How to Get Unbanned from WhatsApp? 7 Causes & 7 Fixes

How to Get Unbanned from WhatsApp

Remember the time when the day used to get a kick start with a normal message that used to cost a minor cent? We used to purchase call and message packages from our mobile carriers to communicate with our friends. Then came this amazing application called WhatsApp, and it changed our lives forever. Now, the first thing in the morning we do is to check and update our WhatsApp status. What if one fine morning you get to know you have been banned from WhatsApp? Do you know how to get unbanned from WhatsApp?

Any application available on the app store of your device has the authority to ban or prohibit a particular number if it detects something unusual or suspicious. WhatsApp has the authority to ban your number. Now, as we know that most of our work and social life is dependent on WhatsApp, we must be watchful and abide by the rules and regulations laid by the application. 

The good part is that you can be unbanned if your appeal is genuine and your acts have been decent. Here I have listed the possible reasons for getting banned and the steps to how to get unbanned from WhatsApp

How to Get Unbanned from WhatsApp?

How to Get Unbanned from WhatsApp

Getting Unbanned from WhatsApp seems like a nightmare. There are a lot of people who share important information like circulars, notices, meetings, school projects on WhatsApp. If you are banned from WhatsApp, your work and your routine life might get affected. However, with the following steps, you might be able to unban your banned number from WhatsApp. 

1. Re-install WhatsApp on your device.

How to Get Unbanned from WhatsApp

2. Enter the phone number that has been banned. 

3. If you are banned from WhatsApp, a message stating that your number has been banned will appear.

4. A drop-down menu will appear. Tap on the Support Selection.

5. You need to explain or seek the reason for the ban. If the fault is from your end, you need to apologize. 

6. Select, this does not resolve my issue; you will be directed to the Mail Application.

7. Fill in the required fields and hit the Send icon. Your number will be revived within 48 hours of the appeal if the application is genuine.

Reasons Why I Got Banned From WhatsApp?

How to Get Unbanned from WhatsApp

1. You Might be Using an Unofficial WhatsApp Application

Always use the official applications from the app store. If the official application is not being downloaded on your device, it means there is some problem on either of the ends. You can contact the support team in such a case.

2. Using the App Intensively

It does not mean that you cannot use WhatsApp. It simply means that if your account or phone number indicates too much activity in a short span of time, like forwarding messages in bulk repeatedly, it can lead to a ban.

3. Your Number Indicates or Prompts Suspicious Activities

WhatsApp is inevitably used by millions of people. It is quite natural that some disturbing elements are using it for illegal purposes. If WhatsApp algorithms find out something suspicious or insecure, the account can be permanently banned. 

4. Avoid Being a Part of Multiple Groups

It is normal if you are a part or member of your kids’ school group, your office group, or your social family group. However, avoid joining too many unnecessary groups. Sometimes, WhatsApp bans the entire group if its terms and restrictions are not followed strictly. In this case, even if you are innocent, your number can be banned. And in this case, you can refer to the steps mentioned above for how to get unbanned from WhatsApp.

5. Third-Party Apps can Put You in Trouble

Before downloading the third-party app, WhatsApp warns the users. Kindly read the term and conditions carefully before selecting the tick button in haste. This negligence can be troublesome if WhatsApp bans your phone number permanently. 

6. You have Been Blocked Multiple Times

How to Get Unbanned from WhatsApp

If your phone number has been blocked temporarily several times, it will lead to a permanent ban. So, watch your actions and activities on WhatsApp if you send or circulate messages in an unusual manner, you can be temporarily banned. If this process is repeated, you can be permanently banned from WhatsApp, and despite numerous requests, WhatsApp might deny unbanning your phone number.

7. Too Much Activity with the Broadcast List

A temporary suspension from WhatsApp may be the consequence of intensively and extensively using the broadcast list to send holiday messages, invites, or greetings. 

How to Get Unbanned from WhatsApp? Watch the Video Now

Wrapping Up

Technology has its own pros and cons. It depends on us to use it efficiently and wisely, keeping in mind all the measures and consequences. An application like WhatsApp has become a platform to purchase and sell nowadays. It is quite possible to get banned if someone in the group or network does not abide by the rules. If you are innocent and WhatsApp has banned your number, now you know the reasons and solutions for how to get unbanned from WhatsApp

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of getting banned from WhatsApp?

Once your appeal has been approved, it takes 24-48 hours to get unbanned.

What if I get banned from WhatsApp even if I am not guilty?

Send your appeal through Mail on the WhatsApp Support feature. If the reason is genuine, you will be unbanned soon.

Can I be wrongly banned by WhatsApp?

Yes, sometimes, if a WhatsApp group gets banned, your number can be banned if you are a member. Choose your group wisely and be watchful.

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