How To Hide Apps On iPhone | 3 Best Tricks To Maintain Your Privacy

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I always advocate for iPhone because of its amazing features that hardly are available on other gadgets. There are a variety of privacy protection features; one is hiding the apps you don’t want to keep visible. You can now easily maintain the secrecy of apps that you have installed on your iPhone by following some simple techniques. Keep reading to know about how to hide apps on iPhone in this write-up.

As we know that there are a lot of privacy issues when using phones, irrespective of the company and brand. You never want anyone, whether known or unknown, to access the apps and other things on your phone. Keeping this in mind, iPhone gives you the autonomy in choosing the location of apps on the iPhone. I have given in detail the procedure of hiding the apps in the write that you shall get while scrolling further.

Therefore, walk with me through the write-up to know in detail and in-depth how to hide apps on iPhone and enjoy the secrecy of your private data.

How to Hide Apps on iPhone?

How to Hide Apps on iPhone

On an iPhone, you can’t entirely conceal applications, but you could still make them difficult to access. You may free up space on your main screen by concealing applications you don’t use very often, which would also make them less visible. The apps on your iPhone’s homepage, Siri recommendations, and your App Store buying patterns can all be hidden in a number of different ways.

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1. How to Hide Apps on iPhone By Using The Folders?

how to hide apps on iPhone

As far as how to hide apps on iPhone is concerned, navigate to your iPhone’s Main Screen and press and hold any app to make it hidden. Choose Edit Home Screen, after which you can drag one application over the other. To establish a new folder screen, enter the file and drag the program you wish to hide to the right-hand side.

1. Open your iPhone’s Homepage. You may accomplish this on earlier iPhone models by clicking the Start button at the bottom of the display. You may swiftly slide up your display’s bottom on an iPhone X or higher.

2. Press and hold any app after that. If you see a pop-up window, you may release your hold.

3. After that, choose Edit Home Screen.

4. Drag the app onto another app by tapping and holding it. Doing this will create a new file containing the two apps on your iPhone’s Home Screen.

5. Open the folder after that. Keep tapping on the new file on your main screen to get started.

6. After that, drag the application to the right to open a brand-new folder screen. Drag the application to the folder’s right edge to accomplish this. The application would be hidden in a new subfolder screen that will be created as a result.

7. Hit Done after tapping any empty space on your screen. This can be seen in the upper-right portion of your screen.

How to Hide Apps on iPhone

While using this strategy, you can totally delete apps from your Home Screen in addition to hiding them from view.

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2. How to Hide Apps on iPhone Using the App Catalog?

When looking to know how to hide apps on iPhone by using the app catalog, you need to follow the procedure as suggested here. Browse to the Main Screen and press and hold the app you wish to hide to use the App Library to conceal applications on your iPhone. Choose Uninstall App from the squeeze box after that. To conceal the app in your App Library, select Delete from Home Screen.

1. Open your iPhone’s Homepage.

2. After that, click and hold the desired app.

3. Then select Remove App.

4. At last, select Remove from Home Screen. Your application would no longer be visible on the main screen as a result,

How to Hide Apps on iPhone

Note: You can still discover the in the App Library by sliding left from the main screen. The navigation box at the head of the App Library display could then be used to locate any hidden apps.

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3. How to Hide Apps from iPhone’s Search Results?

Go to Settings > Siri & Search to prevent applications from appearing in search results on your smartphone. Then, after swiping up on the app’s title, scroll down and disable Show App in Search. Additionally, you may disable all the other parameters to prevent the application from appearing anywhere on your device.

How to Hide Apps on iPhone

You may wish to disable the app’s alerts in addition to concealing it from search results. This is how:

How to Disable iPhone App Notifications?

Using your iPhone, navigate to Settings > Notifications to disable an application’s alerts. Then, after choosing the app, scrolling down, press the Allow Notifications button. The sliders would be grey when it is off, letting you know.

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4. How to Hide Apps from your App Store History?

Open the App Store on your smartphone and hit the Today button to remove an application from your App Store record. Choose Purchased after choosing your account symbol in the upper corner. Next, on an application, slide left, select Hide, and then select Done.

1. On your iPhone, launch the App Store app. The application with the blue “A” symbol is this one.

2. After that, click the profile icon. This can be seen in the upper-right portion of your screen. 

3. Click the Today tab in the underside corner of your display if you can’t see it.

4. Then select Purchased. You would also need to choose your profile if your iPhone has more than one user.

How to Hide Apps on iPhone

5. Next, on an app, slide left and select Hide.

6. Lastly, click Done. This can be seen in the upper-right portion of your display.

How to Hide Apps on iPhone

By following the above given steps, you shall be able to understand how to hide apps on iPhone easily.

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Wrapping Up

I hope you now understand how to hide apps on iPhone to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. You can install the apps and keep them hidden from the folks you don’t want to show them to after using the above-mentioned workaround.

There are alternative ways (how to hide apps on iPhone) given through which you make it harder for someone to find or locate the apps that you are using on your iPhone. I recommend following all the alternatives thoroughly to learn how to hide apps on iPhone.

Moreover, if there is any other question regarding how to hide apps on iPhone, kindly write back to me in the comments section below.


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