How To Get Wicked Ribbon In BitLife | Lustful & Wicked Ribbon

How To Get Wicked Ribbon In BitLife | Lustful & Wicked Ribbon

Video game players are accustomed to breaking the rules to gain new skills or earn rewards. Every time someone does it, there is a means to create some distance between them and the virtual environment they use to play. You must complete that to get Wicked Ribbon in BitLife. So head on and learn how to get wicked Ribbon in BitLife.

Obtaining the Wicked Ribbon in BitLife is an exceptionally negative experience. In terms of what it wants you to perform, it might possibly be the worst ribbon in the entire game. Yes, killing a lot of people is bad. It ranks right up there among the awful things you may do from a moral standpoint. Still, it’s not quite as revolting as what you must do to get the Wicked Ribbon.

Now that you’re sufficiently curious about getting Wicked Ribbon in BitLife, I will explain the process. So scroll the article till the end and get wicked Ribbon in BitLife.

Wicked Ribbon In BitLife | Lustful & Wicked Ribbon

So tell me, how do you do wicked? There are numerous approaches in the actual world. You could steal items, play cruel jokes on people, or treat them harshly. The only way To get wicked Ribbon in BitLife is to get a nice STD for yourself and then spread it among as many people as possible. We declared it to be repulsive! For this one, I advise using a male character. As a woman, you’ll have a better chance of finding one-night hookups, but you risk unintentionally becoming pregnant and receiving a different ribbon. 

How To Get Wicked Ribbon In BitLife?

The Wicked Ribbon is a unique item that may be acquired by finishing specific game objectives. So scroll down and check out how to get Wicked Ribbon in BitLife.

How To Get Wicked Ribbon In BitLife | Lustful & Wicked Ribbon

Steps To Get Wicked Ribbon In BitLife

  1. You’ll need to carry out a number of harmful activities, such as murdering innocent people or committing felonies, to obtain this highly sought-after reward. 
  2. You can buy the Wicked Ribbon on the black market after accumulating a certain quantity of wickedness. 
  3. To achieve this, choose “Purchase” from the menu when looking at the black market screen. 
  4. You must exercise caution when using the Wicked Ribbon because it is a one-time item. 
  5. If you use it and are afterward apprehended by the authorities, you will be detained and imprisoned.
  6. Once you use it, you will have this Wicked Ribbon for you.

As a male, throughout your early years, you would like to make it exceedingly simple when you are older to sleep with players of the game to enhance your looks attribute to the greatest extent possible. During your formative years, you can achieve this by regularly hitting the gym and enhancing your appearance. 

Wicked Ribbon In BitLife

Otherwise, don’t worry about it since you ought to be able to execute it rather consistently. You can easily begin sleeping with other players after you reach the age of 18 in the game. You want to have as many varied experiences as possible, but not too many. You can get an STD anytime. Once you do, the cycle repeats itself. After you have a good enough appearance rating in the game, the process doesn’t vary all that much and becomes very regular. You ought to get the medal for infecting someone with an STI.

Note: As soon as you turn 18, begin having one-night stands with as many individuals as possible. Avoid entering a relationship. Also, you should avoid having too many partners because you can unintentionally get the Lustful Ribbon.

Wrapping Up

It’s a wrap! Here you go with how to get Wicked ribbon in BitLife. That’s all there is to being wicked in BitLife. Go on with your life and conclude this chapter as soon as possible. Please feel free to express any questions about this issue in the comments section below. Check out Path of EX for many more articles about BitLife and other gaming platforms.

Happy Gaming!

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