How To Get ‘When Pigs Fly Achievement’ In Minecraft | Materials Required

‘When Pigs Fly Achievement’ In Minecraft

In Minecraft, users can easily ride and control pigs using a saddle and a carrot on a stick. It is not an easy job, but a thriller-filled activity to undertake in the gameplay. Let’s learn through this article how to get ‘When Pigs Fly achievement’ in Minecraft and how you can start flying pigs using carrots and saddles. 

Pigs are widespread passive mobs in Minecraft, usually found in its massive Overworld. These pink and inky critters are a fantastic supply of raw pork chops, which players may also cook into a tasty dish.

If you have the appropriate combination of materials, you can ride and direct the movement of a pig. Pigs aren’t the world’s fastest mounts but are distinctive and can help Bedrock Edition gamers reach a goal. So let’s learn more about when pigs fly achievement in Minecraft.

Materials Required To Get “When Pigs Fly Achievement In Minecraft” 

To get ‘When Pigs Fly Achievement’ in Minecraft, you as a player require two materials in total. These two materials are a little tricky to discover in Minecraft, but you can find them using the instructions mentioned below.

Materials Required to Get When Pigs Fly Achievement 

  • Saddle
  • Carrot Stick

How To Get Saddles In Minecraft?

You can get saddles from various places, such as structural chests, drops from specific monsters, trade, and fishing. There are more different ways through which you can get saddles in Minecraft. 

Scroll down further and get to know about other ways through which you can obtain saddles. 

  1. Get Saddles From Chest

Saddles can be discovered in dungeons, bastion ruins, desert temples, jungle temples, end cities, subterranean fortresses, strongholds, and towns, among other places. 

  1. Get Saddles By Fishing 

Saddles are also one of the treasure items that can be found while fishing or can be bought from a master-level leatherworker villager by paying for six emeralds in total.

How To Get Carrot Stick In Minecraft?

Players must first get a fishing rod to obtain a carrot on a stick. It simply takes three sticks and two pieces of string to manufacture this item at a crafting table, which is sufficient for making. 

Note: You can even get fishing rods from the villages with journeyman-level fishing skills and sell enchanted versions for six emeralds each.

Once you own a fishing rod, you can create a carrot on a stick by combining the rod with a carrot in a crafting window. Farmers can gain carrots from select agricultural plots in settlements or shipwreck chests and pillager outposts. This is the very step of getting the When Pigs Fly achievement.

This was all about two major items required to make pigs fly. Let’s learn how to get when pigs fly, an achievement in Minecraft.

How To Get ‘When Pigs Fly Achievement’ In Minecraft?

After getting the required set of materials, players would be required to look for a pig by equipping themselves with a saddle and a carrot on a stick to get  When Pigs Fly achievement. These enemies are abundant across the grassy biomes of the Overworld, as previously mentioned

Note: Snowy tundras and forested plateaus in the badlands are the two locations where players should avoid searching for pigs. 

Once they have located their pig, you can mount it with a saddle. Now you will be able to steer the pig they are riding if they have the carrot on a stick in their hand.

How Do You Get The ‘When Pigs Fly Achievement’ In Java?

Saddles are uncommon artefacts that can only be found in hidden locations like desert or jungle temples, abandoned mineshafts, underground dungeons, and nether fortresses. They can be located in chests in these obscure locations. 

Steps to get the When pigs fly achievement in Minecraft 

  1. Once you have a saddle, approach a pig and push to mount it before pressing again to ride it. 
  2. Unless you have a carrot on a stick while riding the pig, you have no control over where it goes. 
  3. Now you’ll need a fishing rod and a carrot to make this item. 
  4. In the countless communities dotted over the globe, carrots can be found. 
  5. To construct a fishing rod, WATCH “Delicious Fish.”
  6. Now place them together, and you will have your achievement.

Wrapping Up

This is everything about when pigs fly in Minecraft. In this article, I have mentioned two important items that you need to make pigs fly in Minecraft. I hope this article was helpful. Let us know in the comment below if you have any queries regarding this topic. You are open to sharing your views and suggestions with us. Also, do check out Path of EX for more topics such as this one and more updates on other gaming platforms.

Happy Gaming!

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