How To Grow Jungle Trees In Minecraft 2023 | Step-By-Step Guide

Jungle Trees In Minecraft

In Minecraft, a variety of trees is available, including jungle trees. These jungle trees in Minecraft were recently introduced, along with mangrove trees in version 1.19. So let’s enjoy this intriguing addon in our game and learn how to grow jungle trees in Minecraft.

These trees are indigenous to Minecraft’s jungle biomes and may grow up to 30 blocks tall, making them significantly taller than most. Because they only reach a height of a few blocks, they can grow in diminutive “bush” varieties.

Minecraft’s jungle is full of trees no matter where you look. The process of growing them is the same as that of growing other trees. To grow more enormous jungle trees, you must be aware of some special details about them. So scroll down and learn more about how to grow jungle trees in Minecraft.

Materials Required To Grow Jungle Trees In Minecraft 

To grow jungle trees in Minecraft, a jungle sapling planted on grass or dirt develops into a tree with an 11 trunk. But if you want to arrange saplings in a 22 shape, they naturally develop into trees with the 22 trunks present in the jungle biome. 

How To Grow Jungle Trees In Minecraft 2023 | Grow And Use Them

Further are the materials you require to make these jungle trees in Minecraft. Check them out and grab the list NOW!

  • Seeds
  • Jungle Biomes
  • Saplings
  • Axe
  • Bone Meals

Other Requirements to Grow Jungle Trees in Minecraft:

  • Growing a jungle tree in Minecraft requires the Sapling to have a 3×3 space in an empty room.
  • At least five blocks of air above the sapling.
  •  Additionally, 1×1 jungle trees will need at least a 5×5 area at the top of their trunks to grow their leaves.

How To Grow Jungle Trees In Minecraft?

To grow jungle trees in Minecraft, you will need a jungle tree seedling to plant and cultivate one, just like many other trees in the game. These young trees can be rooted in grass blocks, regular dirt, or coarse dirt. 

However, if they want, they can also plant jungle saplings in farmland, rooted dirt, mycelium, podzol, and moss blocks.

A jungle sapling will eventually develop into a jungle tree with a trunk that is at least one block tall, regardless of where it is planted. The tree can, however, get considerably bigger if there is enough space.

How To Grow Jungle Trees In Minecraft 2023 | Grow And Use Them

Steps to Grow Jungle Trees in Minecraft

  1. Find some seeds for the jungle to plant. All jungle biomes natively support jungle trees in Minecraft.
  2. Now break the jungle tree’s trunk bricks, and as the leaf blocks decompose, a sapling should fall to the ground (or be destroyed by the player). 
  3. Put the sapling(s) on the right kind of block. 
  4. Make sure there is enough space to allow the jungle tree to grow as tall as possible.
  5. The trees will gradually grow after being planted. Water sources are not required. However, users might accelerate the procedure by coating the sapling with bone meals in Minecraft.

Note: If jungle trees in Minecraft get enough access to bone meal, they can develop an entire jungle tree in a matter of minutes.

What Items Can Be Obtained From Jungle Trees In Minecraft? 

How To Grow Jungle Trees In Minecraft 2023 | Grow And Use Them

Once you have grown your trees in the jungle biomes, you can obtain many different items from them. Some of these items are mentioned below, grab them and have one for yourself too.

  • Beans of cocoa (chance of declining when breaking leaves of a normal jungle tree only) 
  • Tree Leaves (reaped with shears) 
  • Forest Leaves (harvested with shears, or a silk touch axe) 
  • Forest Log (harvested with any tool including hands) 
  • Forest Planks (created from a log in the inventory crafting grid) 
  • Forest Sapling (low chance of dropping when shattering leaves) 
  • Mushrooms‌ (if present on a fallen wood) (if present on a fallen log) 
  • Rough Jungle Log (created by using an axe on a log) 
  • Vines (harvested with shears) (harvested with shears) 
  • Stick (risk of dropping while breaking leaves) (chance of dropping when shattering leaves) 

Note: A jungle sapling will drop 2.5% (1/40) of the time when a jungle tree leaf degrades or is killed, which is half as often as regular tree leaves.

Wrapping Up

This is everything about how to grow jungle trees in Minecraft. In this article, I have mentioned all the materials you can use to make trees grow faster in Minecraft. Also, this article contains the items you can make from jungle trees in Minecraft. Hope this article helped you to spice up your gameplay even in the smallest way. Check out Path of EX for more Minecraft-related topics and to learn about other gaming platforms. If there’s any query regarding this topic comment down below and I will be happy to help.

Happy Gaming!

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