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You may have feared stealing your smartphone and were concerned that they might see the personal message you did not want them to see. One can utilize an outstanding feature on the iPhone to hide texts from others. There could be so many reasons you would want to hide your messages, and it is necessary to know the different ways about hiding the apps on your iPhone. Stick to the post to find out all the specifics regarding how to hide Messages on your iPhone without deleting them.

iPhone smartphones offer fantastic features that you may have been using to hide your personal messages from individuals without erasing them to give you a quick answer. Additionally, you can disable message previews to protect your personal data and also hide Apps on your iPhone.

Don’t stress if you don’t understand how and where to hide messages and emails on an iPhone. I’ll go into depth to understand you better about it.

How to Hide Messages on iPhone?

How to Hide Messages on iPhone-A Step-By-Step Guide

The first and foremost thing that might occur to you when we discuss how to hide text messages on an iPhone is to erase any conversations you think will potentially land you into trouble. However, there are numerous techniques exist to hide texts on an iPhone, including Deleting the conversation thread, Turning off Message Previews, and Disabling alerts and notifications on an iPhone.

There is no need to worry, and if you really don’t understand how to utilize any of these techniques, I’ll go into all their specifics below.

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How to Hide Text Messages on Your iPhone Without Deleting Them?

How do you hide text messages on your iPhone without deleting them?

There are some ways in which you can hide text messages on your iPhone without deleting them. Let’s look at each one of them.

How to Hide Messages on iPhone Using Invisible Ink to Send Your Messages?

I have already provided a response to the aforementioned query, and I want to discuss some specifics of how to hide texts on an iPhone without deleting them immediately and will provide additional information regarding how to hide text messages on an iPhone.

I believe the following techniques will help you hide messages on your iPhone in one of the most intriguing ways possible.

1. Visit the iMessage application.
2. To submit a private message, select the message thread you want to use.
3. Write the message accordingly.
4. You may select Send with Invisible Ink from the pop-up menu that appears when you hold down the directional arrow.

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How to Hide Messages on iPhone by Hiding Text Messages in Notes App?

Additionally, if you’d like to retain your conversations in the Notes app rather than delete them, you can easily follow the instructions written below. However, you can also use silent notifications on your iPhone.
1. Select the desired contact thread in Messages on your iPhone.
Take a picture of that dialogue straight away.
2. Launch the Notes app after that, and create a brand-new note.
3. Select Done after adding your screenshot to that particular remark.
4. Next, you must access the Note’s settings and select the 3 dots in the top-right corner.
5. After selecting Lock, enter a password.
6. Delete the texts from your iPhone, then, if necessary.

7. Select Send with Invisible Ink from the pop-up menu that appears when you hold down the directional arrow.

How to Hide Messages on iPhone Without Deleting From the Messages App?

Although you may already be aware that the iPhone lacks the ability to lock down the Messages app with a password, So I’ll demonstrate a workaround on how to hide Messages on iPhone Without Deleting them by Setting a Time Limit For the Messages App.
1. First, navigate to the Screen Time area within the Settings app on your iOS device.
2. You must tap on this and authenticate by selecting the “This is my iPhone” button in order to enable Screen Time.
3. Tap on “Use Screen Time Passcode” after selecting a passcode and entering it.
4. To apply a restriction to the Messages app, users must first navigate to App Limits.
5. Next, by selecting “add” in the top-right corner of your messenger app, one can establish a display time limit, such as a 60 seconds locker time.

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How to Hide Messages on iPhone from One Contact?

How to hide messages on iPhone from one contact?

Next time, I really would like to discuss a scenario in which you had a pleasant conversation with a special person but felt that nobody else should be aware of it. Therefore, use the instructions below and then delete a conservation string in order to hide text messages on an iPhone from a specific person.

1. Activate iMessage.
2. Click the Edit option
3. You can choose the thread of your conversation.
4. Afterwards, click the delete button.

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How to Hide Messages on iPhone Lock Screen?

How to Hide Messages on iPhone Lock Screen?

You can easily hide messages on the iPhone lock screen. It was found that disabling the Message Preview feature was among the effective methods to do so. If you’re curious, follow the instructions below.
1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone, select Notifications, and then press Messages.
2. Locate the “Include” option by heading down.
3. The “Show Previews” choice should be selected, as you can see.
Switch it now to the off position.

This is how you can Hide Messages on iPhone Lock Screen without trouble.

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How Do I See Hidden Text Messages?

How Do I See Hidden Text Messages?

In the aforementioned paragraphs, I have discussed how and where to hide text messages on your iPhone, and now I will show you how can you see the hidden text messages in a comprehensive manner. There really are two choices this time.

  • Firstly, if you’ve already stored your conversations in the Notes app, you can view your texts by simply unlocking the notes.
  • However, if you kept the messages in the previous form, you can restore their visibility by taking the following actions:

1. “Notifications” can be found under Settings.

2. Locate and choose the “Messages” section.

3. Finally, enable notifications so that you may see preview messages and notifications on your display.

This is how you will be able to see the hidden messages after you hide messages on iPhone.

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7 Best Apps to Hide Text Messages

The following are some of the 7 best apps to hide text messages on your iPhone in a comprehensive way.

1. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger

The second best application to hide text messages on iPhone is Signal, and you can easily install the application on your iPad as well. However, you can use the Signal application for end-to-end or group chats. This application also offers audio and video calls, and you will also be able to share media and files.

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2. Safe Text

safe text

Safe Text is one of the useful apps when it comes to hiding text messages n your iPhone. The Safe Text app works in two ways; in a first way, you can either save the message or encrypt the text by using a password. In the end, you can delete the messages on the received devices you sent.

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3. Fingerprint Lock Hide Message

Fingerprint Lock Hide Message

The Fingerprint Lock Hide Message is another significant app in this list. One of the greatest iPhone apps for keeping text and chat conversations secret is to hide messages. It makes use of quick and dependable fingerprint lock technology. With this program, you can guarantee content security and instantly maintain a backup of text messages and chat discussions.

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4. Message Lock – Hide Messages

Message Lock – Hide Messages

Message Lock is a straightforward and user-friendly tool for locking and preserving messages. It employs a straightforward password-locking gateway for access authentication. For enhanced security, the app incorporates a touch ID access facility. With all of this program, users may preserve and back up their messaging conversations and media files.

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5. Secret Text – Send Private SMS

Secret Text – Send Private SMS

The Secret Text app is the one for you if you want to send anonymous texts in order to keep your identities hidden for some moral reason. It claims no message loss technology and identity safety. Additionally, this software assists you in maintaining your privacy, particularly when dating strangers you don’t want to discuss with anyone else.

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6. Private Texting by Textr


Make an incognito phone number so you may call or text your sweetheart in confidence and remain undetectable. Your iPhone’s Private Texting by Texter software provides a lot of helpful features, such as an anonymous phone number and a hidden vault for message options. All you have to do is purchase a temporary number and use it to contact the person you want to phone or message.

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7. Wire-Secure Messenger

Wire-Secure Messenge

In case you are finding the best applications to hide messages on your iPhone, then Wire is one of the exceptional apps. It is protected with end-to-end encryption, and only the sender and receiver can see the conversations.

It is a fantastic application that offers you much more than just hiding messages on your iPhone. Moreover, you will be able to send and receive files, calls, chat, and even can do Facetime. Wire seems to be one of the best options available across all other secret text messaging apps.

It should be noted that the Wire secure messenger is available to download in Android Play Store only.

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The aforementioned applications are required to install before you can enjoy the benefits of hiding your text messages on an iPhone.

How to Hide Text Messages on iPhone?

Wrapping Up

This article talks about the ways how to hide text messages on iPhone. I have covered the various ways which can help you to hide your personal messages from strangers to avoid any privacy conflict. Comment down if you find the article insightful and share your thoughts on the iPhone features to hide text messages, and tell us your opinion on the features given by the tech. Giant Apple.


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