How To Leave A Group Chat In BeReal? Learn The Easy Steps Here!

How To Leave A Group Chat In BeReal? Learn The Easy Steps Here!

Being a part of groups and communities on social media platforms like BeReal is fun. But, at the same time, being a part of too many groups on any platform can be overwhelming. So, if you’re feeling that way, you might want to know how to leave a group chat in BeReal. 

BeReal understands people’s needs to be a part of a group. So, the platform gives people the option to do so. But, at the same time, the platform also understands that people might want to leave groups that they had joined at some point.

So, if you ever feel the need to leave a group you were previously a part of, you must know how to leave a group chat in BeReal. So, read this article and get the job done!

Here’s How To Leave A Group Chat In BeReal!

How To Leave A Group Chat In BeReal? Learn The Easy Steps Here!

BeReal is a fairly user-friendly app, so you’re not going to have a hard time navigating your way around it. Furthermore, leaving a group chat is pretty simple, too. You only have to follow the below-mentioned steps to do so:

Launch the BeReal app > Go to the “MyFriends” section > From the “Group” heading, select the group you want to leave > Go to the “Settings” of the chat > Select the “Leave Group Chat” option. 

And, done. Wasn’t it so simple? But, if you still wish to understand how to leave a group chat in BeReal in more detail, keep scrolling down. The steps for doing so are discussed in greater detail below. 

Steps To Leave A Group Chat In BeReal

How To Leave A Group Chat In BeReal? Learn The Easy Steps Here!

Here’s a detailed explanation of how to leave a group chat in BeReal:

  • Launch the BeReal app on your device. 
  • Then, go to your “My Friends” feed. 
  • Here, you will find the “Groups” heading, from where a list of all the groups you have joined will be displayed on the screen. 
  • From the list of groups, tap on the group you wish to leave. 
  • On doing so, the group’s chat will open on the screen. Tap the three-dot icon present in the top right corner of the screen. 
  • A menu will appear then. Tap on the “Leave Group Chat” option from the menu.
  • A confirmation pop-up will appear next. It will brief you about what happens when you exit a group. If you’re sure of leaving the group, tap “Leave.” 

And, done! You’ve officially exited a BeReal group chat! 

Wrapping Up

Okay then, guys! This was how to leave a group chat in BeReal! In this article, I walked you through the steps you need to take to exit a group chat on the BeReal app if you no longer want to be a part of it. So, I hope you all found this article informative and helpful. But if there’s anything else you want to ask in this regard, please feel free to do so via the comments! 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to leave a group chat in BeReal?

Leaving a group chat in the BeReal app is quite simple. You first need to go to the My Friends feed of your account and select the group you need to exit from there. When the group opens, go to its settings and select the “Leave Group Chat” option. 

2. How do BeReal group chats work?

BeReal group chats are different from traditional group chats. They allow users to create private groups where people can share private chats and share their BeReal snaps between members only. They also have the option to set specially timed BeReal notifications for the members of the group. 

3. How do you respectfully leave a group chat?

If you want to leave a group chat respectfully, you should not ghost the group members just like that. Instead, you should announce your exit from the group beforehand. Apart from that, you should also try being honest about the reason you’re leaving the group. 

How do I get permission to leave a group chat?

You don’t need anyone’s permission to leave a BeReal group chat. However, it will be a good idea to let other people know that you’re leaving the group chat beforehand and also be honest about your reasons for doing so. 

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