A Complete Guide to Install Discord Themes in 2022: Ditch the Defaults

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Srishti Thukral
Srishti Thukral
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Discord is the newly added element in the area of gaming today. It has taken over a large portion of the sector in its own court. Where players are drooling over the flexibility to communicate while playing games, many people are also heading to the Discord app for important meetings as well. On this page, you will be introduced to a step-by-step procedure to install Discord Themes in a way that you’ll get a better hold of Discord. 

Chatting and talking with Discord is a must-have while binging over any game. However, it does not support any custom themes officially. But with the use of a third-party app named BetterDiscord, it allows you to install custom themes on the messaging app. Although, even though it is completely safe to install any add-on, third-party themes do hold a security risk for the players. It is always advised to head on carefully and not put all their faith in unknown sources. 

For a better experience with Discord, Move on further and learn a complete guide for installing various Discord themes hassle-free and conveniently. Read along and kick the boring and basic Discord displays. 

Step-by-Step Procedure to Install Discord Themes

To install various themes on Discord, you need to download BetterDiscord on your operator. Go on further to know how you can own BetterDiscord easily. 

Download and Install BetterDiscord

Following are the steps to download and install BetterDiscord:

1. Open the BetterDiscord’s website and click the blue ‘Download’ button to download the BetterDiscord.

2. As the screen flash will ask for your acceptance, Check the checkbox saying “I accept the license agreement” and tap ‘Next’ to head on further. 

A Complete Guide to Install Discord Themes

3. Next prompt flash will be about choosing the appropriate action. Choose ‘Install BetterDiscord’ and tap ‘next’.

A Complete Guide to Install Discord Themes

4.  Further, click the specific Discord version you wish to install your BetterDiscord on. If you already have your own Discord version, opt the first option and then you can tap the ‘Install’ button. 

A Complete Guide to Install Discord Themes

Discord will restart itself automatically after the installation process is done. This will allow the user to download custom themes with BetterDiscord easily. 

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Install Discord Themes with BetterDiscord

This is it! Below are the instructions to install Discord themes with Better Discord. Go along and ditch the basic Discord. 

1. As you will open Discord, tap on the settings placed underneath at the bottom left corner of the screen. 

A Complete Guide to Install Discord Themes

2. Go on ‘Themes’ present on the sidebar of the left side under ‘BetterDiscord’ section. Tap on the ‘Open Theme Folder’ displayed button. This folder is all you need to store your Discord themes. 

A Complete Guide to Install Discord Themes

3. As the folder opens, move your BetterDiscord themes to this place. The format of BetterDiscord themes is .CSS and the actual path of themes is:


4. Themes moved to the folder will reflect accordingly on the BetterDiscord’s themes section of the app. Turn on the toggle present next to the theme’s name to enable the theme. You can also turn it off if you wish to head back to the default Discord theme. 

A Complete Guide to Install Discord Themes

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How to Uninstall Discord Themes? 

In order to uninstall the installed Discord themes, look out underneath:

1. In the theme section of BetterDuscord’s app, tap on the red trash button placed below the toggle of the theme. 

A Complete Guide to Install Discord Themes

2. As the sudden screen flashes for confirmation, press ‘Delete’ in order to uninstall the theme. 

A Complete Guide to Install Discord Themes

How to Uninstall BetterDiscord from Discord App?

If you really want to get off of BetterDiscord, below is the way to uninstall it:

1. Open the BetterDiscord’s Installer which you downloaded first and accept the license agreement. 

A Complete Guide to Install Discord Themes

2.  Move ahead and choose the action “Uninstall BetterDiscord” and then click ‘Next’.

A Complete Guide to Install Discord Themes: Ditch the Defaults!

3. Further, choose your already installed BetterDiscord and click “Uninstall” to remove the add-on from your original Discord.  

A Complete Guide to Install Discord Themes: Ditch the Defaults!

This will permit the user to try Discord without any modes and use the default Discord theme. 

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Wrapping Up

Users usually feel reluctant to try BetterDiscord due to safety concerns. Well, to be honest, BetterDiscord does disobey the terms and conditions of Discord but Discord often allows the users of BetterDiscord to customize their Discord themes. 

If you are asking about our word of opinion, Path of EX always encourages their users to be as fancy and creative as they can be. Try your hands on Discord Themes and drop your experience with the same in the comment box below. 

If you face any difficulty while installing Discord themes with BetterDiscord, you can always refer to your friend- Path of EX.

Have a Good Day!


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