How to Hack the TikTok Algorithm | 13 Hacks to Test TikTok Algorithm

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TikTok has become the new hangout place-everyone needs attention. Being a content creator on TikTok, low engagement on account will be a heartbreak. You must have checked about your low engagement rates on Google. There, you may find a million results for algorithms and how to hack the TikTok algorithms. Are you having trouble keeping up with them? So, here we are going to deep dive into myths and facts on TikTok algorithms from the base.

Controversies arise when applications sell this data to other applications or programs to attract you to their business. One or the other way, we are becoming the test samples for several applications due to these updated algorithms. We highly recommend you to watch ‘Social Dilemma’ on Netflix, which reveals the dangerous impact of social networking in today’s generation. Many experts from Silicon Valley secretly admit that they are not giving their kids any access to social media until they become 18. Many even carry a basic Nokia set only.

So many users reported that TikTok sometimes shows the videos according to their moods. Ever thought how powerful that would be if it could sense Your mood swings even? Let’s break down the idea of the TikTok algorithm and learn how to hack the TikTok algorithm.

Why TikTok Algorithm is Important in 2022

TikTok logo in phone; How to hack the TikTok algorithm

With the recent introduction of the TikTok business, it is essential to crack down on how to hack the TikTok algorithm to have a successful business on TikTok. Knowing how to react to a new algorithm will help you post according to that. It will bring more engagement to your brand and bless you with more business deals.

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How TikTok Algorithm Works in 2022

No social media platforms reveal their algorithms as it is their secret to the success. The more information they have, the more they can hook up the user with the platform. Basically, there are two ways to do this. While setting up an account, the application can ask for access to all your data on the phone or PC. It also includes so many questions and asks you to set your interests to know you better.

The TikTok algorithm is like your pleasing aunt from mom’s side on weekends. If you sneeze this week, she will prepare the medicines for that, prior to your next arrival. Algorithms are the complex computer-designed systems that help to increase a better user experience by ranking videos based on many factors. These factors include users interests on TikTok and the highest viewed videos on the niche that users are always interested in.

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How to Hack the TikTok Algorithm | Factors Influencing TikTok Algorithm

The TikTok algorithm takes several factors into consideration to customize your user experiences. Knowing these factors will help you to create more content that brings more potential.

1. User Interaction/ User Activity

The TikTok algorithm relentlessly observes what kind of content the user is watching. This is confirmed by your watch times, re-watch, likes, comments, and shares. Other than these, TikTok customizes your For You Page(FYP) by considering the following factors,

1. Accounts you followed.

2. Accounts and content you chose to hide.

3. Your ‘Not Interested’ content.

4. ‘Added to favorites’ content.

5. Videos you reported as ‘Inappropriate.’

6. Your interactions with ads and click links.

7. Content you are creating on the platform.

2. Video Information

How to Hack the TikTok Algorithm | 13 Hacks to Test TikTok Algorithm

TikTok always tries to serve you better. So other than the content you shared, TikTok also considers your content subjects. Wondering how this is calculated?

  1. Captions you choose.
  2. Sound you added.
  3. Hashtags you used.
  4. Effects of your choice.
  5. Content quality.
  6. Content niche.
  7. Relevance of topic(Trending or not).

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3. Account Settings

TikTok algorithm notices your account settings to optimize your account. That’s how you receive content with the native language of your regions often. These are the factors TikTok will access from your device and the account settings,

  1. Location
  2. Language
  3. Type of device
  4. Categories of interest

Factors Not Influencing TikTok Algorithm | Myths and Facts About TikTok Algorithm

There are several myths regarding the TikTok algorithm, like that your engagement will be higher if you have a high follower count. Also, some believe if you got viral once, you would be trending after every trash post. It is not true!

These are the factors not influencing TikTok algorithms,

  1. Number of followers
  2. Previous high-performed video

Instead of following these misconceptions, know your audience and create content for them.

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How to Hack the TikTok Algorithm | Try this once

Based on the above-mentioned factors influencing algorithms, Let’s see how to hack the TikTok algorithm.

1. Hook in the Beginning

With the high-speed internet, people also have low patience to load or crack things. So it is important to engage your audience in the first few seconds. They are scrolling through their feed-You have to give them something to stop scrolling!

2. Switch to Pro Account

Switching into pro mode only won’t help you to hack the TikTok algorithm. Having a pro mode will give you access to TikTok analytics making it better to understand your audience. When you know the reactions to your videos, you know what to post next to entertain them.

3. Have a Niche and Focus on It

TikTok must know what your content is based on. Having a niche will help you to rank higher for a particular audience. Posting random content might make TikTok confused about your niche and leave you behind.

4. Find a Subculture

This is close to the concept of niche, but something more. A niche helps you to categorize your content on a platform, whereas a subculture categorizes ‘You’ on the platform. Most of these subcultures are harvested through hashtags. #Gen-Z, #Boomers, #Millennials, #MomsofTikTok, #fitTok, #fashionTok, #FinanceTok and #vintageTok are some of the subcultures.

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5. Trending Tik Tok Audio

How to Hack the TikTok Algorithm | 13 Hacks to Test TikTok Algorithm

Using trending TikTok audio is the easiest way to beat the algorithm. If your content is good enough with this trending audio, it has the right to go viral.

6. Be a Beta Tester

You can have early access to TikTok features and effects by becoming a Beta tester of the application. It gives you an idea about what to do with these features once it is released on the platform.

7. High-Quality Video Creation

Content should be clear and crisp. No one wants to spend time on low-quality videos. People spend more time on high-quality videos, even if the topic is irrelevant or trash.

8. Don’t Delete Your Old Account

You don’t know when content is going to be trending. No one can guess what will be trending tonight. If someone’s video under your niche got viral, there are chances for your content to rank higher since you both share the same niche.

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9. Relevant Hashtags

Consider hashtags are your keywords. If a hashtag is trending, your content also has the probability of listing on trending. Do not use controversial hashtags, as some hashtags might be under review on TikTok. It might bring a chance of getting shadowbanned on TikTok.

10. Make Shorter Videos

People are living in virtual reality now. A slow internet connection has the power to make someone annoyed. It means that you have a very short time to impress people online. So make your videos short and unique.

11. Engage with Similar Content Creators

Engaging with other content creators of your niche will be a perfect way to increase impressions on your account. It also helps with your brand recognition. When two creators of the same niche hang out together, their followers will check on both accounts to gather more details about them. Always make a social web.

12. Find the Best Time to Post

When will your audience spend more time online? Knowing this will help you to post content on time. It will help you to make an impression in the shortest time. TikTok analytics is an excellent tool to know your audience better. Switch to ‘Pro mode’ on TikTok to have access to TikTok analytics.

13. Write Engaging Caption

A caption is a welcome note to your content. Use it as a tactic to stop their scrolling. Try ‘Wait for the end’ in the caption. The audience is going to wait until the end, out of curiosity. Use hashtags and ask questions to engage the audience.

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How to Hack The TikTok Algorithm | Watch Yourself to Learn More.

We are attaching a YouTube video for your better understanding of TikTok algorithm.

Wrapping Up

With the sudden popularity of TikTok, things have been so competitive between creators. Without posting blunders, everyone is cautious of their contents, and most people are building a personal brand. Everyone is seeking out hacks for better impression and engagement now. When the community understands the power of TikTok algorithm, everyone is faking it as an expert on TikTok algorithms.

The truth is algorithms are not easy to crack in the first place. All you have to do is, focus on the factors it depends on and make unique content according to that. We have covered how to hack the TikTok algorithm from every possible angle. If you found this helpful, share it with your friends.

Add what we missed in the comments.

Until then, Bon Voyage!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does TikTok determine algorithms?

It is mainly based on the user’s interaction with the app. The factors include likes, shares, and comments on content by the user. TikTok also considers contents marked by the user as ‘Inappropriate content’ or ‘added to favorite.’ As a result, TikTok ensures its user gets the most interesting content only.

2. Why my TikTok views are low?

Post original content with trending audios. Leave click-bait in captions and switch to ‘Pro Mode’ to understand your audience better.

3. How will the TikTok algorithm work in 2022?

It works with user interaction on the platform. TikTok records what a user prefers to watch and whatnot. The TikTok algorithm always makes sure to excite its users with interesting content. There are several factors influencing the TikTok algorithm like user interaction, video information, and account settings.


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