How To Know If Someone Blocked Your Email Address?

How To Know If Someone Blocked Your Email Address?

Emails are not like any other social media application or some formal message that anyone can send to the other person. It works as an identifier for every single individual. Also, no one directly manages to find out whether they are blocked or not? For this single purpose, there are some basic steps that you guys need to follow to get your answer.

Every single step is very effective and surely gives you an accurate result. Also, it will help you to improve your knowledge and give a better idea as well. Yes, there are some possibilities that you might have been blocked by the other person on email. The reason behind this action is of any kind.

Without wasting your precious time, I am going to discuss some useful and alternative methods with you guys. Each method gives you the exact solution as per your query.

How To Know If Someone Blocked Your Email? 

We all know that Gmail is specially designed for business work. It is a formal way of sharing some corporate information. To share or receive some important documents or files that are related to your business or office work, Gmail is always on the top of the list. In short, for any formal report, Email is mostly used by every individual.

But what are the basic steps that you need to follow to know if someone has blocked your Email or not? Well. The answer is given below:-

Not Receiving Any Type of Mails

If you guys have already sent some mail to the other person. But due to some reason he/she is not replying to you back. There is a possibility that the person might have blocked your email or muted your notifications. 

To confirm this action, you guys can follow these simple steps:-

  1. You can use another email address and then wait for their response. 
  2. You can contact them directly and ask them about the matter. 
  3. The last and the best option is to mail them directly from your official email address. 

Learn Who Blocked your Gmail using Mobile Phone

If you guys don’t have a computer or PC, then you can check your email on your mobile phone. To confirm if they block you or not, do follow the given steps:-

  • First, you need to install the Hangouts application on your personal device. Then, you can simply message them and wait for their response. If they are available in your friend’s list, then they might have blocked your email. 
  • The second thing that you can do is directly open your Gmail account on your mobile phone. Then log in with your official account and search for that person who you think can possibly block your email. If you find their name, then it means you are not blocked by them. But if you are not able to see them on your list, then they must have blocked you on email. 

Learn Who Blocked your Gmail using PC

You guys can simply follow the below-mentioned steps to clear your doubt regarding this kind of activity i.e Blocking

How To Know If Someone Blocked Your Email Address?
  • Start your PC or computer. 
  • Go to your Gmail account and log in with official credentials. 
  • On the left-hand side of your display, you have a contact list where you can search for that particular person. 
  • If they show up, then you are safe. But if they didn’t show up, then it clearly means that they may have blocked your email. 

How You Can Block Someone on Email- Easy steps

How To Know If Someone Blocked Your Email Address?

If you guys are receiving so many emails or messages and this kind of activity starts irritating you day by day, then you can simply block them. For this purpose, follow these steps accordingly:-

  1. Make a quick log in to your Gmail account. 
  2. Quickly view the messages of that particular person. 
  3. Click the 3 dots in front of that person’s name. 
  4. Search for the Block option and hit it. 
  5. At last, you’re done and that person is blocked like forever.
    Wooo!!!! Finally

Wrapping Up

Every single step, explanation, point, and description is required to be attempted from your side if you want a clear vision. With the help of such things, you guys can easily manage each activity and now you have a better idea about how to know if someone blocked your email or not. 

I know sometimes it’s hard to find out the reason behind this action, but trust me nobody does such a thing with hard feelings. In the end, everyone wants happiness and stress-less life. 

I really hope you enjoy reading this article and if you want anything to get changed, you guys can drop your message in the comment box. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you block an email?

If you block an email, then you are no longer to send text, messages, or documents to that particular address.

Can someone still email you if you block them?

Yes, if somebody blocks you on email, you can still send an email to that particular address.

Can someone block your email?

Yes, anyone can block your email address anytime.

What does the sender see when you block them?

Nothing, I repeat nothing is available for you to see. As there is no such type of feature present for any email address. There is just one thing with which you can assume by yourself that you are blocked or not. And that is- No Response from the other side or no notifications at all.

How do you know if someone blocked your email?

To know who has blocked your email, you can directly check your recent chatting with that person. You can also make a call to that person to know the valid reason behind this activity. You guys can check out your Hangouts messages on your mobile phone or desktop with the help of the extension. 

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