How To Get VC In WWE 2K23 | Get The VC And Buy Items 

VC In WWE 2K23

Hello, gamers! Are looking for VC in WWE 2K23 to buy items in the game? If so, I am here to help you with everything you should know about getting VC in WWE 2K23. So scroll through the article and get your VC in the game.

The in-game currency known as VC is what you need to access some of the game’s numerous unlocked items. Some items are mode-specific and can only be obtained by completing those modes; as a result, not all items can be unlocked through VC. Nonetheless, you must be aware of the procedures for obtaining those products that can be obtained through VC.

Many of you will still have a tonne of VC and trinkets trapped in the previous game now that the yearly iteration is almost coming. Due to this, many people are currently inquiring whether they can transfer these goods from WWE 2K22 to WWE 2K23. I’ll guide you on the path to success and tell you how to get VC in WWE 2k23.

What is WWE 2K23 VC?

In WWE 2k23, VC is in-game money you can spend in the game store for unique content. WWE 2K players will be familiar with it. But now, the players of WWE 2K23 can also use this VC for in-game money while playing with their pals. Money has been present in WWE games for a while, and it offers the ideal means for making every match feel significant. 


Every time you enter the ring, you have something to fight for, thanks to the VC obtained from winning matches. In WWE 2K23, the Season Pass provides the quickest method to acquire all of the game’s goodies, eliminating the need for Virtual Currency (VC).

How to Get VC in WWE 2K23? 

The in-game currency known as VC is what you need to access some of the game’s numerous unlocked items. Not all items can be unlocked through VC; some are mode-specific and can only be obtained by completing the relevant modes. You must know how to obtain those goods, nevertheless, for which VC is a valid access method. So scroll through and learn how to get VC In WWE 2k23.

VC In WWE 2K23

Different Ways To Get VC In WWE 2k23

  • VC can be acquired via playing matches. 
  • You can also get VC in WWE 2k23 by achieving goals in modes like MyRISE and Showcase. 
  • By participating in matches and receiving a high star rating, VC can be obtained in any mode. 

What Can I Buy With WWE 2K23 VC?

VC In WWE 2K23

Once you have the VC in WWE 2k23, you can use it and enjoy your win in the game. You can also use VC to buy items in the game. Now scroll down and check out the items you can buy with VC in the game.

  • Card Packs
  • Contracts
  • Superstars Arena 
  • Championship Belts 

Note: WWE 2K23 offers a variety of unlockables, such as legendary Superstars and recognizable Championship Belts. 

In WWE 2K23, over 100 things may be unlocked via virtual currency (VC), although some also need to be unlocked through finishing modes like MyRISE or the John Cena Showcase.

What Are The Items You Cannot Buy With VC In WWE 2K23?

DLC Characters are the only items you cannot unlock using VC in WWE 2K23. It requires the Season Pass or real money to unlock the DLC characters in the game.

Wrapping Up

Here you go with everything about how to get VC in WWE 2k23. The article has all the detailed information about the WWE VC that you need to know. So get the VCs in the game and buy many items while playing. You can also check out Path of EX for more gaming-related content and share them with your friends.

Happy Gaming! 


1. Can I Transfer VC From Other Games In WWE 2K23? 

As each 2K Sports game has a unique virtual currency (VC), any VC you have accrued in an NBA 2K game or bought for PGA TOUR 2K23 cannot be transferred to WWE 2K23.

2. Can I transfer VC Or Card Collections From WWE 2K22? 

Since each WWE 2K release is a different game, VC bought for or cards in your collection in WWE 2K22 cannot be transferred to WWE 2K23.

3. Can My Different Copies Of The Game Share VC? 

A shared wallet system exists between game consoles from the same family, such as the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 or the Xbox One and Xbox X|S. Since VC is not transferable between platform families, your PC’s VC cannot be utilized with a PS5.

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