message. 

Features of Chat Lock on WhatsApp

How to Lock Chats on WhatsApp | A Comprehensive Guide!

The feature of lock chat allows you to store your sensitive and private chats locked. Since, enabling these features adds and adds layers of security. The features of the chat lock WhatsApp feature can be summed up as under. 

1. Once you lock a chat, the notification content and the contact details of the locked chat are totally hidden. The notification can be read as WhatsApp: 1 new message.

2. You to turn off the Chat lock off option to save the media to the gallery of your phone.  

3. You can even lock the group chat and muted chats as well. 

4. The WhatsApp calls can’t be locked at all. You find the call in the calls sections, even the calls of those members who you have chat locked. 

5. The chats can be locked on that phone only that you have locked on. In case the account is linked to some other device, it will not lock the specific chat on other devices.  

How to Lock Chats on WhatsApp | A Comprehensive Guide!

6. Even after applying the backup and restore feature on your device. The locked chat will still be in the locked chat section of WhatsApp once you restore to a new phone. However, you have to set up a device authentication. You will be granted access after authenticating yourself. 

7. If you have applied chat lock to a chat on your device, the person you are involved in that specific chat will not get notified that you have locked the chat. 

8. To lock an unarchived chat, you have to un-archive the chat first, then you are allowed to lock it. 

Wrapping Up 

So, it has come to the fore that you can lock specific chats so that they are protected by adding an extra layer of protection. You can protect the chat that you think requires extra protection. The process to lock the chats is easy, simple, and straightforward and does not take much of your time. This article titled How to lock chats on WhatsApp provides you with a comprehensive guide to lock chats. You can refer to this article for the same. 

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