How To Install Easy Anti Cheat For Fortnite: Two Easy Methods

how to install easy anti cheat for fortnite

Are you looking for ways to install Easy Anti Cheat for Fortnite? Well, there is an amazing software used to earn some competitive advantage in Fortnite. Hence, to help you get your hands on an Anti Cheat for Fortnite, I have got you two popular methods. Let’s go deeper into this article and learn everything concerning Easy Anti Cheat. Step further!

Epic Games has always provided us with the best in-hand experiences we all crave. Fortnite has managed to gain much popularity since its release with its exclusive updates into the game. Whether it is about Fortnite Christmas Escape Room Code or its Eminem Big Bang event, every bit of it is a fantastic adventure to embark upon. 

I have easy methods to help you download Easy Anti Cheat on Fortnite. You can either follow the prompts for an easy download or dig deeper by going to the Easy Anti Cheat folder. Before I spill the beans here, hold my finger, and I will walk you through the detailed steps. Head on!

What is Easy Anti Cheat?

how to install easy anti cheat for fortnite

Easy Anti Cheat is a software that analyzes computers and PCs to gain competitive advantages, including aimbots and wallhacks, and restricts players from using them in supported titles. 

As you install Fortnite, it is in terms of the online agreement to install Easy Anti Cheat, so it is vital to download Easy Anti Cheat along with Fortnite. However, some firewalls aim to block the anti-cheat software with its scanning power, stopping your gaming sessions, so ensure you have a shield against them. Let’s delve deeper through this page and learn how to download Easy Anti-Cheat in Fortnite. 

How to Download Easy Anti Cheat For Fortnite: 2 Ways | Fortnite Anti Cheat

Below are the two methods to install Easy Anti-Cheat for Fortnite. It includes Following the Prompt and navigating to the Easy Anti-Cheat folder. Have a look below and read out loud the steps to install EAC. Look further:

Method 1: Follow the Prompt

The very first way to download Easy Anti Cheat for Fortnite is to follow the prompt as you download Fortnite from the Epic Games and click ‘Yes’ to confirm the installation of Easy Anti Cheat. If in case you have mistakenly clicked on a ‘No,’ I do have other methods as well. Have a look below. 

Method 2: Go to the Easy Anti Cheat Folder

how to install easy anti cheat for fortnite

The next method is to install Easy Anti-Cheat manually. Here, you would have to locate the EAC setup file. Follow the steps mentioned below by heading to the Easy Anti-Cheat folder as a starter. Let’s go-

Steps to Install EAC Manually:

  1. Go to the Easy Anti-Cheat folder at C:\Program Files\EpicGames\Fortnite\FortniteGame\Binaries\Win64\EasyAntiCheat.
  2. Locate the EasyAntiCheat_EOS_Setup.exe file.
  3. Right-click on the file > choose Create shortcut
  4. Right-click on the Create Shortcut > click on Properties.
  5. Add ‘install prod-fn’ without quotes on the existing text as the Target Box opens up. It will look like: EasyAntiCheat_EOS_Setup.exe” install prod-fn.
  6. Double-click on the shortcut, and the EAC will start installing. 

As the Easy Anti-Cheat gets installed, open Epic Games launcher and Fortnite, and embark upon your epic gameplay. 

The two proven ways to download Easy Anti-Cheat on Fortnite include following the prompt or navigating to the Easy Anti-Cheat folder. Install this software by choosing any of the following and level up your chances of success. 

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Wrapping Up

If Easy Anti-Cheat is not installed on your Fortnite, I have unveiled two popular methods to do so. Follow the instructions mentioned above and get your hands on the valuable addition during your gameplay. However, make sure to choose the easiest way as your priority and click ‘Yes’ as the pop-up flashes on your screen after downloading Fortnite. 

At Path of EX, we primarily aim to serve all your queries. So comment down below if you have any more questions, and I will get back to you ASAP. 

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