How to Hide Amazon Orders in 2023 | Control Your Kid’s Order

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The pandemic has boosted the online shopping trend on the internet. You can now shop peacefully and know what your partner or child is ordering online. This revolution started during the Covid pandemic and is in vogue to date. So, if you wish to hide your orders from others, read our article below on how to hide amazon orders.

The article deals with the steps to hide amazon orders. It also provides details about the various options and features introduced by Amazon to hide or remove orders. Hence, read our article below and learn more about these wonderful features of Amazon, which will surprise you and make you merge your account with your partner. So, waste no more time and read through the article below.

How to Hide Amazon Orders?

When you wish to know more about how to hide Amazon orders, you must follow some simple steps to get going.

1. Visit Amazon.

2. Click Returns and Orders.

3. You will see the order list of the things ordered in the past three months.

4. Scroll through the list till you find the order you wish to hide.

5. Click on “View Order Details.”

6. To hide your items, click on “Archive Order.

7. Again, click on “Archive Order”.

8. Everything you ordered at that time gets archived.

Note: When someone sees the list, it will not appear.

The orders will be accessible but in order archive. You can have access to Amazon’s Archived Orders page. To look for it on Amazon’s website, follow the steps to do so.

1. Launch Amazon.

2. Go to Accounts and Lists Account.

3. Click on “Archived Orders” on your Account page.

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How to Hide Amazon Orders on the Desktop?

To know more about how to hide amazon orders from your Desktop, we have provided you guidance, which will help you to get your job done within a few minutes. So, follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Launch the Amazon website on your browser and

2. Log in to your account.

3. Click on “Returns and Orders”.

4. You will see the order list of the things ordered in the past three months. 5. Scroll through the list to look for the order to hide.

6. Click on “View Order Details.”

7. Select “Archive Order” to hide it.

Note: At once, you can hide up to 500 orders and can view them in the “Archived Orders” section.

The item you are looking for will be visible for the past three months. You may change the settings at the top of the page to view orders from another period of time.

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Set up Amazon Household

Amazon Household helps you to share your Prime benefits and digital content with one person or more. You and your partner can have your own Amazon accounts together. This helps you to order secret gifts for one another. You can have the same free delivery options without paying for another Prime account.

You can also share your Amazon household feature with two teenagers. Here you can create your children’s account who is a teenager with your account hence, they can order things with your approval. They will not be able to peek into your order list.

To create your Amazon Household follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Go to Amazon Household.

2. Select “Add adult,” “Add a child,” or “Add a teen,” as per your choice.

3. For adults, you get two options, either sign up together and verify your accounts or send an email invitation to that person.

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Wrapping Up

Amazon has brought new features for its users to cherish. Some of the features are also for children and their parents to keep an eye on them. So, if you are interested in knowing more about the features of Amazon and other online shopping apps subscribe to our website, Path of EX.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to hide Amazon orders?

To hide orders on Amazon, you have to follow a few simple steps, and your orders will be hidden within a minute.

What is Amazon Household?

Amazon household is a unique feature for Amazon Prime members. It allows the user to create multiple Amazon accounts of two adults, four teens, and four children.

Will I be able to control children’s orders with Amazon household?

Yes, Amazon household helps parents to control their children’s orders as they can not order without their parent’s approval.


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