How to Input Images in Bard? Just Do This One Thing!

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Google Bard AI is deemed a watershed moment in the world of Artificial Intelligence in the category of Chatbots. It is deemed to put the hegemony of ChatGPT to rest. Google Bard AI is, in each and every respect, trying to be at par with ChatGPT. One such feature is how to input images in Bard. As we have seen, ChatGPT 4 is enabling this feature, thereby entertaining the images as prompt. Where does Google Bard AI stand on it? Let us try to find out about it in this article. Stick around, as I will take you through.

Bard AI is a step forward to deliver the mission that Google upholds, “To organize world information and make it universally accessible and useful” Bard AI is the brainchild of Google that, according to Google, has more dynamic and versatile features as compared to ChatGPT. Bard AI wants to amalgamate the world’s knowledge with Power, intelligence, and Creativity by using the large language models of Google. Is Google Bard better than ChatGPT remains to be seen. 

To know how to input images in Bard? Does it really accept images as prompts? Let us dive in to know more about it in this article. 

How to Input Images in Bard?

How to Input Images in Bard?

You can input the images, but not as of now since this feature is not out yet. You will be able to load the images into Bard, all due to Google Lens. Bard will analyze and describe the image and will prompt Bard to pen down a caption for the image. It surely will, as a result of it, will rank Bard as the Best AI image generator. 

However, it is worth mentioning that Google has collaborated with Adobe which will be beneficial for Bard to generate images from the text responses, and you can thereafter even edit the images in Adobe Express. 

Bard is sure that its new update will enable the feature of analyzing the image and describing the image. It even can prompt the Bard to write down a caption for the image. It also can provide some additional information about the image. 

How To Send Images To Bard AI? Step-by-Step Guide

How to Input Images in Bard?

Since Bard is in its infancy stage, therefore Bard is trying its level best to do away with the technical lags and glitches. When it comes to sending images to Bard. When I asked Bard the same question, “How to Input Images in Bard,” this is what Bard replied to me-

How to Input Images in Bard?

1. Upload a link to a file-sharing service hosting the image.
2. Send the image as an email attachment.
3. Send the image as a text message.

At first, I thought about how easily Bard gave me a solution for a feature that isn’t out yet. And then it struck me. None of the solutions work! Bard gave me no working solution to my question, “How to input images in Bard.” 

Wrapping Up

Bard AI has created a huge buzz and is trying hard to come up to the expectations of the masses. How far can it deliver is yet to be seen. It is trying to on the path of ChatGPT. That is why it supports the feature of the input image. The question is how to input images in Bard and if it is really workable. All these questions are answered above in this article. 

Have I covered everything, or I have missed something? You can let us know by writing to us in the comment section. You can enlighten us with your valuable feedback. You can visit our website for content like this and much more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Does Google Bard AI accept images as prompts? 

Ans: Not yet, but it is being claimed by Google that in the near future, it is going to enable this feature as ChatGPT does. 

Q 2: How will Adobe express Bard AI in Image input? 

Ans: It will help Google to generate images from the text responses. You can also edit the images in Adobe Express. 

Q 3: Does any of the Chatbots receive image inputs as a prompt?

Ans: Yes, ChatGPT-4 receives the images as a prompt. It can analyze, understand and generate 5he response besides providing additional information about the image that is taken as a prompt. 

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