How to Join GPT-4 API Waitlist? Get the API Easily by Doing This

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Smriti Razdan
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OpenAI has succeeded with ChatGPT due to one exceptional thing; it is a natural language model. Therefore, it can create human-like content for you. After gathering all the official integration of ChatGPT now, OpenAI has come up with GPT-4 model. Users can access GPT-4 for free without ChatGPT Plus; this is the most delightful thing for ChatGPT users. However, developers are thinking on a bigger level, so they are finding an API of GPT-4. If you are also here to know how to join the GPT-4 API waitlist, then you will get a lot here.

Joining a waitlist for the GPT-4 API is relatively easy, and you can enhance your capabilities with it whether you are a developer or a researcher. However, getting selected for the API is the tricky part. As it is a newly launched model, so there are bundles of users applying for the GPT-4 API. In this case, it is crucial to fill in the details that have a higher chance of API selection.

If you are new to the GPT-4 API and do not know how you can apply for the API, then stay tuned. I have shared all the important things along with a step-by-step process for how to join GPT-4 API waitlist.

How to Join GPT-4 API Waitlist?

GPT-4 ; How to Join GPT-4 API Waitlist? Get the API Easily by Doing This

GPT-4 model has launched recently, so OpenAI has given access to GPT-4 to the public. Users have to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus to use the GPT-4 model. Besides a new model, OpenAI has launched the waitlist for GPT-4 API. So, if you are a developer of wants to use the API of the new model, then you need to join the waitlist. Many users do not have an idea how to join GPT-4 API waitlist, so I have shared some easy steps below that you can try.

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  1. Launch your Browser first and search for GPT-4 API Waitlist; click on the link.

2. You will see a form on the website to Join the waitlist for GPT-4 model.

3. Fill in all the required details in the form. Make sure you provide the way you are planning to use GPT-4 on the website.

GPT-4 ; How to Join GPT-4 API Waitlist? Get the API Easily by Doing This

4. Then Click on the Join Waitlist button.

GPT-4 ; How to Join GPT-4 API Waitlist? Get the API Easily by Doing This

5. Wait until OpenAI selects you for the API.

Note: If you are not interested in GPT-4 API and only want to use GPT-4, then you can use it on ChatGPT Plus, Quora Poe, and on a New Bing.

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How to Join GPT-4 API Waitlist?

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, I have shared all about how to join GPT-4 API waitlist. OpenAI has given the best opportunity to those who want to grow on a personal and professional level using a new model. I know joining an API waitlist requires little patience, but once you get the API, you can explore many things using it. I have shared above a step-by-step process for how to join the waitlist. Follow Path of EX for more updates. Have a great day!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to join GPT-4 API waitlist?

You can join GPT-4 API waitlist by going to GPT-4 API OpenAI page.

How long do I have to wait for the GPT-4 API after joining the waitlist?

Once you fill in all the details on the GPT-4 API form, you need to wait until OpenAI selects you.


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